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  1. I’m there!! Well not yet but will be.
  2. Something tells me this is this is possibly hitting the German marque clubs. I couldnt believe how many similar Porsche were there last time I went. I completely avoided the area due to getting bored looking at the same cars.
  3. So how does this work? If I buy tickets and less than 50% of cars are pre 1990 then I wont get on the stand? Or anything post 1990 can't go at all?
  4. What muppets. If people go there to see loads of nice Lotus then they are going to be disappointed.
  5. Welcome, I may see you about some time as I live in Great Denham and work in MK. Car looks great.
  6. Thanks I think my car was chosen because it was the original release colour of the Cup in the media.
  7. Is there one? I haven't seen it mentioned on here? I'm on the TLF one now.
  8. I've emailed too. I have my lad that weekend so i'll be attending in the Volvo instead.
  9. Do you have Facebook account? Go to the Elise Cup owners page there for more info. I have a 220 Cup and it works fine. There have been quite a few people with 250 that don't work though. Last thing I read was low refrigerant level from the factory for one person.
  10. Welcome to the Club Graham. I will give you a wave if I ever see you about. I'm from Bedford but work in MK .