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  1. Can we have Supercarfest instead of Beaulieu?
  2. That looks good Andy. Ideally prefer a two day event and some action/racing/demo's, more like the Supercar fest?
  3. That's a real shame Beaulieu have decided to exclude so many cars, we have enjoyed this event for the last two years. Looking back at last years event and based on cars attending, this year will see a show area half full. I was expecting 2019 to be an even bigger event.
  4. Follow on Instagram. Binned FB and Twitter in August. Feel better for getting rid of FB.
  5. Thankyou to everyone who attended and supported today, a cracking turn out considering the weather. Even the MG Enthusiast Club made an appearance as well as 8-9 Aston Martins. I really enjoyed the day, the weather improved and we managed to get round some of the grounds/memorials. I hope you found the venue interesting and you left wanting to visit again. Was nice to meet some members of the club and I hope my knowledge of the grounds made the day more interesting.
  6. That's a shame Colin. I have been in discussion with the NMA today, we have a coned off section of the main car park. The MG Enthusiasts club will also be in attendance and parked near us.... a bit more interest for the day perhaps? Weather forecast is set to warm up next week, so hopefully dry. There is a very nice restaurant at the NMA for those wanting a snack, lunch or a hot meal, as well as coffee/cake bar. For anyone who has lost a loved one/friend/family in conflict, you can find there memorial and/or engraving at the NMA via a touch display in the main building. I know my way fairly well round the grounds if anyone has a particular memorial they would like to visit.
  7. Ditto excellent event. Drive down took 7hrs after the front indicator popped out onto the front clam on the M1. One stop to tape it down and another at Lotus Silverstone for a permanent fix (and £30). Back again next year
  8. Welcome. Some great club events lined up for the rest of the year. Great photo.?
  9. Just spoke to Mark in the Events Team, the event has grown by 30% for this years show. They are still finalising everything, LDC are all accounted for and expect driver packs to be sent out the week prior.
  10. Excellent reply, thankyou. I was interested to see which to use and that benefits LDC the most. Personally, I'll keep with Instagram, prefering the platform to see club activity. I have seen the clubs presence grow on line significantly over the last 12months. Fantastic work!
  11. I received the email with link, that didn't work. Neither does it work on my tablet. Spent 30min this evening trying without success.
  12. I'm similar Colin, it's amazing what people display, especially on FB. I'm interested to see which would be best for LDC.
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