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  1. Well done Mark, makes a good header for an on-line petition!
  2. It's a joint booking. The two Clubs meet every month at the same time, not sure how many belong to both clubs. Club Lotus usually have "the floor" first followed by LDC. We would have to negotiate with Dipak (Area Leader) that CL could not have their meeting that month?!? Not sure how I would feel if Dipak told me that LDC could not have their usual monthly meeting?
  3. And, as this date is the 2nd Thursday of the month, Club Lotus will be at The Stag as usual for the regular joint meeting! I think The Stag has only one function room?
  4. Elanjack

    Caffeine & Machine Opening - 27 October 2018

    Eddie, I see that this appears to be a very popular choice by a few others, a quote from the Caffeine online chatter:-
  5. Elanjack

    Just joined, MK area

    Hi Graham, Neil & The Guru! There is also the other Midlands Area Meeting (Area 2), 2nd Thursday of every month around 8pm or earlier if you want the Lotus beer, fish & chips for £10 at The Stag at Redhill, Alcester B49 6NQ. I know it's about 75 minutes from MK14 area. We try & have guest speakers, this month we have Malcolm Ricketts (11th October) and we plan a Christmas Dinner meeting on 10th January. I send out an email to the regular attendees, if you want to receive this email send me a private message with your email address. Adrian
  6. We are pleased to announce that Malcolm & Gill Ricketts have kindly accepted our invitation to "talk Lotus" at our next area meeting at The Stag, Alcester B49 6NQ, on Thursday 11 October, 8pm. Beer, fish & chips for £10 as usual (gluten free option available) but if you intend to eat please arrive nearer 7pm. Please let us know if you going to attend so we have a rough idea on numbers. Look forward to seeing you!
  7. Elanjack

    West Midlands Area 2 - The Stag at Redhill, Alcester

    In addition to Fish & Chips, this month we have a guest speaker, Terry Giles, who has owned his Lotus 7 S1 since 1974 and featured in Classic & Sports Car magazine. An informal presentation and slide show on the history & restoration of TVB 350 but we hope Terry will arrive in the Lotus.
  8. Elanjack

    West Midlands Area 2 - The Stag at Redhill, Alcester

    Ian, I hope no one is excluded, and I have been checking this post, however I thought I had clicked the 'Notify me of replies' button!!! Clearly I had not? I did get one request via Chris Dewing's LDC email. Adrian
  9. Elanjack

    West Midlands Area 2 - The Stag at Redhill, Alcester

    Hi Tex/Colin Actually there are 3 Midlands group meetings:- East Midlands. West Midlands Area 1 which meets on the 2nd Sunday at the Hilltop Farm on the Fosse Way for breakfast, 9am. West Midlands Area 2 which meets on the 2nd Thursday at the Stag, Alcester. Adrian
  10. This year we are opening our garden to the public in aid of Katharine House Hospice, but we need your Lotus cars on our front lawn as last time to hide the weeds! The date is Saturday 14 July from 11 to 6pm and it's FREE if you park your Lotus on our lawn. As well as the Lotus cars, we have a local art display, raffle, plant sale etc (see the Poster), but unlike last time we will be the only open garden in Epwell on the day. Adrian
  11. Elanjack

    West Midlands Area 2 - The Stag at Redhill, Alcester

    Hi Tex & Andy, Andy is correct we meet on the 2nd Thursday (nearer 8pm?) of each month but this Thursday just happens to be the start of the fish & chip supper with beer (or wine) for £10 per head, as a result of last month's "ideas meeting". All are welcome but I do need to know in advance how many will want fish & chips. Those at the last meeting should receive an email asking the same "do you want fish & chips?" question. Adrian
  12. Wonderful week end once more, thank you to all involved in the organising! It would seem that Dave's singing was just the prelude to his midnight hotel parlour game, a Welsh version of "Where's Wally", the object being to find which room the car park key holder was hiding! Kim, glad you got back home OK, better on a dual carriageway than around Castle Combe? Adrian & Marie