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  1. Another month has quickly passed by 😲. Shardlow meet tonight again, great weather to get them Lotus cars out of the garages.
  2. Was yet another great event and run very well. Some very nice cars as per normal. Great track time action with the usual high standard.
  3. Was good to catch up with some people and also to meet some new faces. Some very nice cars on show as well.
  4. Yes it is But for some reason no one appears to come on hear very often to confirm if they are going. I will be there tonight, but a little later around 8.30pm as i have to take my son to footy practice first.
  5. Alan

    Elise Trophy at Donington Park April 15th

    Thanks Chris
  6. Alan

    Elise Trophy at Donington Park April 15th

    Please do Can you get this post on our facebook and twitter page? I am unable to do it for some reason.
  7. Elise Trophy/Lotus Cup UK are at our local track Donington Park on Sunday 15th April. Qualifying and 3 x minute races and that's just for the Lotus's all in 1 day. Lots of other races on the day as well. Lots of improvements been made to the facilities as well. Don't forget the great museum as well. Got to be worth a trip out on a Sunday. I would have liked to have arranged a drive over, but unfortunately i can't as i currently mechanic for one of the cars that is racing on the day. Will be great to see some support for what is a great race series and please come and say hi, i will be with car 92 Craig Denman's Elise Cup R. Thanks Alan
  8. Anyone going over to Snetterton this weekend to watch Lotus Cup and Elise Trophy? Looks like its a good size grid as well. I will be there helping out my friend Craig Denman with his recently purchased Elise Cup R. We should be in garage 6, so feel free to come and say hello.
  9. This will be my 3rd year attending this particular event. Very well run by enthusiasts. I don't stay at the hotels and rent a holiday cottage as i take the family and we make a holiday of it. This does mean that i do miss out on some of the evening events/banter. I believe Premiere Inn is where most stay? Alan