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  1. We will be there. 10 am meet up tea or coffee late breakfast or cakes . Then drive over . 1. Chris and Tash . 2. Eddie No Sue she out the country. 3. Clare and Kevin 4. Kathryn 5.Stuart and Vicky
  2. Hi Kathryn - is your window fixed? what is/was wrong with it? Shame about Sunday but I think you probably made the right choice given the weather ?
  3. Hey John - thank you so much for your efforts in making this event happen. Even with the weather playing silly bu$$ers we really enjoyed the Arboretum and we will definitely be returning in the summer when the weather will hopefully be better. A lovely and thought provoking venue. Great getting to spend some time talking to the both of you and meeting new members. Well done mate Stu
  4. Hello everyone Just a quick update on this event. Due to the unpredictability on the numbers for this event we have decided that there won't be an organised drive out as such from Hilltop farm to the NMA. It will be a case of setting the sat nav, using a map, or for those with local knowledge of the route , you can head off and find your own way on a route of your choice. The plan is to leave Hilltop around 11.30 in order to be at the NMA & parked up for 13.00. (GM gives around an hour journey time), or earlier depending on your chosen route. For anybody that has not booked & paid for this event on our webshop it's fine to turn up on the day, please just bring £3 cash with you for the NMA parking. Look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday Stuart
  5. Nice to meet you again Kathryn - hopefully we will see you at some more upcoming events
  6. Hi All, for those of you attending the barbeque next Sunday here's an outline of the day. Breakfast meet as usual, no changes - please arrive from 9am onwards. We're planning to leave Hilltop for a short drive along the Fosse Way & back through some of the surrounding villages. It's a nice route which should take around 1h 20 - 1h 30. Details of the route are attached (please print if you have the chance ? For anyone planning on arriving in time for the drive please meet us in the Hilltop Farm car park for 11.15 ready to leave at half past. The barbeque will be getting underway around 1.45 - 2 ish for anyone joining us just for the barbeque. EDITED - for anyone having trouble opening the attachment we will be bringing copies on the day. The basic route plan though is Hilltop Farm through to Warmington (hopefully we will be having a brief stop for a photo op here - to be explained further on Sunday), then on to Chipping Warden, Long Itchington & back round to Hilltop Farm. BBQ route 1 + 2.docx
  7. Hi to all those members who attended the Beaulieu Super Car weekend. I hope that you all had a great time and didn't get too burnt. As can be seen from the pictures there really was a truly impressive turnout of some beautiful Lotus's. For some reason I really felt that there was an especially positive and friendly atmosphere this year ( when I wasn't sleeping that is) and I think if the organisers don't mess up this could become one of our favorite annual events. The feedback was even better this year than last. As always we are so grateful for all the help we receive setting up and breaking down the Gazebos but an extra special thanks has to go to the irrepressible Tash and unflappable Chris and the most patient car parker I've yet to witness - Eddie the King. And thanks to Jenny for arranging accommodation for so many members this year. (lurve the new mistress by the way ;-) Hope to see you all and more at next years show. From a proud "Up his own arse Northerner (who's lived most of his life on the Isle of Wight) Stuart
  8. Hi Chris - Vicky and I would like to join you for this - out of interest will you be taking Nico ?
  9. Hi Keith (& anyone else having this issue) I'm sure this will be sorted, the original closing date was today which I think is probably the reason for this issue, however by all means just email me your menu choice to s.mason@lotusdriversclub.org.uk & bring payment with you on the day (cash or card are fine) & we'll add your booking to the list. Stuart
  10. Hi All Numbers are looking good for this event with just over 50 booked in so far... For anyone still deciding whether to book we're keeping this event open until next week. We've planned a nice steady drive leaving Hilltop around 11.45 & heading out along the Fosse Way & back round through Warmington, Chipping Warden & Long Itchington before arriving back at Hilltop around 1.15 ish. The BBQ will be getting underway around 2 pm. If you would just like to join us for the drive & BBQ please arrive at Hilltop for 11.30. If you do want to attend this event please can you book in via our website as we do need to let Hilltop know numbers and menu choices. Thanks to everyone that's already booked - here's hoping for this weather to continue
  11. Hi All, just a quick update as we're not far off this event now. The tickets have been sent out this week by email which hopefully you've all received. If not it's probably worth giving the events team a call (the phone number is earlier on in this thread). Please note - you will need to print out the email and bring it with you. They've said they will not accept the email on your phone. They will then check your car registration against their list and issue wristbands on the gate. They have said to us that if they have any cancellations they are running a waiting list for those that applied after the event was fully booked.
  12. Hi All We've called the events team at Beaulieu for an update on this event. They've said that everyone that's applied to attend with the LDC to date should have had a confirmation email now so hopefully you have all heard back. If anyone is still waiting the phone number for Beaulieu is 01590 612345 & you need to ask for the events team. Unfortunately as the bookings are being done directly through Beaulieu this year we don't have any information to be able to help with the bookings side of things, you will need to speak directly with the Beaulieu events team. They have said though that there are already over 80 Lotus booked in & that 40+ are LDC, so this should be a great event again this year for the club. For anyone still deciding whether to attend - this is being offered by Beaulieu as a free of charge event for 2 people in a Lotus giving admission to the Beaulieu museum, the house and grounds, the drivers marquee serving refreshments over the weekend, as well as the Supercar weekend event. You can attend on the Saturday, the Sunday or both days. If you would like to book tickets please email the Beaulieu events team directly - supercar@beaulieu.co.uk stating that you would like to attend as part of the Lotus Drivers Club display stand. If you have any queries about this event please let me know - Stuart Mason - s.mason@lotusdriversclub.org.uk
  13. Attending: John - Lotus Exige S Colin - Lotus Elan Sprint Stuart & Vicky - Lotus Exige S1
  14. 1. Sue and Eddie King 2. Colin Wynn 3. Mark & Lisa Livingstone 4. Stuart & Vicky
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