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  1. We are booked in for the Saturday 😃 Colin&Tracy
  2. We are booked in at the White House in Worcester for the Saturday night Colin&Tracy
  3. Thanks Del We have also booked the Premier Inn Bangor for the Friday night Cheers Colin&Tracy
  4. Hi Del We were thinking of staying somewhere nearby, maybe Colwyn Bay or North Wales somewhere? Colin
  5. Hi The form comes up as a .pdf and I cannot edit it, are we required to print it out and post it? Thanks Colin
  6. Hi Andy Can’t make this one as we are in Hunstanton Cheers Colin
  7. Sunny Hunny will be worth a visit on Sunday as there is the soapbox derby on Cliff Parade races start at noon and the Mods & Rockers are due to visit as well Maybe make it one of the stop of points?
  8. Yep, the Soapbox Derby has been postponed to the 30th due to weather conditions Folk may want to still meet up but will need to park around the town? We will be there on Sunday anyway and will be watching the soapbox derby ?
  9. Nice breakfast and good to meet you all, Cheers Colin
  10. OK, sounds good we hope to see you on Sunday The Evora needs an outing as it’s been tucked up in the garage for a couple of weeks
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