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  1. Thanks Eddie, I can now get through to the checkout page. But does a Group Show Vehicle ticket admit more than 1 person or do we need to buy Visitor tickets as well for any passengers?
  2. Ps - also FB where there are various owners groups - not least Lotus Drivers Club!
  3. That sounds a tough break and if the car was sold to you with an MOT I'd be thinking about having a word with the seller... But in the meantime - and with little technical knowledge as to whether you can simply remove your existing Momo wheel and replace it with an airbag type one - and if anyone doesn't have one knocking around in their garage - you could try Elise Parts / Seriously Lotus / Elise Shop / Elise Spares. A better first option, perhaps, is UK Lotus Centre. I have no affiliation with any of these companies, btw. Or there's this on ebay - which looks very similar to what I have in my S3 Elise and the description says it's from a VX220: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Vauxhall-VX220-Original-Momo-Steering-Wheel-Complete-With-Air-Bag-Bolts/223421542203?hash=item3404f62f3b:g:BBQAAOSw5wNcWENJ Hope you manage to get this sorted quickly and (reasonably) economically - last thing you want with a new acquisition. Mark
  4. Sold to that man in the Exige S Club Racer! Broadway Tower (WR12 7LB) - 6 April 2019 - midday(ish) for informal pre-AGM meet up 👍
  5. David - I don't think Bicester Heritage is generally open to the public. You either need to have made an appointment (to see one of the on site classic car specialists) or for there to be an event on. Which there isn't that Saturday. The Motor Museum at Gaydon is definitely worth a visit but with admission costing £14.50 pp we'd need to give ourselves a good couple of hours to make it worthwhile including tea & cake. An earlier suggestion made to me is Broadway Tower (thx Andy) - https://broadwaytower.co.uk/ - which might also tick all the boxes in terms of being (reasonably) equidistant, not too far from Leamington, on site cafe and...intriguing!
  6. Good to hear on both counts, David! Chedworth sounds intriguing but for us further to travel westwards so we'd need to be sensible on timings. I presume as it's a National Trust property you pay the admission fee even if you just want a cup of tea and a slice of cake?
  7. Welcome Gee and thanks for sharing that monochrome of your S1. More often than not, images are in (vibrant) colour but just look at that light bouncing off the lines of the panels! Cheers, Mark
  8. An observation on BH's stated criteria for this event is that pre 1995 cars are the same age as pre 1990 cars were 5 years ago 🤔
  9. This https://www.bellandcolvill.co.uk/newcars/newcars/detail/100007505/Lotus/EXIGE 😍😍
  10. Put up only a few hours ago over on another forum https://classifieds.seloc.org/ads/lotus-exige-s2-n-a/ Intriguing colour - does it look better or worse in real life...
  11. It's age discrimination which is illegal, except that I'm not sure the law applies to cars... We do actually have one of each, but the M100 is 4 years to young 🤣
  12. Presume you've happened upon Lotus Trader, Eddie: https://www.lotus-trader.co.uk/
  13. Ok, so it might not be a formal season opener but as I for one will be travelling up the day before to attend the AGM it would be good to meet up with folk for a chat, tyre kick, coffee & cake in the early afternoon or possibly even for lunch on Sat 6 April. Caffeine & Machine has been mentioned and appears emminently suitable as a venue but I've spoken to them and they won't take a booking (not at the weekend anyway). So an idea of numbers would be useful and which inevitably leads to the creation of a list - yay! 1. Mark & Lucinda
  14. Good spot Andy. I've not read anything yet about a summer event at Duxford which Classic Shows UK confirms by saying "***No 2019 information available yet for this event***"
  15. Oh the irony...see image #6 in the scroll across mini-gallery: https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/beaulieu-supercar-weekend/ Admittedly from 2017, but still...
  16. Worth going to for a day for £25 (£35 with grandstand seat for the live action parades)? Thanks
  17. Fyi - piggybacking Dean's post about Yoko tyres (though not re: any available discounts), this has been posted on another Lotus forum by Maidstone Sports Cars and the information about Lotus stopping supply of AD07 verified with another approved Lotus centre (and A048 are in limited supply, apparently): We received a technical bulletin from Lotus towards the end of last year stating that they will no longer be fitting AD07 or A048's onto new cars.From now on the Elise 220's are fitted with Yokohama V105 Advan Sports and the Elise Cup 250's are to be fitted with the A052.We have fitted a few sets of the V105 to customer cars and so far have generated a positive response. They are also not Lotus specific meaning the prices are considerably lower.
  18. Socks for me (from me 😂) - Heel Tread: https://heeltread.com/ Lotus 97T Lotus 49 Mazda 978B (for the colour) Muira (possibly my all time wibble car) Loads of others to choose from, sizing is good (I'm a 9, so large) and they seem well made and are comfy. Most importantly, they look pretty 😎 I feel.
  19. Good to go myself, Chris, having just booked tickets for Friday and Saturday 🏎️ (Super EB offer ends tonight btw)
  20. Excellent suggestion, Colin. The O2 is just up the road from us!
  21. Speaking of which: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBJuDCUxAJE 😂
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