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  1. I put these on my fronts last year and they seem to have improved intial 'bite' when braking in the wet : Mintex Brake Pads MDB1890 M1144 I think they replaced (standard) Pagid pads, which I'd thought for years were OEM, but now I gather they aren't (Brembo)
  2. Welcome Lovely car! You've probably already seen your local area page on the (main) website but if not it's here http://www.lotusdriversclub.org.uk/?page_id=7719/
  3. I used to use one on my 1.6 Elise (an inexpensive version bought from Maplin 'back in the day'). When it was parked outside, it extended the battery life by about a week to 3 weeks or so of inactive car use. When I found I garage to rent, with a section of clear, corrugated plastic in the roof, it obviously worked less efficiently but without the alarm/immobiliser switched on it still managed to do a job (I appreciate there might be insurance issues with that). Now, I've had a battery cut-off fitted (no electrical power to the garage) and so don't have to worry.
  4. Tickets now available - attendance & display (bound to be a few Esprit there, possibly others as well - Elite/v early M100...?) https://ticketing.goodwood.com/PagesPublic/UserControlled/UserDefined.aspx?page=Breakfast-Club&utm_source=The Goodwood Estate Company Ltd&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=10933145_BCI - TAC - 80s Sunday - GOS - Oct19&utm_content=FREE TICKET&dm_i=1QLU,6IC2H,MH3HH6,PUK6Q,1
  5. That is lush. I mean, it really is Congratulations and welcome to LDC! There are a couple of YT vids (I know of) which may assist with (literally) the ins and outs of a Lotus. There's one by a Californian dude, who's my go to when I feel the need to work on my own technique (lol). And JayEmm has done his own skit, which is jokey but possibly still of some help/interest. Mark
  6. Not only to club ticket sales go off on 1 October, but first release discounted tickets (£5 per person) ends on 6 September. Thereafter £10 per person + small booking fee in both cases Ahead of the curve (or at least on it), I got my tickets yesterday See you there!
  7. Yep, thanks for all your graft, Eddie - that's the dynamic duo checked and next up next weekend is the final instalment of the 3 tenors!
  8. Shirley you have to enter a competition to be in with a chance of winning it, and I see that one of the categories is 'Largest Club Participation' (which I presume refers to number of cars rather than their size, or else the Cadillac Owners Club will walk it!)
  9. Don't forget they say to print off and bring your confirmation email Eddie - your post above refers to competition cars?
  10. For reason unclear to me, that's all the images (2) I can post up.
  11. A few rank amateur ie me (!) shots from yesterday:
  12. It's Classic Car Sunday this, er...Sunday. Anyone else going?