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  1. Hi and welcome to LDC. Super shot of your Elise and I've seen your others on Instagram (now following you as elan.m100.elise - we don't post quite as much though) - some pretty spectacular backdrops! I'm not sure there is a NI region - like on any UK Lotus forum, so maybe carpe diem! And/or see what's happening over on LDC Facebook. Looking forward to seeing some autumnal pics ATB, Mark
  2. I was thinking similar with the yellow swash, bottom right representative of a beach shoreline. So maybe - and I know it's a yellow dot and not a white one (because durr that wouldn't work) it might symbolise Wet Nellie...
  3. Is it not a representation of the long missing apostrophe
  4. I just went through BH website opting for 'Classic or Club Pass - Final Flight (full price)' in Eventbrite. Seemed to work.
  5. I've bought tickets for this following an email last week from BH in which they confirmed their intention to hold this event on 4th October. However, the promo code appeared to be no longer available (I hadn't bought for any previous (cancelled) Scramble) and on enquiry they've come back with this (fyi): "As this event was the one which was postponed from April, unfortunately this promo code has now expired. Passes first went on sale in January and due to these unprecedented times we decided to honour our existing pass holders who took advantage of the first flight passes which expired
  6. I'll add that my AC failed due to lack of use. RMS diagnosed a shot condenser (but any failure could be down to any one of a no. of things). Which I chose not to replace so they removed it, leaving the pipe ends intact if any subsequent owner wishes to re-instal the air con. I've not missed it tbh but then my Elise isn't my daily.
  7. Take it (back) to Rapid Mechanical* - at least give Andy a call and chat it through with him (* I think they fitted your 2bular)
  8. Not too late Al - it's open until tomorrow (22nd)! Over 10k have signed so far. Here's the link again, you need to give some basic info' first: https://present.brighton-hove.gov.uk/mgEPetitionLogon.aspx?Id=694&RPID=36312821 Interestingly, there's an opposing petition wanting to keep Madeira Drive closed to traffic, currently standing at a little over 3000 signatures. So a fair few have a different view. Plus there's the local political make up to take into account (plenty of green), so nothing can be taken for granted.
  9. Please take a moment to consider adding your name to this petition, which seeks the re-opening of Madeira Drive, Brighton - closed to traffic since April - where the historic Speed Trials take place (along with other car and bike events/meets as well). https://present.brighton-hove.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?id=694&fbclid=IwAR1Iw9ThqoXKf7jT6f3K2SnMdIF456NM04qH3vdWH2clkD4qrL4F_vWDBhE The Speed Trials have been held since 1905 and are believed to be the oldest running motor race. I'm sure many of you have spectated and/or competed or know of those who have. The event has been
  10. Update from SC yesterday evening: https://us12.campaign-archive.com/?u=a066739e707c33b06deacd912&id=0c3fc64470 No change to the EB end date then (31 March) and no mention refunds in the event of full cancellation. As you imply, Fangio246, the organisers have or may have already paid some/all of the circuit hire cost to Silverstone....
  11. Wasn't planning on going this year (so feel free to ignore me!) but if I were I'd leave booking early bird until the last minute. Admissions tickets never run out. They've announced today Le Mans 24 moved to mid-September. And the Classic nowadays relies on the F1 circuit infrastructure being in place. So that still needs to happen as per schedule.
  12. Just spotted this & putting it out there if anyone's interested: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-peter-best-drive-it-day-2020-tickets-73952362507 Same date, similar event, FOC
  13. Without disagreeing with the above, and thanks for letting them know what we think Eddie, I think I'd also say enjoy it whilst it lasts. Discounts I mean. I see that Beaulieu charge £10.50 for advance 'participant' tickets for their various cars/coffee days. £12.50 on the day. Per person. Car clubs welcome...provided you all arrive at same time! Brooklands is similar in price for their breakfast meets - but more for other events (eg £17.95 for their Drive it Day gathering)- but I believe that also gets you entry into the museum. By complete contrast, the Goodwood Breakfast C
  14. If you've played around brightness of the dash lights and still nothing, then it may be a failure of the electric current illumination which is the backlight for the HVAC switch panel. Mine failed under dealer warranty so got the whole thing replaced. If that isn't an option for you then a search on Seloc ("HVAC backlight") brings up a few threads in which there are reports of the lighting reappearing after about a week. Which can happen sometimes with (non-essential) electrical glitches.