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  1. Boom! Here and parked at 08:50. Followed Birthday Boy Eddie King into the venue. Beautiful, autumn morning. Might do this early start thing more often. The induction loves it!
  2. I'm driving up first thing in view of the 'orrid weather yesterday. Those who know me know I don't normally do that sort of thing. I'm aiming to be there for 9...ish. See yer later! 😵
  3. Flaming June

    Hi from down South

    Hi Nathan and welcome Fellow Elise owner here and depending on how close you are to the South Coast you may not be too far away from me (North Kent). Enjoy your new wheels (sure you will) and see you around at some point, hopefully. Mark
  4. Eddie, just to be clear what's the deal for passengers? Can they come along on an LDC ticket (discounted) or do they need for themselves a pedestrian ticket (adult) - not discounted by the looks of it using the LDC code? Website says all adults attending need a ticket - I wouldn't want to add to any delay getting into BH by having an incorrect ticket for Lucinda (or me) if we choose to bring only one set of Lotus wheels... Ta
  5. So, in 6 or so hours all the owners tickets have gone (apparently) 😱 Ive been fortunate but then I haven't been at work today. I imagine there are many who have not been able to join in the Klondike-esque clamour for tickets. There is some talk over on TLF that clubs will be getting tickets. Dealers too for those who don't have (don't wish to bring) a Lotus. Perhaps CJ/other Cttee member can clarify for those coming home to this news...
  6. It's on its way apparently: https://www.lotus-festival.com/
  7. Flaming June

    2012 S3 Elise S (220PS) for sale

    Hi Chris Your advert no longer appears to be on Autotrader. I'm hoping that means your Elise sold quickly and for a price you're happy with? If so, that means currently you not a Lotus owner 😢. I note you have future plans though - care to elaborate... Keep in touch and all the best Mark
  8. Acknowledged to be late notice, but these things are often a tad fluid. Nonvoy from the Poachers 9am tomorrow.
  9. Not too late though Danny & Barb! The scores on the doors for evening meals are looking like this then, and I'll communicate the nos. to the Poachers during the course of today: Friday night: 10 people (Mark & Lucinda, Chris & Tash, Colin & Tracey, David & Sian and Danny & Barb) Saturday night: 13 people (Mark & Lucinda, Chris & Tash, Colin & Tracey, David & Sian, 'Lunchie', Andy, Colin and Dean & Lisa) If anyone wishes to add their name - particularly for Friday as we are now at the max number for a single table - let me know as soon as you can please. Cheers all
  10. Flaming June

    Hi from Lancashire a new Exige Owner

    Hi Lotusdude Welcome and thanks for sharing a pic of your new toy, which I can't decide whether it looks like what Batman would use as his track weapon or more what Michael Knight would drive if they ever re-booted that series! Awesome looking V6 you have there and ditto enjoy using it!
  11. Hi Lunchie Not a problem and you're added for Saturday and if you are able to drop by the hotel on Friday it'd be good to meet you! Re travelling into Weymouth, I may hang around for a small group (2/3 cars) heading down from the midlands first thing on Saturday morning, and drive in with them depending on how their journey goes. You'd be very welcome to join us, alternatively I imagine Chris Jones will be heading into Weymouth reasonable early, or at least earlier than perhaps I might be. Chris may confirm and/or something to chat about on Friday evening over a beverage 😄
  12. Thanks Colin. Having just spoken with the hotel the current position is as follows then: Friday night: 6 people booked for dinner (Mark & Lucinda, Chris & Tash, Colin & Tracy) Saturday night: 10 people booked for dinner (as above + Andy, Colin, Dean & Lisa) Let me know of any other takers for either/both nights and I'll let the Poachers know.
  13. I think so too Dean, but he could just ask instead of outbursting on the forum! 😉 I've sent an email to the hotel for both Friday and Saturday nights - waiting to hear back from them.
  14. Andy, Dean - hi and noted.
  15. That's encouraging to hear, Chris, and I've added your and Tash's names to my email for Friday night. I've asked about Saturday as well (though timing is slightly less predictable as we'll be in Weymouth until at least 6pm?).