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  1. I wouldn't exactly class Warwickshire as the South Andy, 😉 but nonetheless well done on what you've achieved oop there so far - and request was made for there to be an official club trip to L&C next year at the AGM (duly noted by Colin, Chair). Watch this space then hopefully...
  2. We wuz there. Didn't spot a certain somebody who posted earlier on in this thread though (hope all well).
  3. No, not booked to go on track. Slim chance I, or we, will be in the M100 anyway (30th anniversary an' all that) Might pack me helmet though in case, like you Colin, there's a chance to PAX with someone...
  4. Never been but going on Saturday - to see the Skittles and whether Ian passes the noise test 😉
  5. You're right, it does. The grammar copper in my head made me say it! How 'bout refining 'a Skittle of Lotus' to 'a Skittles of Lotus'? - even if for Andy a Pride of Lotus works better......
  6. Lotus cars. I think Andy needs to produce some time lapse footage showing us all how he extricates his Elise from his garage 😉 We won't be able to make this breakfast, unfortunately
  7. Not one I took, but another 'blue sky, light fluffy clouds' image from atop the hills 😍
  8. Totally agree - yet another excellent adventure in SW Wales. Our thanks also to David & Sian and Chris & Tash for their efforts involved in organising. And that's not a bad lil shot you've posted up there, Andy 😁
  9. While Chris and Tash may have the longest distance journey to make, we might have the longest time-wise as we'll be setting off today. Hopefully to mitigate any [censored] on the M-ways but also to spend a pleasant few hours and overnight in the Cotswolds. Looking forward to seeing/meeting everyone at the Gower/on Saturday and - by the looks of it - seeing a fair few Exiges 😍 And, likewise, we appreciate all the efforts which have gone into making this event happen. Again. No small order that 👍
  10. Who look after our cars agree it's a bigger job on the Toyota cars than on the K series ones but consider 10 hours is a little on the high side but say 7.5 hours is the book time. You'd get a LDC discount on the labour rate?
  11. Is it right that there's a booking fee payable for the harbour car parking? I appreciate it's only a couple of quid but still...What is it we're being asked to pay for? [Hope I don't sound too stingy for asking lol 😜]
  12. Oh crikey, how many of us are likely to forget to print off the email! Edd - over to you to diarise and remind us all, please! Oh #2 - I had an issue booking too - think I hit the subscribe to newsletter button instead of going through all the checkout process. Confirmed and quickly sorted with Tory's help at Claydon Estate.
  13. We'll be here too 😁 https://broadwaytower.co.uk/
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