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  1. Received an email regarding whether this event will proceed based on a majority. However the email bounced so thought I'd post here. Yes, with sensibe social distancing I'd like to proceed and carry on with the visit.
  2. Just an update on my post above. After complaining to Q Hotels I have had two responses (and apologies) about the booking process. I have a direct number and contact: Kirstie Kenny - Corporate & Leisure Admin Team, Senior Reservations Agent 01132052880. Having said that, after reading the recent reviews () Barb, myself, Pete and Pam have decided to stay at a local Pub B&B (The Sugarbeat). There is of course The Bird in Hand which is very close to Lotus. But only a few rooms. Hope that helps Danny
  3. Great, thanks, I'll book. Danny
  4. Thinking of combining BH 4/10 with the LDC Trip to CTL on the 3/10. How does one purchase LDC stand tickets? Danny
  5. Barb and I have booked, so looking forward to going to CTL again. However there are problems with the Hotel reservations. I have spent all morning on the Q Hotels reservations and tried also to book direct, finally got through to a call centre who then do NOT recognise the LOTUS BD promo code, (neither does the web booking service). All in all a 'Dire' booking experience. May book a decent B&B. Anyone else have the same experience? Danny
  6. When is the menu posted up? Let me guess, is there a Turkey option?
  7. Hope they’re in English! Cael y cwrw i mewn
  8. Andy, Try lunch at Raglan Castle, nice spot to break the journey
  9. Anyone planning to meet on the way down. Raglan Castle is a regular spot.
  10. Eddie. Apologies as I didn't check for replies. Are you still after a cover. I have asked Carl at Storm to see if they can do one for Evora.
  11. Given your location, agree with Chris, Silvertsone Lotus. The price will be around £270.00, but could be a bit more if Coolant needs changing.
  12. Dean, Pete M + Pam, myself + Barb booked in Woodlands (regular place for us) also. There is a small car park at front of hotel. Give Sue, the owner, a quick call and say you’re with the Lotus Drivers Club weekend and she’ll make sure a spot available. Danny PS, I hope you’re fit, it’s a steep hill