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  1. Hope they’re in English! 😂😂 Cael y cwrw i mewn
  2. Andy, Try lunch at Raglan Castle, nice spot to break the journey
  3. Anyone planning to meet on the way down. Raglan Castle is a regular spot.
  4. Eddie. Apologies as I didn't check for replies. Are you still after a cover. I have asked Carl at Storm to see if they can do one for Evora.
  5. Given your location, agree with Chris, Silvertsone Lotus. The price will be around £270.00, but could be a bit more if Coolant needs changing.
  6. Dean, Pete M + Pam, myself + Barb booked in Woodlands (regular place for us) also. There is a small car park at front of hotel. Give Sue, the owner, a quick call and say you’re with the Lotus Drivers Club weekend and she’ll make sure a spot available. Danny PS, I hope you’re fit, it’s a steep hill😊
  7. I have a personal message from a friend who owns Storm Car Covers, that he’s doing a Black Friday weekend deal. Any cover with a second one at 50% off. I’ve just ordered a lightweight cover which already had 10% off. If anyone interested in ordering we could split to discount. cheers Danny
  8. Barb and I will be there. Already booked our regular accommodation Danny
  9. In my advancing years memory becomes a scarce commodity. So, do I recall that someone on here is an insurance expert? Looking for a specific deal for my Caterham, then the Exige is coming up in a couple of months. TIA Danny
  10. Hi Mark. Another latecomer, but if you could add Barb and Danny to your list. We’re coming across from Devon so will be arriving quite early. Thanks, Danny & Barb Edit to say, just Friday night for us.
  11. Just back from a great weekend. Thanks to “Welsh Dave”, Chris and Tash (and spot the dog) for organising. Weather was stunning, great drives, although Barb and I attended a friends wedding on Saturday, but a 300 mile round trip was fantastic. Interesting event last night at The Boat House ?, Dave was in full voice. I’m voting for an LDC voice choir! Waiti g for the dates next year! Danny & Barb
  12. Aiming to get there around 11:00-11:30 (not much seating in the cafe!) Agreed with Pete M to meet as well. Danny & Barb
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