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  1. fangio246

    Exige Mk2 Dash removal help?

    Hi allHave replaced the CDL unit earlier today.Take out the two screws in the 'coin cubby' below the starter button/light switches. Then pull out the panel holding starter button and light switches. There is plenty of cable length to then get this panel well out of the way.The CDL unit is roughly in line with the top of the panel just removed straight in front of you 6 inches or so in from the front of the dash.It's held by two screws which you need a very short stubby screwdriver to loosen.Did the whole job in around 45 minutes. Was quoted £270 + the part by Lotus.Got my CDL unit from Paul Matty and Silverstone Lotus also have at least one in stock
  2. fangio246

    Exige Mk2 Dash removal help?

    Hi Sinbad Thanks for the link. However, it is for a 2005 car with the speakers on the side panel. Mine is a later 2010 car with top mounted speakers. I understand from other forums you can get to the module through the top mounted speakers. Just need to know how to get the speakers out? Cheers Andy
  3. fangio246

    Exige Mk2 Dash removal help?

    Hi Sinbad Thanks for the link. Someone on is suggesting I can remove and refit the Central Door Locking Module without removing the dash. Has anyone got any experience of doing this? If yes then advice on where to find the module when looking straight on at the dash etc? Thanks in advance Andy (Worcestershire)
  4. fangio246

    Exige Mk2 Dash removal help?

    Hi All I've got a 2010 Exige and the both doors will lock with the key fob, however when you push to open on the key fob the passenger door unlocks but the drivers side doesn't…. I have had the drivers door actuator out and 12 volts across it and it opens and closes the actuator ok depending on the polarity. Have put a meter across the supply to the drivers door actuator and when closing the reading is around 12 volts, however when opening it's in the 1 to 3 volt range or less! Lotus Cars have suggested it is probably a faulty Central Door Locking Module but this requires removal of the dash to access... Any other ideas and anyone got a manual including how to remove the dash or diagram I can get? Thanks in advance
  5. fangio246

    Central locking help required!

    Any ideas.... 2010 Exige 260 Central locking worked fine up until the day before I went to Silverstone Classic. Car locks with fob (single push on logo button), but then push the central button and the drivers door doesn't open, just the indicators flash twice. Second push on central button passenger door opens, but drivers door still locked. Car battery is fine, though have disconnected and re-connected it and have tried changing the batteries in the fob and using the spare key - all making no difference Appreciate any advice.
  6. Hi All After some recommendations for high speed driver tuition - ideally track or airfield I had previously read on forums that Andy Walsh of Car Limits was very good, however he doesn't seem to be involved with them anymore. Car Limits instructor is now a chap named Mark Robins. Has anyone had any experience of Mark at North Weald Airfield or Blyton Park. I'm based near Birmingham so would prefer may be Oulton Park or Donington if it were track tuition. Thanks in advance
  7. fangio246

    Garage Servicing Recommendations

    Hi All My 2010 S2 Exige is coming up for a service (I've only had her since last February). I'm after some garage recommendations in the South Birmingham, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire area - I don't mind travelling. My general experience is that good independents are often more thorough and cheaper than Franchise garages, however I'm happy to consider a Franchise. Look forward to hearing some recommendations
  8. fangio246

    Wanted S2 Short Soft Top

    Hi Barn-Find (and Chris) I had a watch on the better ebay one that finished today. Then would you believe it a guy on the nyloc forum contacted me yesterday with a virtually brand new one for less money. He's dispatching it to me tomorrow. The spooky thing is we both have RGB Exige's, what's the chance of that with only 50 odd in existence! I'm hoping to get to the Hilltop Farm Shop meeting at some point, so hopefully see you there. Andy
  9. fangio246

    Wanted S2 Short Soft Top

    Thanks Chris I've tried to join the forum since Feb. Sent them loads of emails to approve my registration and haven't had a word back..... Do you know anyone I could contact? I've tried & (which is the one posted on the introductions page) Andy PS Have spoken to South West Lotus and no soft tops...
  10. fangio246

    Wanted S2 Short Soft Top

    Thanks Eddie I missed one by 10 minutes on Gumtree earlier this week..... hoping for a used one as new they are fairly pricey. Andy
  11. fangio246

    Wanted S2 Short Soft Top

    Hi All Wanted S2 Short Soft Top Have just sold my Elise and bought a gorgeous 2010 Exige S. Took the roof off and went for a nice 100 mile drive today..... bliss. So I desperately need a short soft top for the 'just in case it rains' occasions. Can anyone help - spare in the attic perhaps! Andy 07850 560250
  12. Hi Are the club having a pitch at this years Donington Historic Festival - 28th to 30th April? I'd be interested in going on Sat 29th - go most years and its a really good meet if you're into the classic stuff. nloc have had a pitch in the past. Andy from Worcestershire