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  1. I see they have now extended the early bird offer until the end of April....
  2. I see they are currently sticking to the Le Mans Classic dates. Hope that goes ahead as I'm going in a Porsche convoy.... At least I'm hoping to See Tickets, who are responsible for Silverstone Classic (NOT Silverstone themselves) are a bit vague on refunds.
  3. Hi All Are club members still thinking they are going to take advantage of the early bird discount available to 31st March, or hang on and see what happens? Interested in your thoughts on this?
  4. Re Prescott Breakfast Club - my mistake, I misread the wording on their website. They DON'T charge for entry and apparently intend to keep it that way. Good excuse to attend the March and subsequent breakfast events at Prescott.....
  5. It does amuse me that the clubs are providing the exhibits and being charged for attending. I guess with all of us it's not the money but the principle. Shelsley & the Classic Motor Hub breakfast events used used to be free, Prescott the same and now they're charging. I have emailed Bicester and perhaps other members can do likewise ( - Laura Hamilton-Gould) to express their views. Surely with technology the way it is, BH (and Event Brite) could make the 50% discounts available for a longer period to clubs and their members. Incidentally if anyone
  6. It is confusing how to use the codes. If you go onto the eventbrite ticketing site, then above Classics or Club Pass fist flight (which is now greyed out) there is 'Enter promo code' in blue. Click on that and put in the DaisyCutter code. Then on check out enter Chicane2020 in the Lotus Drivers Club code section, once you've selected the club from the drop down menu Hope that makes sense!
  7. Get in quick, the 50% early bird tickets have already sold out. The DaisyCutter code gets 25% off the full price until the end of the week according to the lady I spoke to at Bicester Heritage.
  8. Are we going to this as a club? Sorry if I'm a bit premature!
  9. Duh why aren't my photos showing.... Not uploaded any before and I've used the 'Drag files here to attach' tab at the bottom of reply... Help please?
  10. ......I did get in first with the ticket request and was on the pitch last year. Coming again this year and as mentioned have a mate who wants to come but hasn't got a ticket. Surely first come, first served! Cheers Andy Worcestershire
  11. Hi All Has anyone got a spare passenger ticket? I've got a mate who wants to hop in with me but all the tickets have been sold.... Don't want to risk it as we are 2hrs away! Cheers Andy Worcestershire
  12. Hi All Has anyone had their ECU interrogated to provide a readout of past data, particularly on a used car? I found this below so it can be done: If so where and how much did it cost? Andy Worcestershire
  13. Hi Eddie Thanks for sorting this - glad I noticed it.... Andy Worcestershire
  14. Hi All Is there any appetite for having a club display at the Shelsley Walsh Supercar Fest Sat 20th July? - Car Clubs - Also will the club be at the Bicester Sunday Scramble 'Drive it Day' April 28th, as they did last year? Andy Worcestershire