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  1. Typical... I’ve just sold my Lotus! Not sure I’ll have a replacement in time for the 17th. Oh well, hopefully next year!
  2. @T15EGR Hi - just wondered if there were any plans to rearrange this event? From what I can see Curborough is planning to reopen from July 1st - would be great to squeeze something in before the end of the summer if possible!
  3. Just spotted this statement on the Curborough website - Shame the event won’t happen as planned but obviously it’s for a very good reason. If there are any plans to rearrange the event for later in the year please let me know.
  4. Great, thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to it!
  5. I’m really interested in coming along this year. Would like to dip my toe into the world of track days and this seems like an ideal way to start. Does Curborough have a noise limit? My only concern with tracking my car is that it’s currently too loud!
  6. I'll be there - did it last year and the roads are absolutely epic! Look forward to hopefully meeting some of you this weekend.
  7. Hi Alan, just sent you a DM. Have a friend who may be very interested...