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  1. @T15EGR Hi - just wondered if there were any plans to rearrange this event? From what I can see Curborough is planning to reopen from July 1st - would be great to squeeze something in before the end of the summer if possible!
  2. Just spotted this statement on the Curborough website - https://www.curborough.co.uk/corona-virus/ Shame the event won’t happen as planned but obviously it’s for a very good reason. If there are any plans to rearrange the event for later in the year please let me know.
  3. Great, thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to it!
  4. I’m really interested in coming along this year. Would like to dip my toe into the world of track days and this seems like an ideal way to start. Does Curborough have a noise limit? My only concern with tracking my car is that it’s currently too loud!
  5. I'll be there - did it last year and the roads are absolutely epic! Look forward to hopefully meeting some of you this weekend.
  6. kerm111t

    My Exige S2

    Hi Alan, just sent you a DM. Have a friend who may be very interested...
  7. Cheers everyone and yes, that's my car in the video Chris! I actually went along to the Lotus in the Peak event last year (albeit without a Lotus) so pretty disappointing to hear Chatsworth can't host again this year. Hope to make it to the new venue once its confirmed. I'm considering signing up to the Curborough sprint event in May and will probably try join you infield at the Silverstone Classic. Might even make it over to Llandudno in June if I can.
  8. Hi everyone Have been using the LDC site and browsing your forums for a little while now, so thought I'd introduce myself (will also sort out a membership shortly too!) Am currently driving an electric green Elise 111S which is a former Lotus development car (nicknamed 'Kermit' by the Lotus engineers - hence my username). There's a bunch of information on the car's history posted by a previous owner here - http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=47&t=1399400 as well as a CarThrottle video of the car (again, from when it belonged to a previous owner) here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyccX1Tef3Q As you'll see if you check out the links its a pretty unique Elise and, fittingly, the story of how I came to own the car is a pretty unique one as well. Around ten years ago I got my first real introduction to Lotus when a friend of mine took me out for a drive in his electric blue S2 Exige. I remember it had snowed earlier in the day so it wasn't exactly ideal Lotus driving conditions, but he just powered on regardless, kicking the back end out and nailing the throttle down the country lanes near his house. I knew from that point that I had to own a Lotus one day. A few months after that first introduction and inspired by Top Gear's 'greatest driving road' feature (anybody remember that?!) we took the Exige, my MINI JCW and another friend's Clio 182 for a European road trip - taking in as many Alpine passes as we could manage (Stelvio, San Bernadino, etc), a trip to the Nurburgring, plenty of autobahn blasts and, finally, into Monaco. As holidays go, it was pretty epic, made even more special by the fact that I spent the whole trip chasing down that same electric blue Exige. You can read more about that trip on my friend's blog here - http://www.atroadtrips.co.uk/european-trip-2008/ Fast forward a few years (and two kids) later to 2014 and I finally found myself in a position where I could justify the purchase of my own Lotus. I had around £15k to spend and so resolved that a low mileage S2 Elise 111S would be my best bet. After a bit of searching and test driving, but not finding anything that hit the nail on the head, a bright green, low mileage 111S appeared on Pistonheads. At first I wasn't convinced on the colour, but after discovering the video of the car (linked above) and a few more images on the owner's Instagram account, I became somewhat infatuated with it. I loved the fact the car had a unique history, a story and pedigree. The modifications were great (Larini exhaust, ProBax seats, Exige rear LED lights) and the more I looked at it, the more I loved the colour (which turned out to be extremely rare). There were a few question marks around the car's history (how was it used by the factory, etc) but after speaking to Lotus directly and doing a bit of homework I decided that this was without doubt the car for me. However, instead of doing the sensible thing and offering the owner a fair price to guarantee the sale, I decided that I'd try to haggle him down. This was partly because I was concerned about resale value, but mainly because I'm a tight Yorkshire bloke who wants the best price on everything I buy . After an exchange of emails we settled on what was (to be frank) an absolute bargain of a price. AlI I had to do was arrange a trip down south to view the car in person, check everything was in order and shake hands on the deal. A few days later whilst I was still trying a fix a date, I got another email from the owner to say the car had been sold. Another buyer had offered him a little more money, paid a deposit straight away and was collecting the car within the week. Game over. I was absolutely gutted and kicked myself for getting so emotionally attached to a car I didn't even own. I told myself that I could find another, better Elise and carried on with the search. Skip forward a few more weeks and another low mileage S2 Elise 111S appeared on Pistonheads. It had done less than 20k, had full service history and was in mint condition. What's more it was being sold with a warranty included. It wasn't bright green (or any form of bright colour in fact) and didn't have any of the other car's modifications, but it seemed like the more sensible buy on paper. After a few phone calls and a bit more homework I decided to go for it, paid a deposit and booked the next train down to Devon where the seller was based. A quick test drive and a bunch of paperwork later, I'd finally I'd got my hands on my dream car. However, it wasn't as perfect as I'd hoped. The steering needed some attention (there was too much play in the wheel), the suspension wasn't brilliant and all four tyres needed replacing (the rubber had started to perish from age and lack of use). I also found the standard seats pretty uncomfortable on long journeys and the sound from the stock exhaust didn't exactly get my heart racing. More significantly, I was dubious about the condition of the brakes - there was plenty left on the pads, but they didn't seem to stop the car as quickly as I'd expected them to. I couldn't help wishing I'd bought the green Elise. Then, after only four months of ownership, came one of the worst days of my driving life. Driving home from work on a sunny March afternoon and finally starting to enjoy the first few days of dry weather in my Lotus, the traffic in front suddenly slowed. I stood on the brakes as hard as I could, but the BMW in front of me slowed down much quicker (turned out I was right about those brakes). The front end hit the back of the BMW at what was probably only around 5mph; his bumper was barley scratched, my entire front end was destroyed. Then came the same old nightmare scenario that I know a lot of other owners have been through - waiting for Lotus to get a replacement front clam in stock (supplier issues, etc, etc). I waited for around five months, after which, the insurance company's patience ran out. It was costing them hundreds to keep me in a rental car and keep the Lotus in a specialist garage whilst they waited for parts. They told me they'd either give me the money for the repairs and I'd have to keep the damaged car on my property (and carry on waiting), or they'd pay out the full value of the car and then sell it for repairs. Fed up with it all and in need of some cash, I took the second option. I was back to square one. I bought myself another MINI JCW for a fraction of the money and put the Lotus dream on the shelf for another couple of years. After all, there wasn't anything on the market that quite matched up to that original green Elise in my eyes. Then came one of the most jaw-dropping car moments I have ever had. May 2016 and only nine months since my last car had been written off, I was driving into work - the same route I took every single day. I turned onto the road leading up to my office car park and drove past the same car dealer I drove past everyday (a forecourt normally full of VWs, Audis and the like). There, sat outside the main entrance was an electric green Lotus Elise. And not just another electric green Elise, THE electric green Elise! I couldn't believe my eyes. The previous owner lived down south, a long way from Sheffield where I work. He'd mentioned the new owner was from Derby, but even still, I never expected to ever see the car again - never mind on the same road as my office! I obviously had to enquire about the car, so pulled over and ran into the garage. It wasn't for sale, but it turned out that the new owner actually lived just outside of Sheffield and he was a good friend of the garage owner (also a Lotus enthusiast). He had the car in that day for servicing and few minor repairs. After a slightly awkward conversation with the garage receptionist about my previous interest in the car and how I'd be very interested if the owner ever decided to sell, I left my contact details and went on my way. I had no way of buying the car (I'd spent the rest of the insurance money on our house) but wanted to be the first to know if it was going on the market again. Perhaps in a couple of years I'd get that dream Lotus after all. Around two months later I got a call from the garage. It seemed my enquiry had prompted some interest from the owner. He'd only bought the Elise as a track day toy and he now fancied something else, so he was open to offers. I had precisely nothing to offer him, but knew that if I could buy myself a little bit of time I could probably muster together the money I needed. Cue a few weeks of 'I'm just thinking about it' and 'give me another couple of weeks', whilst I sorted my finances out! I eventually got my hands on the keys to Kermit last August - exactly one year since the previous Elise was written off. I'm not sure if you believe in karma, serendipity or God, but I certainly think something or someone had to be involved!! Its the car I always hoped it would be - handles fantastically, sounds incredible and looks the absolute business. I'm looking forward to getting along to a few LDC events with it this year if possible, as well as plenty of blasts around my local playground - the Peak District - once the weather improves slightly. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this lot. Hope to get to know some of you in person later in the year and if any of you are on Instagram, you can find me (and a bunch of photos of the car) here - https://www.instagram.com/kerm111t/. If there are ay events taking place in or around Sheffield / the Peaks in the meantime, feel free to let me know. Cheers Rob
  9. Just by way of an update have spoken to Braunton Engineering this afternoon (Porsche specialists, but have experience with Lotus) and they're going to inspect the car for me, so no need for any extra help now (unless you just fancy a look for the fun of it)!    Hopefully it'll all go well and I can get my hands on the car soon!  :D
  10. Hi Eddie   Yes it is - http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/lotus/elise-s2/lotus-elise-111s-2002/3102330   Have just spoken to my cousin (lives in Bude) who is also going to take a look for me, but he's not got any experience of Lotus so any specialist help would be much appreciated.     Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new here and hoping someone can help me!   I'm based up in Yorkshire but looking to buy an S2 Elise 111S that's for sale at an independent garage in Barnstaple. The car looks good and ticks all the boxes for me but I'm struggling to get down to view the car this week (there's another buyer from Europe potentially coming to look at the car on Friday, so could be gone by then).   Is there anyone out there who lives local and wouldn't mind popping over to take a look at the car? The garage are happy for any inspection so just need someone fairly knowledgable to give it a once over and make sure it looks in good order.    I know its a long shot, but would trust a Lotus enthusiast's opinion far more than an RAC inspection, etc! Would be happy to cover any costs/pay you in beer money!   If anyone is interested feel free to drop me an email - rob.ellerington@gmail.com. Any help would be very much appreciated!