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  1. Well done Ian and Kay for organising another great Christmas lunch. Well worth the 280 mile round trip! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing lots of LDC friends and a few new faces too. A lovely tonic to cheer us up at the scraggy end of the year!
  2. Oooh, I'd be up for a squareun too, if they're available
  3. Having only decided to join the Saundersfoot Massive on Wednesday last, Jackie and I are very pleased to have done so following a few great days of cars, driving, sun, driving rain, breakfasts, dinners and banter - just what we needed! Thanks, of course, to Dave and Sian for all the organisation of meals, maps and more, and to the Oranges for their patient herding of cats/cars around the routes. I don't think we actually 'lost' anyone and I don't think anyone 'failed to proceed' at any time? We did have some trouble with 'lime leader' at one point, but he was forgiven as we enjoyed listening to the exhaust howl as he disappeared. And spent 45 minutes in a freezing cold phone box at one point, but that's another story. Lovely to catch up with lots of LDC faces and meet a few new ones too. Only 27 days to Carlisle, better clean the cow sh*t off before then
  4. Jackie and I would echo the thanks of others - well done Ian and Kay for organising an excellent Club lunch. Well worth travelling up from Kent! Mind you, having stayed over last night, and talked cars and other 'stuff' with half a dozen others (You know who you are....), our bar bill just about matched our room cost... Good fun and lovely to meet some more of the LDC clan, see you in 2017 somewhere
  5. Hi, good idea, I'd be up for the room, dinner, chat and track day
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