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  1. Unfortunatly I am unable to make this event now ( apologies ) I hope the day goes well Regards Colin
  2. This was posted on Lotus Elan.net👍
  3. Got mine 2mins and 5secs you must have been late eddie 😂
  4. Great Car CJ is it on display at the 70 th ??

    Lotus Silverstone Open Day - 22 September 2018

    3. Dean Curtis - red Lotus S1 4. ANDY “ Sinbad” Timms - White Lotus Elan S3 5. Colin Wynn - green Lotus Elan sprint
  6. Love the colour of this car .. another Red pass .. Wow 👌
  7. Nige your Car is stunning example of the model ... a Red pass is well deserved to you 👍
  8. Hi Nige what do you get with a Red Pass i know ive said it before but your new car is great love the colour !!
  9. Nige asked who was on the stand but has not had a response posted yet ?? You could send Colin smith a PM

    S1 Exige ££££!

    Or this one they are getting very common .. looks like silver was a popular colour https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/lotus/exige-s1/lotus-exige-16v------------------178/8888308
  11. Colour is Awsome in the flesh a great car .. I’ve seen it 👍 x

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    Awsome place well worth the visit .. enjoy
  13. Some people have .. choices choices and more choices 😂

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    I’ve done this runout .. it’s a great run with great roads and fantastic views and breakfast or coffee and cake the choice is yours but well worth a trip sorry I can’t make it Regards Colin