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  1. Its worth going just for Chris's coffee ! let alone the cars.... Cu there
  2. I had a great weekend at the Restoration Show. Our stand had it's usual great atmosphere. Thanks to all who helped out, giving up their time to help on the stand and support the LDC. It was also brilliant that we won the trophy for 'Best Online Presence' - a big Congratulations to Chris and Tash - very well deserved.
  3. I had a great weekend, our stand had a great atmosphere, thanks to all who took part.
  4. The biggest bad point, seems to be the price of them now
  5. Myself Sarah and Jake are book in for the weekend and camping will the LDC flag still me there for us to park next to ?     Matt
  6. Sounds good fun   Please put Jake and I down as the team to beat !
  7. Yes this show is now confirmed with the organisers......   Lotus Drivers Club at the Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Car Show 5 & 6 March 2016 at the NEC, Birmingham   I am happy to be able to confirm that we can offer your club the following stand at this year’s PCR&CCS.  Apologies for the delay in confirming these details.  Yours is one of 120 clubs attending this year - the ‘season opener’ continues to grow!    See the attached floorplan showing your club’s stand location:   Hall: Hall 11 Stand number: 11-530 Width:    11.5m Depth:    5.5m Area:      63.25sqm Pillar/irregular stand shape? no   Its going to be great for us  chaps with a soft spot for sorry looking cars !   Matt
  8. Wouldn't think of  missing this one     1     Chris & Margaret Mayhew 2     Ian & Kay 3     Matt and Jake
  9. Love the new website Chris well done :)   Matt
  10. Mattwatts

    Elan + 2s

    Its not normaly the rocker switch but the wiper motor struggling to reach to park sector of the switch inside of the motor.   If you clip the wipers up (as if your washing your windscreen) then try it, does it work on both stages and park ?   Matt
  11. What a great event !   We had a good time maybe spent too much money ....least I didnt buy a car :)   Thanks Chris for organising it   Matt
  12. Just booked my tickets all 3 days :)   2-4-1  Fantastic !   Thankyou :)
  13. All Excited all ready,   I'm still in bed with the FLU, But the cars will make it ! .....even if I dont.............. (or Jake will leave home and defather  me ) (I know its not a real word) ok now im just rambling off back to sleep NN   Matt
  14. Went to buy some Lotus parts from a chap (as ya do), and seen a load of Lotus cars parked up all in a very poor state, After tip toeing round all the dog muck and rusty car parts I decided to have a good look at the Esprit S2.2 he had, Seconds later I seem to have made him and offer and we shook hands, Not sure why I brought it maybe I just felt sorry for the car and maybe I have just crossed to the wrong side of 40, I'm not sure, but its at home, I've had it a few weeks now and I getting to really like it !     The leather interior is without any rips so I was going to re-dye it the light creamy colour, this is something I have never done before so would welcome and advice.         I have decided to strip it all to bits and have it repainted dark metallic blue and keep it. Well you cant have to many Lotus cars can you ?   The car seemed really original and with only a after market steering wheel to spoil that. With each part that comes of needing work it looks like I will be doing a total restoration I have had it up in the air and the chassis looks all good with no break in the galvanized coating even near the Exhaust manifold.... Phew   The engine is now all in bits because of the 15 thou crank end float it had... good old early 2.2 engines, I will do the 2.2 thrust mod as per the manual and rebuild it with new bearings, rings valves ect. The car has only 46k on the clock I have all the old MOTs and it seems correct.       I have my paint man removing all the old paint,I have been doing all the fiberglass repairs, I don't like its original colour, However I like to keep my cars as original as possible and even use the same size/shape and type screws as original, however to me if the original purchaser  ordered the car in a colour I don't like I will happily rectify their mistake !     With each part that comes off I seem to say "yay that's so much better than the one that came of my S1" lets hope that continues   Will keep you posted how it all pans out   Matt