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  1. Livy

    Just saying Hi

    Welcome to LDC Jells. Great to have you on board 👍🏻
  2. Livy

    New member

    Hi techyd, and welcome to LDC. Look forward to meeting you at some of the events throughout the year. All the best. Mark
  3. Livy

    New member, just south of Bedford area

    Hi Silverback, Welcome to you both. You've nailed it with your smashing Exige and I for one look forward to meeting you at some of the LDC events in 2019. I work in Bedford so if you see someone waving from a GT86 (Daily drive) it'll be me. All the best Mark
  4. Livy

    Lotus Christmas Presents

    Loving those Mark 👍🏻
  5. Livy

    New member, first Lotus

    Congrats on your new purchase and a huge welcome to the LDC. That's a smashing looking Exige and a perfect nod to the "For Your Eyes Only" Esprit Turbo. Love it and Mrs L and I look forward to meeting you both at Pembrokeshire, if not before. All the best Mark
  6. Livy

    Lotus Christmas Presents

    Nice Pilotis Chris, I've had my eyes on these too. Are they a narrow fit?
  7. Livy

    Lotus Christmas Presents

    A Lotus jacket and polo shirt + a very pleasant phone call with you today 😉 Looking forward to donning the said clothing at plenty of LDC events in 2019
  8. Well the time is almost upon before you all get ready to celebrate with your families and friends Lisa & I would like to wish our LDC family a very Merry Christmas & a fabulous New Year. Here's to lots more amazing adventures with you lovely lot. All the best from The Livy's xx
  9. Well done Ian and thank you to all involved in organising another thoroughly enjoyable Christmas lunch. Really enjoyed the car building challenge but that might just be because we were on the WINNING team Lovely to see you all, both new and existing members and thank you for all the Christmas cards. Have a fantastic Christmas and an even better New Year. Now where's that nice bottle of red we WON Best wishes Mark & Lisa x
  10. Yeah up for that too but I think Lisa might side step that one
  11. We're up for this. Booking form submitted
  12. Livy

    Winter Projects

    Yup, front clam off, fit new tow post and give everything a check over. Fit a new horn and add some stickery bits here and there. No doubt there will be other bits to do but I've not decided on those
  13. Livy

    Hi, New Member from Northamptonshire

    Hi Mark, congrats on the purchase and welcome to the LDC. Nice to see another owner from Northants. We will have to meet up in the new year when my Elise comes out of hibernation. Enjoy 👍🏻 Mark
  14. Livy

    LDC Calendar 2019

    All those memories from an amazing trip. Can't wait to receive my copy.