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  1. Congrats Neil, look forward to seeing you at some events in the future. All the best. Mark
  2. Well it's been a few days since the rebranding of the Lotus logo and try as I might, I really can't bring myself to like it. I do understand that a branding needs to evolve but I really think this is a step backwards rather than forwards. The Lotus text unbalances the shape of the roundal by being straight and not curved. If they really wanted to modernise it they should have stuck with the 1968 version keeping some of the heritage and updated the ACBC with the new modern style. Keep it yellow but not the shade they currently have, it just looks like a child has created it in Microsoft paint. Just my opinion. Mark
  3. So who's on the lawn then Eddie? Lisa & I are planning to be there both days.
  4. Livy

    Hello all

    Hi Dave, it's great to have you on board. Hope all is well with you and Lisa & I look forward to seeing you and the S160 at some of the upcoming LDC meets. See you soon Mark
  5. Hi Paul, I echo the welcome from above. It's nice to see another member from Northants and I look forward to meeting you and your lovely Exige at some of the events. I'm sure you'll enjoy everything about the club.....their all a great bunch. All the best Mark
  6. Hi, I've bought carbon parts from both Elise parts and Elise shop and both have been great quality. I'm not sure whether they do S3 though. You could look at Reverie too but they are expensive.......actually all carbon fibre is expensive but man maths always rules that out Hope that helps. Cheers Mark
  7. Hi Eddie, I've just checked my tickets & like Colin I also don't have the Club Car Pass which needs to be put on the dashboard. I've checked my email junk folder and there's nothing there. Would you be able to email the attachment to me so I can print it off. Cheers Mark PM sent with email address
  8. Could this be the new car for Stuart & Vicky? https://allonwhite.co.uk/used-lotus-cars-for-sale-uk/1995-lotus-elan-s2-limited-edition-norfolk-mustard-st1168
  9. Livy

    GoPro Request

    Cheers Dean. I'll take a butchers.
  10. Livy

    GoPro Request

    Will do. Cheers Chris
  11. Livy

    GoPro Request

    Does anyone have a GoPro with roll age mount that I can borrow for two weeks at the beginning of June? Have a road trip planned that I'd like to film. Thanks in advance. Mark