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  1. Sadly snow has stopped car play over here however the kids in the village are going to love it. Lisa & I will have to wear our Christmas hats at home all day today. Gutted because I'd like to have had my penultimate run out today but hey ho it's not to be. Drive safely all and we will see you at the LDC Christmas meal.
  2. S1 Elise Sport190

    Wow, cracking car but that price is stretching it a bit. I love the wheels though and I'm surprised at how many similarities there are to mine
  3. Newbie

    Welcome to the club John, yep LDC really are a friendly bunch. Looking forward to meeting you at a few of next years events. All the best Mark & Lisa
  4. Newbie

    Maybe you could join us at the next Midlands Breakfast Meet at Hilltop Farm Shop, Fosse Way. Check out the Midlands events for more details. It's on every 2nd Sunday of the month and is always well attended. Hopefully see you there at the next one. All the best Mark
  5. Newbie

    Welcome to LDC IzzyS. Would be great to see you at some events/breakfast meetings. Where are you based? Nice choice of Lotus by the way but I am a tad biased All the best Mark
  6. Pembrokeshire - 4 - 7 May 2018

    Hi Dave & Sian, Unfortunately due to family 70th Birthdays Lisa & I will be unable to make it however you can be sure we will be at the next Pembrokeshire outing.
  7. Well what a brilliant three days. Thank you Eddie for including my Elise in this years display. It was a great show with lots of amazing cars and I definitely think we did LDC and Mike proud and even the Stig was impressed. Well done to all involved. Cheers Mark
  8. Christmas Lunch - Sunday 17 December 2017

    All paid up. Thanks for the reminder Chris
  9. Hockenheim Historic April 20-22nd 2018

    Looking forward to seeing you at the NEC Classic Chris & we can have a good ol natter about this and your racing escapades this year
  10. HI From Norfolk

    Hi Kevin, welcome to LDC. I look forward to meeting you at some of the events lined up for next year. All the best. Mark
  11. Welcome to the club John and congratulations on the purchase of your lovely looking Esprit. Although I'm not very familiar with the mechanics of an older Lotus there are many members on here that will point you in the right direction. I'm sure they'll be along soon with some pointers. All the best Mark
  12. Hi from Newbury

    Lovely car David. I'm sure you'll enjoy many more miles and I look forward to meeting you at some of the LDC events. Welcome to Lotus won't regret it Mark
  13. Eddies car find of the month

    Go on Col, you know it makes sense
  14. Would Lucinda consider it? Her M100 is lovely and has a great provenance. Just a thought.
  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one that's started prepping. Needed lots of washing to remove all the Welsh cow pats I acquired whilst on the Autumn drive out. Just need to collect the wheels from the refurbers and give it a polish & we're all set. Really looking forward to seeing you all on the Thursday evening. I'll be driving up after work 👍🏻