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  1. Livy

    LDC Calendar 2019

    All those memories from an amazing trip. Can't wait to receive my copy.
  2. Livy

    Caffeine & Machine Opening - 27 October 2018

    See you all at 10ish ???
  3. Livy

    Caffeine & Machine Opening - 27 October 2018

    6. Mark & Lisa
  4. Livy

    New member

    Hi Mike, Welcome to the LDC. It's great to see another S1 owner adding to the numbers. Smashing looking car too. i look forward to meeting you at future club events. All the best Mark
  5. Well looking outside and checking the forecast it's looking like a very wet and windy day. Unfortunately Lisa & I are going to give this run out a miss which is a shame as it would be the last one before the Elise's hibernation. Have a good one alL and you at the Christmas do ??
  6. Any more takers? Attending: John - Lotus Exige S Stuart & Vicky - Lotus Exige S1 Mark & Lisa - Elise S1 Andy - Lotus Dean & Lisa - Elise S1 Doug & Clare - Elan S3(ish) Kathryn - Elan M100
  7. See you all in the morning
  8. 1. Eddie Lotus Evora 2. Del S2 Exige 3. Sue S2.5 Elise 4. Paul S2 Exige 5. Mark & Lisa S1 Elise
  9. Graham are you going to Lotus 70 celebration at Hethel? Quite a few of us will be attending and it would be lovely to meet you. Regards Mark & Lisa
  10. Maybe a drive along the coast to Brancaster, Holkom Beach / Wells next to the Sea. Just let us know a meet up point and we will be there.
  11. Tickets arrived with a sticker to match the colour of my S1 See you all on the 29th
  12. Back from a great Mike Stripe Memorial weekend and once again Jennie pulled out all the stops. Brilliant route plan with a few little surprises to keep is on our toes great accommodation with fab views, delicious food and stunning locations to visit. We've thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you all and it was lovely meeting our newest members Larry and Carol who have already planned to join us on our next adventure. John and Debbie's new V6 Exige looked stunning chasing down the Wilsons and Markhams V6s and Andy and Lisa's Evora 410 sounded mind blowingly epic. It was great having James and Sarah Stripe with us and the families lovely Elite breezed through the four days and was a joy to see arriving back at the hotel each day......we're sure Mike would have been beaming with pride. It's now time for a pint of Cornish Lager & Tarquins pink Gin for Lisa. Looking forward to the next one
  13. Hi Nige, glad you managed to get back in the saddle and you've got an absolute beaut there. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. Regards Mark
  14. Hi Graham and welcome to LDC. I'm often in and around MK so I will give you a wave if we cross paths. I'd echo that the Hilltop breakfast meet is worth attending and I look forward to meeting you at some of the meets in the future. All the best Mark