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  1. My favourite photo of my Elise by Sue Harding
  2. The Elise is out of hibernation & it's coming together nicely. Bring on the show
  3. Livy


    Hi Alex, welcome to LDC. Looking forward to catching up with you at one of the Hilltop breakfast meets. All the best Mark
  4. Livy

    Absolute Lotus

    Well said Andy. Love the mag and have happily renewed my subscription 👍🏻
  5. Good luck for your inaugural meet 👍🏻 All the best Mark
  6. Hey Gee, welcome to the LDC from another S1 owner. Looking forward to meeting you at some of the events throughout 2019. You won't regret joining "the friendly club" All the best Mark
  7. All booked. Looking forward to this event already and looks like a great alternative to Beaulieu!!
  8. That's a shame. A big mistake on their part I think.
  9. Livy

    Winter Projects

    Well jell Andy. It's looking lovely 👍🏻
  10. Sadly we won't be able to attend due to a wedding that weekend. Have fun.
  11. Livy

    Just saying Hi

    Welcome to LDC Jells. Great to have you on board 👍🏻
  12. Livy

    New member

    Hi techyd, and welcome to LDC. Look forward to meeting you at some of the events throughout the year. All the best. Mark
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