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  1. Well guys, do you have any already on your Christmas wish list?
  2. Wow! Did I once write that F1 is boring? Apologies, I was mistaken indeed; today's race must surely go down in history, such great entertainment!
  3. I fail to see any significant performance advantage. More likely a "packaging" solution :mellow:   Cheers John
  4. I 2nd the Spyder contact as a good chance for 2nd hand wheels. Spyder may have wheels over from their Zetec conversions which uses almost exclusively alloy wheels.   The thought of any company doing a "special run" for +2 wheels would be crazy. The cost of tooling up for such a small run would be totally prohibitive.   Good luck John
  5. Well that was a show well worth watching!   Well done Rosburg & Hamilton & of course the rest of the team for letting them get on with their race long sparring match.   Let's hope that the other teams will soon be able to join in "the race" & turn 2014 into a memorable F1 season.   I do wish that I could understand that I could understand what all of the "technical thingies" are doing in the engine dept & ask myself if what all of this is adding to the "spectacle"---------- just all too confusing for me I'm afraid.   I'm looking forward to the next chapter more than I could have anticipated.   Cheers John
  6. My copy arrived today & after a quick scan through it I am extremely impressed. A terrific effort, I look forward to settling down in a comfy chair for many hours of reading.
  7. Am I disappointed? Well yes! Forget the cars & drivers; just concentrate on the "dolly birds" & drivers wives please. More shots & close ups of them in the next race may persuade me to pay a bit more attention--------------------Yawn!
  8. Last year there was plenty of track time available & I guess that lotus drivers with the necessary fees available would be welcome on track. I've never studied the application forms for track time  but I do know that thare are many non-club member Lotus owners at this event each year. Both of the "Historic Lotus Registers" are alwys present each year; why not an  LDC "presence"? Oh & bring your table full of Autojumble; that is also quite popular & welcomed.   Anyway I concur with Conway that this is always a great day & for the past few years the weather has been very kind.     Cheers John
  9. Definately agree there, the M100 Elan is "the" Lotus to buy, so very cheap & a great car to drive, or so I've been told. They are or will be very rare soon; definitely a "collector's car"   Cheers John
  10. So many factors point you towards buying a classic Lotus. e.g. 1. Fun factor 2. the sheer beauty of them 3. Simplicity in maintenance (provided you have a well sorted one) 4. No loss in value; possibly a big increase!   That +2 Elan seems to be a good cyr for that asking price
  11. Any news on this topic guys & girls?   Will it happen & if so where?   Is it likely to become a biennual affair at, let's say, the Malvern 3 counties show ground again?   Cheers John
  12.   So! Who's up for ordering the latest Lotus Debt? Should be along soon as they're pretty good at building those these days :huh: