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  1. My copy arrived today & after a quick scan through it I am extremely impressed. A terrific effort, I look forward to settling down in a comfy chair for many hours of reading.
  2. Definately agree there, the M100 Elan is "the" Lotus to buy, so very cheap & a great car to drive, or so I've been told. They are or will be very rare soon; definitely a "collector's car"   Cheers John
  3. So many factors point you towards buying a classic Lotus. e.g. 1. Fun factor 2. the sheer beauty of them 3. Simplicity in maintenance (provided you have a well sorted one) 4. No loss in value; possibly a big increase!   That +2 Elan seems to be a good cyr for that asking price
  4. Maybe it would be appropriate to repeat that very 1st Elan Sprint article in the 100th edition. The photo is an unusual & great aspect of the car.   Cheers John
  5. Those were always for the rich & you need to be richer to buy one today. Real spark plugs in the mock engine; what more could a boy wish for? :D
  6. Well that's this site's activity slashed drastically in one stroke. Give me a nudge if anything happens on here anytime, rollsoverandgoesbacktosleep
  7. [quote name='A7ESK' timestamp='1322778817' post='4204'] [size=4]Well here we are December car choice if you looking for a present for your partner what about this[/size] [size=4]will look great with wrapping paper that Christmas morning.[/size][/quote] Now that would make a nice toy. Shame it's the old shape though! Now running for cover
  8. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hook, line & sinker; He's hooked! Now how to get him in the net?
  9. Well it is good news to read of the promises about continued production of the 7 until infinity or when legislation will inevitably wield its deathly hand. Reading the comments from the big players it appears that a high stakes game of poker is being played out. A continuing saga that will be interesting to follow. Many thanks for keeping us up to speed Mike & Chris. Cheers John
  10. Strike me as being a bit odd! Caterham have successfully continued to sell & improve the 7 independently for so many years. Nevertheless recent years have probably brought their problems with them, sourcing power train components for new front engined RWD 7's can't be a simple task. I wonder what effect this new "ownership" will actually have on the iconic 7 John
  11. Wha's fink of ee then? 3rd in 1st race!!! That'll put the Cat amongst the Pigeons Vettel continues to be unstoppable (maybe I should stick here in Germany ) At least I didn't have to get up quite as early as you Islanders But why is our lad Button not managing better grid positions; strange Have good day. John
  12. [quote name='Tims' date='22 December 2010 - 01:15 PM' timestamp='1293023740' post='2191'] Can we not remind everyone of the 'Tim...nice but dim' saying please! ! Cheers, Timothy. [/quote] Oh 'tis cast in stone friend; cast in stone!
  13. I think it may well be time for that man to take his dream "abroad" & build it there. Trouble is the knuckle draggers in Whitehall may well fall for for what he calls "could be more Jobs" but forget to ask if they would go to British nationals. Seems strange that he doesn't ask "the City" for the money; after all it will be "the Suits" there that will be buying those Cars with their inflated bonuses Wot me, sour grapes, never! Cheers John P.S. I wonder if there could be a change made to how the Forum works. When I read the
  14. Nice Clip Chris; I enjoyed that! It might even give my Elan a run for its Money Cheers John PS Dodgy colour though
  15. Indeed Mike, interesting times, to say the least. Oh, by the way, I bought a House in Burnham on Sea a couple of days ago. Just got to pay for it now But at least I will soon be able to get my Elan MOT'd & back on the Road next year Cheers John