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  1. Haven't been for a few years so hoping to pop along on Saturday 👍
  2. Sunday 23 June 2019 An extra event for your Calendar. In aid of the Salisbury Hospice Trust, a Fish and Chip Run to West Bay/Lyme Regis is being organised by Lotus Drivers Club Wessex. The golf club which James was a member of have raised funds for the hospice by auctioning a drive out in a Lotus for two people. The day will begin at 9.30am for coffee and croissants at the home of Ian Rymer who is the area organiser for Lotus Drivers Club Wessex. David and Val, the winners of the hospice auction will be meeting us all at the start in the morning. Ian has spoken to various Club members who have very kindly agreed to take them in their cars for different legs of the journey, to give them the full Lotus experience. We hope you will all support this wonderful cause. For more information please email Ian Rymer at i.rymer@lotusdriversclub.org.uk
  3. If think you'll find it's a Hethel of Lotus 😉
  4. Saturday 8 June 2019 from 10:00am We would like to invite you to join us for a summer barbecue at Hatton Country World (Hatton, Warwickshire, CV35 8XA) where members will enjoy a full day of activities including a Warwickshire Driveout, Gymkhana games and of course, the evening barbecue. We have arranged for a rolled field where members can park including any other members vehicles, including cars, camper vans, caravans and tents all in one area. You can arrive anytime from Friday afternoon and stay until after breakfast on Sunday if you are camping on site. You can also make your own arrangements for accommodation in the local area if you prefer. Overnight camping is available for members that wish to stay in campers, caravans or tents at a cost of £10 per unit staying overnight and should be booked direct with Hatton Country World. Toilet and washroom facilities are available. All attendees will have access to all the Hatton Country World shops, restaurants, pubs, Farm Park, fun fair and toilet facilities at any time during the weekend. Have a look at their website for more information. The Club will have 4 marquees/gazebos to protect our guests against the relentless beating sunshine, so please note that this event is not weather dependent! We will be arranging a short drive out in the morning with the option of stopping off for lunch along the route before returning back to Hatton Park for some fun and games and the evening barbecue. Food and drink – Due to the complexity of people’s varied diets and drinking habits, we have taken the decision that members need to bring their own food and drink but the Club will provide several barbecues, including a designated vegetarian barbecue. Booking is essential and the event will be charged at a subsidised cost of £5.00 per car to all members. Book Now For more information, please contact Colin Smith: c.smith@lotusdriversclub.org.uk
  5. Thank you so much David and Sian for organising a 4th successive event in Saundersfoot and it felt as popular as the first year we all visited. It was great to see so many new faces, and returning ones, and to enjoy the weekend (half of it for us) with you all. I for one can't wait for next year...
  6. Sunday 23 June 2019 – 10:00am – 5:00pm Join the Lotus Drivers Club at Bicester Heritage on Sunday 23 June for the ultimate summer open day celebration, in relaxed garden party style at the UK’s Centre for Historic Motoring Excellence. Discounted entry and display parking is available exclusively for Club members. Buy Club Member Vehicle Tickets – LDC Discount Code LDC619J Club ticket sales close no later than Sunday 16 June (if available) and will not be available on the gate. Click on the ‘Enter Promo Code’ link towards the top of the ‘Tickets’ block on the booking page and input your club discount code LDC619J. The club ticket option will then become visible in the list of ticket options for you to select.
  7. That should work. Alternatively, if you have them uploaded to Facebook or another publicly accessible site you can past the image link in using the 'Insert other media' button at the lower right of the post. I often use this.
  8. I used to own one Mark but sold it a year or so ago. Maybe take a look on eBay for a good deal.
  9. Welcome to the Lotus Drivers Club Charles. Congratulations on your recent purchase, what spec is your Hethel Edition? It's great to see another member in West Wales and @V4FRP will be particularly happy. Are you planning to join us in a couple of weeks in Saundersfoot? It would be great to see you.
  10. Menu choices for the 3 evening meals have been emailed out to those attending. Please let me know if you haven't received them.
  11. From memory I dare to say that 3 of the 4 years have been in glorious sunshine, in fact we've come to expect it now ☀️ As for numbers there's been between 20-30 cars attending each year, some returning and others for the first time. Do I win the award for furthest travelled this year? Our ferry from Germany docks Saturday morning so we'll be with you all Saturday evening, with a stop off at home in between 😎
  12. Andy, just so that you're aware, a new member in an Orange Exige 410 Sport is attending along with a friend in a Peugeot RCZ R. I've said that they are both welcome on the Club stand with the RCZ R as well as the Exige and both have booked with the Club code. Thanks for taking on the the baton from Eddie this month 👏
  13. You're on @V4FRP mailing list for West Wales so he'll keep you updated 👍
  14. OrangeExige


    Hello and welcome Dunc 👋🏻
  15. Nothing wrong with asking. The booking fee has been added to cover the costs incurred by the Club for making the transactions. Unfortunately, without this by the time we’ve been invoiced by the harbour the Club would make a loss 👎🏻
  16. You’ll be fine, it’s not only pre-90’s cars, the organisers are just pushing for a good selection for this event 👍🏻
  17. I booked this evening and had instant confirmation by email. In fact it looks like you need to print off the email and use this as confirmation on the weekend. Give them an email if you think you've booked just in case you entered your email address wrong: info@claydonestate.co.uk
  18. Hi @Tom and welcome to the Lotus Drivers Club. @V4FRP will be pleased to see a few new members in West/South Wales who have recently joined. Are you planning to join us in Saundersfoot in May for the Club's Pembrokeshire weekend? http://ldclub.uk/pembrokeshire I was only thinking this weekend it would be good to arrange a meeting somewhere soon. In terms of servicing, our friends at Newtown Lotus come highly recommended or Williams Automobiles near Yate.
  19. Online bookings for this years show close on Friday 26 April. For more information and to book visit http://ldclub.uk/ragleyhallclassic
  20. You've only got until midnight this Sunday 31 March to get your hands on discounted tickets for this summer's Silverstone Classic. To book your discounted tickets for the Silverstone Classic click here or phone 0871 231 0849. Members who wish to display their Lotus in the infield display area must use our discount code CCD00432019 when booking online or by phone.
  21. 😙 My mistake, forgot to alter the new date for the event expiring: http://www.lotusdriversclub.org.uk/?p=3654
  22. A great idea Andy, and it's good to see you on the forum... I know forums are starting to dwindle in popularity these days, especially with the likes of your highly active WhatsApp group, which I can't keep up with 🤪 Anyhow, here's my addition to this topic, a recent photo taken by Sue outside Tintern Abbey.
  23. Andy, I think we need a discussion about these featuring in Chicane this year 🤩
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