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  1. There’s just two weeks left to take advantage of the Silverstone Classic early bird offer! Lotus Drivers Club members enjoy significant savings through our club discount code on the entry cost as well as central infield parking. Find out more here:
  2. Pembrokeshire - 4 - 7 May 2018

    That'll be 3 Exige LF1's in Saundersfoot
  3. Greetings from Hampshire

    Morning Kevin and welcome to the Lotus Drivers Club. It's good to see you enjoyed the Club magazine. Look forward to hopefully meeting you at the Beaulieu Supercar Weekend, the Weymouth Fish and Chip Run or the Devon and Cornwall event which will be announced soon for September.
  4. Pembrokeshire - 4 - 7 May 2018

    Thanks Jules, I think another member will be booking tomorrow so that's good to know. In excess of 20 cars booked now ...
  5. Driver Tuition/training recommendations

    Can highly recommend this to start with, and there are still places available. It would be good to run something with the newly regenerated Lotus Driving Academy next year!
  6. Using Accumate charger on Exige V6

    I would imagine you can but haven't tried. I recall doing this on my S2 Exige but have only ever connected my CTEK one to the battery itself in the V6. Give it a go, if it doesn't work connect it straight to the battery.
  7. Morning. Yes, don't worry about the pre 1996 statement, this was added last year when they moved to online bookings. The organisers have confirmed to us that ALL cars booked for the Club display will be included. I'm sure they will also be able to amend your booking to Sunday.
  8. Who else has booked? Looking forward to attending and putting the drone through its paces, and the Exige of course!
  9. Don't forget to book your Early Bird tickets before 31 March! Over 40 cars booked so far. Click here to book
  10. Pembrokeshire - 4 - 7 May 2018

    Dave and Sian Boneham - Exige S Club Racer - Non Harbour Parking - Own Accomodation - Friday, Saturday, Sunday Andy - S3 Elan - Harbour Parking - Gower - Friday, Saturday, Sunday Chris and Tash - Exige V6 Cup - Harbour Parking - Own Accommodation - Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  11. What happened to Bruntingthorpe 2017

    The Bruntingthorpe event last year was a little different - taking place over two days. There was not much interest from our regular Lotus drivers but Alan managed to recruit a few. Not all cars were Lotus. Saturday the weather was not very good, cold and wet in the morning. Attendance was poor and only £319 was taken. Sunday was better weather wise and attendance was good. Alan took charge as Martin and Gill were unable to be there. £1,000 taken on Sunday. The proposed date for this years event is August 11th/12th. (it has not been decided yet whether it will be a one day or two day event).