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  1. The S4 is still in rehab so one for the future. Was out this way earlier this year. Brilliant Country for a driver. Enjoy all
  2. This is on next weekend;     http://www.thelondonclassiccarshow.co.uk/
  3. Excellent. Well if you dont like Quo, you dont have to go :D
  4. rocket63

    new member

    Hi John. Well ii is a cable driven speedo so:   It could be disconnected at the speedo end, but unlikely.   The other end is driven from the gearbox and is held in by a circlip, so I would check there first.   It possible the speedo worm gear has failed, but normally that results in a bouncy and erratic swinging needle.   Finally, the cable may be worn or snapped in which case you will need a replacement bud.
  5. Top dogs look to be Mercedes. Mclaren & Williams
  6. Red Bull are in trouble. End of. Thats good then :)
  7. Yup, the Evora is about as popular as the Europa was. and its as ugly as the brown stuff.
  8. Not a Super bike, more like a pudding. Lotus should stick to what they do best and leave motorcycles to the professionals
  9. Interested, but also need a date to verify work commitments.
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-Lotus-Caterham-colours-handbrake-sleeve-for-Elise-Exige-/171075190216?pt=UK_Car_Interior_Accessories&hash=item27d4e03dc8       Hahahahahahahahahaha
  11. You not coming for the weekend Trig?