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  1. Hi All   Am I reading this correctly - The Chairman and Treasurer are standing down???   Jules
  2. Ahem Eddie, Jules, lol!   In the above Retro mag there was a review of the CCS at NEC and a small pic of the stand featuring the Essex Esprit!    Jules
  3. Also noticed in the magazine a photo of the LDC stand at the Classic Car Show!    Jules
  4. Hi. Anyone got any photos of this years trip?? Will see if we can load some at the weekend. Jules
  5. We missed you two - people were asking what time you were joining us, and were sad when told you weren't!!    Jules
  6. Thank you all involved in this - a great weekend - our first tour with the current gang. Good to meet friends old and new. Only one car succumbed to the good old welsh rain - hope you got home ok guys??? And the Big Blue Van didn't do too bad keeping up - as long as there aren't too many roundabouts, they just kill the speed for us, not good when you're following a bunch of big kids in their Loti!!   Jules, Kim and Lottie 
  7. Hi Eddie   Am I missing something - I cant find any details of this for those that didn't come to this excellent lunch last year??   We'll be there - Kim, Jules and Lottie   Thanks   JULES! 
  8. Looking forward to it Chris   Jules
  9. Oh ok, if you insist!! Just don't expect them to be homemade!    Jules
  10. We'll be there in the big blue van, parked somewhere behind the LDC set-up - give us a shout if you want a cuppa! AND hopefully this year will not need towing out of the mud (thank you Tony!).    Jules, Kim and Lottie
  11. Hi   Anyone going to Croft this weekend??    Jules  :)
  12. Looking forward to it - will need to get to the postman before Kim, hmmm!! x 
  13. I looked into this but could not find any cover to replace the wheel as in the case "Grumpy Bodger" was asking about. As far as I can see the JCT policy refurbishes scuffed rims etc, but it will not pay to replace broken rims or those that have gone oval through the compression of a deep pot hole.   I don't know what the premiums are but alloy wheel refurbishment is common place now and relatively cheap so it is a case of premium versus payout that needs looking into.   Kim
  14. Ahem - well spotted Jules, thank you!!! lol x
  15. I think the Lotus 15 made the best sound of the day! x 
  16. What a shame.   We chose to go on the Saturday to watch the Lotus Cortinas - 19 in one race!    The whole days racing was great - the clouds sprinkled a few drops every now and then, which usually made the first couple of laps a bit tricky until a dry line appeared.   Sad that this happened at the end of a great weekend.   Jules
  17. Always drive!   Jules
  18. Many thanks to the organisers and flag wavers/marshals, great day, helped of course by the fabulous weather! See you at Ragley.   Jules
  19. I had time to have a look round Photobucket now, they have changed it a lot since the last time I used it. I have found all the "tools" now so watch out for more photos!
  20. Thanks Chris,   The problem was there was no "direct link" as the option so I had to alter the link settings in photobucket. Works fine now, just need to work out how to resize photo?   Kim
  21. Eddies Car of the month for Eddie    
  22. HI Chris,   I have had to take out the opening and closing brackets, otherwise I got the same error message as above.   [URL=http://s639.photobucket.com/user/LotusElanMan/media/Eddies%20car/CIMG9189.jpg.html]
  23. Hi Chris,   This is the link. not sure why its happening.   I have not been able to put the brackets in, if I do I get the same error message. Brackets around URL to jpg.html, brackets around IMG, and again at the end IMG and closing bracket around URL at the end.    Thanks KIm URL=http://s639.photobucket.com/user/lotuselan/media/eddies%20car//cimg9189.jpeg.html img http://i639.photobucket.com/albums/uu120/LotusElamMan/eddies%car/CIMG9189.jpg IMG URL
  24. Chris, When I try and add a photo using the image button and when I've put the copied URL in from photo bucket I get an error message saying "An error occurred You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Its the only url available to that photo, what am I doing wrong? The same thing happens if I use the add link button t