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  1. Oh, yes please, would go lovely with my yellow one (or is that being greedy?)!!   Jules
  2.   Hi Kieran, it certainly does. No one gets there much before 8.00 pm so if you go earlier you may think its not happening.   Hope you can make it.   Kim
  3. Hi Can someone let us have the code please.   Kim & Jules
  4. Last time we stopped there the food was good - mind you it was some time ago - AND a bit nearer to us Leicester folk. Good choice - remember to watch out for the speed cameras on this road boys and girls!!   Jules
  5. How many are going?? Have the folk who originally voted for Scalextric over the film show all signed up??   Jules
  6. Woo hoo, respite is confirmed for Lottie, we're going on a LDC Tour!!!   Jules & Kim
  7. 1. nige 2. Andy 3. Kim & Jules, its just up the road! Can bring the catering van as well if you want!
  8. HI all,   I was planning to go, have been to the normal Le Mans a few times but not the "classic" so  if LDC go, count me in.
  9. Hope to see you there. We'll be taking the satnav and map book this time, just incase the Fosse Way is still closed at some point, and hopefully we might arrive a bit earlier!!!   Jules and Kim
  10. Kim has pointed me in the direction of a LONG wish list of tools he has produced on Amazon - apparently since he bought himself a nice new shiny big upright tool cabinet, he needs lots of things to fill it with!! I'm sure all the old stuff in the garage would do? Jules
  11. Hi James   Looking forward to seeing you at Shardlow. However, we won't be there this Monday, it's our Christmas meal and this year we have decided to hold it at a different venue, sorry! Didn't want you to have an unnecessary trip.   Hope to see you in the New Year.   Jules
  12. Hi Eddie   We'll be there, with Lottie in tow!!   Looking forward to it.   Jules and Kim
  13. We'll be there on Saturday with the catering van!!   Jules, Kim and Lottie
  14. Looking forward to another fab weekend - see you all there!!   Jules, Kim and Lottie
  15. Hi Eddie   Good to see you on Saturday - it's Shardlow tonight so will bring this to everyone's attention if it's not too late??   Thanks,   Jules
  16. Hi Chris,   Have you found out what is causing the cut-out then??   Jules x 
  17. Great magazine, well done Simon and all that helped on this issue. A great way to celebrate 100!
  18. Rubbish sound from the new cars, just not LOUD enough!   The "youngsters" did well and looked confident. Mercedes class of the field.  McLaren look in good shape and if JB had qualified higher he would have been right up there and despite all their pre season woes the Red Bulls don't look half bad, a few more races and they will be able to take the fight to Mercedes, just need a bit more from the engine now. Lotus poor and I think it will be difficult for them to bounce back, perhaps not till half way through the season.   Shame for Riciardo, drove very well and looked good, I think he stands a good chance on appeal if what Christian Horner was saying was true, sounds more feasible for the FIA data to be wrong rather than Red Bull but we will have to wait and see. If he wins appeal do we alter our results? Could be a nightmare as CH there have been lots of problems with the FIA system.   Malaysia here we come!  
  19. Great Idea.   Just logged in my team.  Can't wait for the new season, I think it will be chaotic for some of the early races and then it will settle down when the normal teams with the big budgets/resources will come good. I think some of the smaller teams could be up there to kick off with. I think Eddie is brave to double up now with no form to work from, perhaps he's got some inside information.
  20. Ok so with the second test session to get underway shortly, lest see what people think will come out top in 2014?   Lets wait to see the results of this test but I think it will be the normal front runners, Mercedes, McLaren, Red bull and Ferrari.