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  1. Hi All. Just to let you know, there won't be a meet at The Clock Warehouse at Shardlow next month as they will be closed for a major refurb. If anyone has an idea for an alternative venue please let me know - any your way Paul Nichol?? Jules
  2. Atthelimit

    Drive Out

    Thanks - I've had an email from Ian and saw him yesterday, so think he's onto it Jules
  3. Hi, I work for Routen Chaplin Insurance and we have a Lotus insurance scheme. It will make a big difference as to whether you own the car or not. If you own the 360 then there is a glimmer of hope, if not I understand why you are finding it difficult. Insurers don't like hire cars as people tend to not care what happens to them and really rag them, claims experience on these sorts of cars are poor and throw in your age and its does not look good on paper. Not owning the car also throws up a legal issue of "insurable interest" If you own the car, have you tried asking your present insurers to do a temporary substitution, the Lotus for whatever else you have insured? (you can't drive them both at once) If you have a performance car already and so have experience of this sort of car then they may just go for it. The only other option may be to take out the year policy (providing you own the car), take it out on a direct debit scheme and cancel the policy after the three days is up, check first what the cancellation scale is, you won't just be paying for three days. It will most likely have a minimum charge + admin fee. Also if you did bend it you are responsible for the whole years premium and of course the policy excess. Sorry to be so gloomy but you are a year too early really! KIm
  4. Atthelimit

    Drive Out

    Hi. In my diary I've got an entry for an Summer Drive Out on September 10th - it came up in conversation at Shardlow last night - can anyone confirm if this is happening please? Can't find anything on here, it must have been on an early provisional calendar? Thanks, Jules
  5. This is a great race meet, fabulous track, and usually lots of classic Loti racing.
  6. List starts here.... Ian & Kay Vicky & Stuart Colin & Mandy Simon & Marie Gill & Martin Mick & Julie Jennie & Richard Chris & Margaret Tash & Chris Gordon Conway & Joan Mark & Lisa Kim, Jules and Lottie
  7. Come on all you guys and gals - what's all this 'Ooh I really don't want to drive round the track'??? No-one said you've got to drive at full throttle, just enjoy it! I speak to alot of Lotus WAG's at events and I always ask if they drive the Lotus - you'd be surprised (or not depending on whether you want your WAG to drive the car!) how many say 'oh no, it's too fast for me', it's only as fast as YOU press the pedal. Jules, LDC Shardlow
  8. Hi Matt   If possible could you bring the diff housing tomorrow please!   Thanks, Jules
  9. Well, Kim asked someone else to be his team mate before he asked me - so now its me and Lindsay against Kim and Dean - let the race begin!! Of course we're not competitive lol.   Jules
  10. Kim & Jules - Elise S1 (Just pinched Colin & Mandy's hotel room!)
  11. 1     Chris & Margaret Mayhew 2     Ian & Kay 3     Matt and Jake 4     Mike and Carol 5     Robin and Grace  6    Kim, Jules and Lottie 7    Lindsay and Dean   Any more details yet please, ie time??   Many thanks, Jules
  12. Oh, yes please, would go lovely with my yellow one (or is that being greedy?)!!   Jules
  13.   Hi Kieran, it certainly does. No one gets there much before 8.00 pm so if you go earlier you may think its not happening.   Hope you can make it.   Kim
  14. Hi Can someone let us have the code please.   Kim & Jules
  15. Last time we stopped there the food was good - mind you it was some time ago - AND a bit nearer to us Leicester folk. Good choice - remember to watch out for the speed cameras on this road boys and girls!!   Jules
  16. How many are going?? Have the folk who originally voted for Scalextric over the film show all signed up??   Jules
  17. Woo hoo, respite is confirmed for Lottie, we're going on a LDC Tour!!!   Jules & Kim
  18. 1. nige 2. Andy 3. Kim & Jules, its just up the road! Can bring the catering van as well if you want!
  19. HI all,   I was planning to go, have been to the normal Le Mans a few times but not the "classic" so  if LDC go, count me in.
  20. Hope to see you there. We'll be taking the satnav and map book this time, just incase the Fosse Way is still closed at some point, and hopefully we might arrive a bit earlier!!!   Jules and Kim