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  1. Details are sketchy at present as the event is being finalised but keep the date free. At present I understand there will be factory tours and demonstration runs of F1 cars courtesy of Classic Team Lotus. The last open day I went to was brilliant, so I am hoping this will be as good. Kim
  2. I like him! I think he is under huge financial pressure at the moment with Tesla burning money and rumours abound about how long that can continue for. Once in a generation people like EM come along, he has been called the "architect of tomorrow" and for sure his out of the box thinking makes this description apt. A few people invent one thing or have one big business success which sets them up for life. Serial entrepreneurs like Musk are very few and far between. Having made a fortune from his first software company which was sold for $340 million he set up another business, an online payment company which became PayPal which was bought by EBay for $1.5 billion. Never one to rest, he set up high profile, high risk companies such as SpaceX, Solar City, Hyperloop and Tesla amongst others. I think most of us find it difficult how one person can have such vision and the focus to see the projects through. He freely shares the knowledge of technology he develops with others in the hope that it will speed up solutions and his declared intent is to change the world and humanity! I am not so surprised about him moaning about bonehead questions from tired hacks who don't really understand what they are asking, cannot see the bigger picture and ask questions he has been asked a thousand times before. He needs to be careful though, at the Tai cave rescue he did him self no favours however well intentioned he was. I think sometimes frustration sets in and he needs to think a little more carefully about the consequences of his remarks. He has to his credit provided humanitarian aid, resources and equipment around the world for various disasters and we should thank him for that. Inventor, engineer, visionary, entrepreneur, all of these and more, flawed (aren't we all) but someone that will certainly leave a positive legacy for the world. To tie this back to Lotus, Colin Chapman could be described as all of these, we have all heard tales of how ruthless he could be and he was not known for suffering fools gladly but also how he could motivate people to achieve things way above what was reasonable to do. He designed and built boats as well as being involved with micro light aero engines in later years and Chapman's legacy in formula 1 will be forever with us, wind tunnels, ground effects, everything that is so vitally important today, Lotus and Colin Chapman did first!
  3. We probably won't make the breakfast, any one know what time the drive out starts or what time the BBQ?
  4. Atthelimit

    Clutch not engaging

    Hi, The only thing you can try is to get both rear wheels off the ground, chock the front wheels, put it in gear, handbrake off, and then start it up, if the clutch is stuck on, then the wheels will be spinning at this point. If not, ignore the rest because its a different problem. Heat usually helps so l have the car running like this for about 5 mins. Then rev the car a little so the revs are up and with the revs up, brake hard quickly, the car will either stall or the clutch will snap free. By braking you are causing a difference in speed between the flywheel and the clutch plate and it should split free. You can try this a few times if it does not work the first time. Make sure the car cannot fall off the jacks when you brake. Sorry for late reply but have only just seen this. Kim
  5. Routen Chaplin provide a range of breakdown covers to suit the needs of Lotus Enthusiasts. Classic Car Breakdown Cover. We have a "classic" car breakdown policy aimed at the older Lotus models. It includes roadside assistance, recovery etc, for both UK and Europe. As a classic car policy, it excludes home-start cover as most owners of older cars know which wire to wiggle when it won't start. We can add extra cars to the policy but there is a tipping point at which it makes more sense to arrange a "personal" cover policy which covers you for all vehicles, young and old. Some breakdown policies, especially some of the "free" breakdown policies that come with bank accounts etc may have a vehicle age restriction, some set at 10 years old some 15 etc. With prices starting from £35.00 it's a great way to get peace of mind when out and about in your classic Lotus. If you want any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kim Eaton Routen Chaplin Insurance Tel 0115 6978 842
  6. Big Thanks to Martin & Gill, Stuart & Vicky for all the hard work in organising the Trax Donington event. Good turn out, great weather, good people! Oh, and the cars weren't bad either! Thanks to all for a great day. Kim
  7. Eddie, Shall I bring your monitor to Donington? Kim
  8. Hi Matt, Sorry we cannot do track day covers, however if you are not already fixed up try R.E.I.S who might be worth a shot. Kim
  9. Hi Eddie, I love the picture in the list of the Lotus 19 (not) LOL
  10. I would like "Dan the Man" but don't think he has the car unless the Renault engine comes on strong and I don't see that happening!
  11. On the 20th May this year the current MOT rules change. For newer cars they become stricter with new areas to be tested such as daytime running lights, reversing lights, brake pad warning lights and it will take a much tougher stance on emissions and particularly on diesel vehicles. On the other side of the coin is is the fact that vehicles over 40 years old will no longer need an MOT unless they have been significantly altered. So most Loti first registered before May 1978 should be exempt, you will need to declare the vehicle as such when you tax the vehicle, even thought it is tax exempt anyway. However if the car has been modified or what DVLA consider to be significantly altered then the car will still need to have an MOT test. The DVLA definition of substantially changed vehicles includes items like engines, so Elans fitted with Ford Ztec engines will have to undertake the new stricter MOT, Chassis of the "same pattern" as the original are not considered as a substantial change but I am not quite sure if a space frame Spyder chassis is the same pattern as a folded steel chassis? I would not think it is but who knows what DVLA will think of them. I know of other substantially changed Loti such as Excels with V8 engines in them etc and they will certainly have to take the MOT test. From an insurance point of view the lack of an MOT is not an issue, in all motor policies there is a clause that states, "a vehicle must be kept in a road worthy condition at all times" so nothing has changed in that respect, so if you have bald tyres, can see the road through the floor of the car, you are already in trouble anyway! This is a rolling exemption and as cars become 40 years old they fall into this group, so most Loti up to and including early Esprits should qualify but you will have to register it as MOT exempt. Kim
  12. With the first view races out of the way we all have a good idea of who is realistically in the running. With 3 teams domination the top step of the podium lets see who you think will be on the top step at the end of the year. Just for fun!
  13. Hi Eddie, Investigating options, but yes having looked at the parts the standard items look a bit thin!. Elise Parts and the Elise Shop do upgrade kits, just trying to work out which one is best, I will be doing the whole rear end to be on the safe side. Kim
  14. Had a great weekend, meeting old friends and new. Unfortunately we broke down on the way home (broken rear toe link) so thanks to those who stopped to offer help. Not much can be done with this sort of failure and so we waited for the tow truck which arrived in an hour (great for a busy bank holiday) and delivered us back home. I am sure this will give Colin our chairman a good giggle as its normally him that needs the truck! Still it could have been worse, it could have happened on the way down and messed up the weekend. Thanks to Dave, Chris and Tash who as always delivered a great and very hot weekend. Kim & Jules
  15. I've just spoken to The Gower, 3 rooms still available, but booking must be made by phone, ie LDC rooms don't appear on any booking website 01834 813452 Jules
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    Arch motors make the chassis, always have and still in business. You could call them and find out but it won't be cheap. 01480 459661 They are in Huntingdon Google them! Kim
  17. This might be very good news. Lotus have the know how, the inventive streak to make great cars, what they have always been short on is investment. If they get the funds I'm sure they can do great things but we will have to wait and see, low cost, low volume niche sports cars are very difficult to make money on but very high price tag cars do. Will this mean we see Lotus enter the high-end super car market? Although beyond me, that would be fine as long as they continue an entry level Lotus. I am sure we will see the SUV, it's the biggest market now for all manufacturers, Porsche included, dosen't do it for me, but there are lots who want them so it makes commercial sense. At least Lotus should be "safe" for a while which all us enthusiasts will welcome. Kim
  18. 109 has landed - unfortunately hubby is in bed with a cold so I get it all to myself instead of the usual fight to read it first. Housework on hold, mug of tea in hand, chuckling at Chairman's Chatter! Jules
  19. To everyone on the "Welsh Weekend" Thanks to David, Sian, Chris & Tash for a great weekend, your effort is really appreciated. It was great to meet new people, but hopeless with names so next year definitely got to have name badges! Kim & Jules
  20. Dave, For us luddites amongst us, will you still be doing the route in printed format? Kim & Jules
  21. 11 Kim, Jules and Lottie, S1 Elise and Big Blue LDC Tea/Coffee Van