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  1. I have visited the Motor Hub and there are some great cars housed there and the sales department always has a selection of great classic cars / bikes / racing cars on offer and nice rooms to investigate. Last time I was there they had a lime green Lamborghini Miura and a Ford GT40, two of my favourite cars ever! It's slightly difficult to find as its a long way down country lanes once you have turned off the main road but well worth the effort and the £5.00 entry fee which on this occasion is for a good cause. I have only been there for work and have not been on an event day like this but I know it gets very busy. You cannot just turn up on the event days so you must book but you won't be disappointed. They get booked up pretty quickly so if you want to go, book now! We would have Lottie with us and the "classic" blue van might not be to their liking, I have e-mailed them to see if we can park round the back out of sight so to speak, if we can we will go as it is definitely on our list to do anyway. Hope this helps. K .J. L.
  2. As a long time LDC member I have seen many AGMs come and go. Whatever venue or day or time chosen there will always be people who cannot attend. I have not been to some because I used to work on Saturdays and at other times we have been away and so on. I have even been to LDC AGMs in the past where the committee members out numbered the attendees and I think it is a tribute to the committee, its area leaders, volunteers and enthusiastic members that the club has made such progress in recent years that the AGM is now regarded as an event to attend, rather than to avoid! The Stagg as a venue is fine, I am sure the room arrangements can be resolved in the spirit of goodwill that now exists between the clubs rather than the warring that was evident some years ago and I am confident that if the boot were on the other foot, LDC would assist Club Lotus in the same manor. So we are left with "the proof of the pudding" and that of course will be tested in due course. Personally I don't think so many will attend, the promise of food, AGM and more food has proved popular and of course this will not be on offer this time around. But, if you never try anything new you don't know what the results will be and it may be the Stagg venue time and date suit an audience that a weekend especially on mothering Sunday does not. Seriously though, if it does not work, it won't be repeated. There are lots of suitable venues to choose from and with more forward thinking I am sure we can manage to miss Mothering Sunday! Once upon a time LDC had an "official" season opener, normally held in Stow on the Wold, pretty little town, central location and lots of pubs and cafes to get food in, it was just a social event but always well attended as people liked to meet up after the winter months, perhaps we should re-invent it? Kim
  3. Good news for insurance premiums. No change in IPT This is the bit (currently 12%) that is charged on all insurance premiums which then goes directly to government. Its been popular to increase this in previous budgets so it was a surprise that it was left alone this time. Unlike VAT, IPT cannot be re-claimed by businesses and so it has been something of a cash cow for chancellors.
  4. Mmmm.. interesting good? Looked at w3ebsite but can't see when its open. Is it only special events etc?
  5. Better get there early then! Let me know what you think, obviously its not too far away from us to pop over when the interest has died down a bit. Kim
  6. Unfortunately I cannot make tomorrow, but it looks like its going to be way over attended and they are already saying that even though they are extending the event to Sunday there is potential that they still have to turn people away. I know there are a few others who cannot go tomorrow but is sounds like a great venue and once the hype has died down a little it sounds like it could well be worth LDC having a run out to it one weekend, any body think the same? I would be interested to hear what the ones that go this weekend think of it.
  7. What price celebrity, from an insurance point of view, unless we are talking racing cars, celebrity owners count for very little, certainly not when they are long gone. We have been asked to insure a hearse that carried Winston Churchill for a few hundred yards on the day of the funeral, a fully restored hearse of the same make and model is perhaps £30k the owners claim that it is worth in excess of £100K because of "the part it played in the great mans life ". Sorry to state the obvious but it played no part in the great mans life, only a bit part in the great mans death. A beautiful car the Elite undoubtedly be, is it worth paying more because of the connection, yes a little but only a little, not a fortune more. Now if we dig up some bones and crush them into it, it would have much more DNA!
  8. Triggers Broom, its the same broom I've had for 20 years, its had 3 new heads and 2 new handles!
  9. I think many in the classic car world fundamentally disagree with the 40 year rolling MOT exemption. Most classics we insure choose a limit of 3000 miles. So even if the full mileage limit was used that would be 6000, or 9000 miles over two or three year period. A more sensible idea might have been to reduce the frequency, maybe every two or three years or at mileage intervals say 10k miles. I think the biggest problem lies with cars of monocoque construction, cars of the 70s and 80s where rust lurks inside sills, up behind wheel arches , scuttle panels as well as inner wings, and suspension pick up points. Outer bodywork like wheel arches, outer sills valances etc are easy to spot but its the stuff you don't see which is the real danger. The Lotus is not immune of course but rust areas on the chassis are well known and easy enough to find. Voluntary MOTs are great way to demonstrate a responsible attitude and even those with a great deal of mechanical knowledge and skill can benefit from the car being looked at, up in the air, by a fresh pair of eyes. Happy Classic Motoring
  10. The no Mot rule for cars 40+ years old means that many "classic" Loti such as Elites, Elans, Europas, +2s and some early gen 3 cars, Esprits and Excel/Eclats now fall into this group. An MOT is only ever a snapshot in time, a look at the car on one day does not make it roadworthy over the whole year! It is a myth that if your car has no MOT, insurers will not pay out, a car without an MOT is perfectly capable of being fully roadworthy and within the scope of the policy. It is for this reason that all motor insurance policies whether this be classic or modern, have a clause in them which roughly states, "the vehicle must be maintained in a road worthy condition at all times" This was in policies prior to the new MOT rules and will remain in there for the future. It is this statement that insurers have relied on to determine whether or not the cover is valid, and going forward, without MOTs, they may have to rely on it more heavily. What does this really mean, if you run into the back of the car in front because you have four bald tyres and could not stop, insurers could well refuse a claim and void the policy. Not only could you lose your own car, but you would be responsible for the claim costs of the other party as well. I’m sure you understand the thinking here; no MOT requirement is no excuse for poor maintenance or should be seen as a way to run cars on a shoe string paying no regard for safety which endangers your passengers and other road users. With four bald tyres it would be hard to argue you were not aware, a feathering on an inside edge is one thing, running on slicks is another! However, the same accident described above would almost certainly be paid if the only defect was not a contributory factor, so if an indicator was not working it would have no bearing on the accident. It is said that "classic car people" always maintain their cars well, as a generalisation this might be correct but there are always a few who will take liberties with the new rules. An MOT test forced people to address niggling faults like a bulb gone, wiper blades and to look at tyres etc. The MOT highlighted things that you would not spot, corroding brake pipes, a split rubber gaiter, play in bushes etc. The fear is that over time several niggling faults will build up leaving the vehicle in a poor state. Perhaps an MOT every two or even three years would have been more sensible? The other concern is that as the 40-year rolling requirement moves on, the type of car that falls into this band will become a very useable everyday car. They will have 5 speed gearboxes, power steering, electric windows and central locking and a performance that allows them to be viable daily transport. This is where non-enthusiast may lurk, to buy old bangers which won't be cherished but used to get to work each day with no MOT, cheap classic insurance, no tax and with little or no maintenance. As enthusiasts we are not all mechanical experts and so inevitably some defect might be missed, whilst insurance has a bad press I can assure you they are not looking to refuse claims without good cause. Keeping bills and receipts for parts or work done helps your situation no end and in the event of a write off claim helps secure a good valuation for your vehicle. Kim
  11. It has been announced that the Donington racing car museum will close on November 5th this year! For those of you who have not visited this museum at the Donington race track in Leicestershire you don't have long to do so. A great collection of all types of racing cars and of course there are a few Lotus cars in there, well at least there was last time I went to visit but that was some years ago. Its a great shame that after 45 years its going to close, many cars are on loan and will revert to their owners but some will undoubtedly be sold off. The café there has already closed. Kim
  12. Colin, Next time I get a sniff of news, I'm going to keep it all to myself. LOL
  13. Bugger, Never even knew they had gone on sale until I spoke to people at the BBQ. Been to nearly every Lotus do at the factory ever held. Gutted Kim
  14. Please Note: Date correction, the date is Saturday the 18th August!
  15. Malcolm Ricketts throws open the doors of his race workshops and invites Lotus enthusiast to look around a collection of very special Lotus cars. Malcolm normally finds something "special" to display and last year it was a Lotus 72. As usual there will be drinks and a food on offer in exchange for a donation to their chosen charity, Isabel Hospice. Lots of lovely Lotus cars all in one place make this a very special day. Opens midday until 6.00 pm and is at Lamer Lane, Wheathampstead, St Albans. AL4 8RG. (Turning to race shop easy to miss so look out for Lotus sign) Anyone who has not been before will be in for a treat, Malcolm and his wife Gill put enormous effort into this so please support this with a generous donation if you can. Kim
  16. Classic Lotus and other classic vehicle owners may be concerned about the increasing amounts of ethanol contained in pump fuel. Many articles have been written and this is just a small extract from the Guardian newspaper. "Ethanol is also a powerful solvent that, without a suitable additive, attacks many fuel system components including zinc and galvanised materials, brass, copper, aluminium, seals and hoses, cork, polyurethane and epoxy resins. In other words, almost everything used in a vehicle made more than about 20 years ago. It’s also hydrophilic, and water causes all sorts of additional problems." We were advised that Esso supreme+ unleaded does not contain ethanol and as a classic car insurer we thought we would pass this information on to our clients. Esso were asked to comment and in a response from Esso itself, they advised: Answer from ESSO. Esso super unleaded petrol (Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded 97) is ethanol free (except in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and Scotland) and we have no current intention to add ethanol to Synergy Supreme+ in other areas of the UK. We would therefore advise anyone who has concerns about the presence of ethanol in petrol to use Synergy Supreme+ So for classic vehicle owners this may be welcome news. Please note we have no affinity to Esso and pass this on as potentially useful information. Kim Routen Chaplin Insurance.
  17. I don't think there are any precise details yet, there is a very small bit in the latest Club Lotus magazine and so I think over the next couple of weeks more details will come forward. From what I have read it will be a one day event and so it depends from where you are travelling as to whether you really need to stay overnight or not. I imagine you will be able to buy tickets in advance but also pay on the gate on the day. This really is hot off the press so I am not sure if there will be an LDC stand as such but I let some of the committee know and if we do I am sure they will let us have details. Nothing to stop us arranging a convoy to the event so we would be parked together anyway. I only posted it so people could "save the date" Kim
  18. Details are sketchy at present as the event is being finalised but keep the date free. At present I understand there will be factory tours and demonstration runs of F1 cars courtesy of Classic Team Lotus. The last open day I went to was brilliant, so I am hoping this will be as good. Kim
  19. I like him! I think he is under huge financial pressure at the moment with Tesla burning money and rumours abound about how long that can continue for. Once in a generation people like EM come along, he has been called the "architect of tomorrow" and for sure his out of the box thinking makes this description apt. A few people invent one thing or have one big business success which sets them up for life. Serial entrepreneurs like Musk are very few and far between. Having made a fortune from his first software company which was sold for $340 million he set up another business, an online payment company which became PayPal which was bought by EBay for $1.5 billion. Never one to rest, he set up high profile, high risk companies such as SpaceX, Solar City, Hyperloop and Tesla amongst others. I think most of us find it difficult how one person can have such vision and the focus to see the projects through. He freely shares the knowledge of technology he develops with others in the hope that it will speed up solutions and his declared intent is to change the world and humanity! I am not so surprised about him moaning about bonehead questions from tired hacks who don't really understand what they are asking, cannot see the bigger picture and ask questions he has been asked a thousand times before. He needs to be careful though, at the Tai cave rescue he did him self no favours however well intentioned he was. I think sometimes frustration sets in and he needs to think a little more carefully about the consequences of his remarks. He has to his credit provided humanitarian aid, resources and equipment around the world for various disasters and we should thank him for that. Inventor, engineer, visionary, entrepreneur, all of these and more, flawed (aren't we all) but someone that will certainly leave a positive legacy for the world. To tie this back to Lotus, Colin Chapman could be described as all of these, we have all heard tales of how ruthless he could be and he was not known for suffering fools gladly but also how he could motivate people to achieve things way above what was reasonable to do. He designed and built boats as well as being involved with micro light aero engines in later years and Chapman's legacy in formula 1 will be forever with us, wind tunnels, ground effects, everything that is so vitally important today, Lotus and Colin Chapman did first!
  20. We probably won't make the breakfast, any one know what time the drive out starts or what time the BBQ?
  21. Atthelimit

    Clutch not engaging

    Hi, The only thing you can try is to get both rear wheels off the ground, chock the front wheels, put it in gear, handbrake off, and then start it up, if the clutch is stuck on, then the wheels will be spinning at this point. If not, ignore the rest because its a different problem. Heat usually helps so l have the car running like this for about 5 mins. Then rev the car a little so the revs are up and with the revs up, brake hard quickly, the car will either stall or the clutch will snap free. By braking you are causing a difference in speed between the flywheel and the clutch plate and it should split free. You can try this a few times if it does not work the first time. Make sure the car cannot fall off the jacks when you brake. Sorry for late reply but have only just seen this. Kim
  22. Routen Chaplin provide a range of breakdown covers to suit the needs of Lotus Enthusiasts. Classic Car Breakdown Cover. We have a "classic" car breakdown policy aimed at the older Lotus models. It includes roadside assistance, recovery etc, for both UK and Europe. As a classic car policy, it excludes home-start cover as most owners of older cars know which wire to wiggle when it won't start. We can add extra cars to the policy but there is a tipping point at which it makes more sense to arrange a "personal" cover policy which covers you for all vehicles, young and old. Some breakdown policies, especially some of the "free" breakdown policies that come with bank accounts etc may have a vehicle age restriction, some set at 10 years old some 15 etc. With prices starting from £35.00 it's a great way to get peace of mind when out and about in your classic Lotus. If you want any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kim Eaton Routen Chaplin Insurance Tel 0115 6978 842
  23. Big Thanks to Martin & Gill, Stuart & Vicky for all the hard work in organising the Trax Donington event. Good turn out, great weather, good people! Oh, and the cars weren't bad either! Thanks to all for a great day. Kim
  24. Just a quick amendment. The telephone number is amended to 0115 6978 842
  25. Eddie, Shall I bring your monitor to Donington? Kim