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  1. Having purchased another car I needed a new fire extinguisher ( I have suffered a Lotus fire before)  and came across these at the NEC classic car show in November. Being the cautious type and sceptical I did not buy there and then but went home to do more research. (Long live Google) Developed for space the technology has been around for a good few years but now has become cost effective and therefore relevant for every day use.

    The Fire safety stick discharges an ozone friendly gas and the one I bought was a 50 second discharge time. A normal dry powder unit 4 - 6 KG takes around 20-25 secs so you get double the time to tackle the fire.It operates for all fires A B C & F (there is no E) and is safe for electrical equipment, this means you can use it anywhere, in the home, car, caravan etc and it leaves little or no residue.

    Its very small and portable and easy to put in the glove box, if the lotus had one and is very lightweight. 

    Here is the link so you can make your own mind up.https://firesafetystick.com

    The one thing I would say is this, all fire extinguishers are only of any use if you can catch the  fire early, when my Esprit caught fire, the extinguisher was in the boot/engine bay and so with the fire well set I did not want to open the boot to retrieve the extinguisher, it would have given loads more oxygen to the fire and would have been very dangerous, I bottled out and had to watch the car burn. If you do have an engine bay fire the thing to do is pop the bonnet and poke the fire extinguisher in without opening fully and let it go to work, only when the flames have died down open the bonnet for better access but be prepared for a new surge of flames. Don't be brave, be safe! 



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  2. I thought I would wait a bit before before voicing an opinion to see if the new badge "bedded in", well in the end I just can't warm to it.

    I don't mind the no serifs part but what makes it look wrong to me is that the Lotus text is on a flat line and is coloured yellow and it is not curved as it was in all the previous round badges. The lack of a halo ring around the outside is the other major issue and I think it looks a bit cheap and nasty compared to the others. 

    Looking at the new trend in badges/logos that Chris showed us, I'm afraid I like all the older versions apart from the Apple and Mini badges.  So for me from the selection of Lotus badges the best one would be the 2010 version. It's full of heritage which I think should count for something with a brand so iconic and successful but at the same time looks modern enough.

    I hope Lotus change their minds on this one, If I were in a position to buy a new Lotus at £100K or so I think I would feel let down by the badge and would have to order an earlier version, lets just hope you wouldn't have to take the clam of to change it!








  3. Hi, I think it unlikely it's just the fluid.  I assume you are talking clutch fluid and not gearbox oil but either way I would have thought all gears would be difficult if the fluids had gone thin/porous.

    But for the price of a clutch or gearbox oil, why not check that route first. You may be lucky  or pick up a gearbox of e/bay or some of the lotus forums if it comes to that it might be cheaper than a gearbox rebuild. I assume this is a Toyota engined S2?




  4. Hi Mike

    You really need to plug it in and get the codes off to be able to tell what the problem is.

    My local car shop that sells parts/accessories etc will plug their reader in if I am struggling for anything. Armed with the codes you can google them and normally find out whats wrong.


    The Elan M100 site is a good source of information, below is the common fault codes for M100s 

    Error Codes

    Code Fault
    12 None
    13 O2 sensor (or circuit) malfunction -- see CommonParts replacement
    14 High Coolant Temperature (relative to other measurements)
    15 Low Coolant Temperature (relative to other measurements) -- see CTS write-up
    21 Throttle Position Sensor (Signal Voltage High)
    22 Throttle Position Sensor (Signal Voltage Low)
    23 Manifold Air Temperature Low (relative)
    24 Vehicle Speed Sensor
    25 Manifold Air Temperature High (relative)
    31 Manifold Absolute Pressure (Turbo Overboost)
    33 Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (High voltage / Low vacuum)
    34 Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (Low voltage / High vacuum)
    35 IAC error IAC motor not controlling the engine to the desired speed
    41 Cam Angle Sensor (Hall Effect Sensor) -- see CAS write-up
    42 Electronic Spark Timing circuit
    43 Electronic Spark Control (Knock Sensor Circuit)
    44 Lean exhaust
    45 Rich exhaust
    51 ECU Fault ($$$OUCH$$$--get a new ECU)
    53 Over voltage (system voltage high)
    54 CO-Potentiometer circuit
    65 Fuel injector driver circuit (or output) problem

  5. We have a few customers that when buying a car from a dealer request and ECU Dump.

    That way they can see if the car is likely to have been a track day warrior or the little old lady, one carful owner car. If they are not willing to share it, you might ask why?

    As Dave says, you can't identify the owner so there is no data protection issue.

    It may be that Lotus information is not in real time but I believe some cars are which can be even more useful/incriminating!


  6. It's great to see the various driving adventures on offer to LDC members and I understand these are already well on the way to being fully booked and that may in fact already be the case.

    Whilst far from clear or certain there are potential issues looming for those driving abroad should there be a no deal Brexit.  People driving abroad may need a "Green Card" as proof of insurance and possibly an International Driving Permit. The Brexit deadline of the 29th March is looming and we should know the situation by then, unless of course there is an extension to article 50. I believe the LDC European tour to Germany commences 27th April and I thought this a timely update on what may be required for those taking part.


    At the present time, the European Insurance Authorities have agreed to waive the need for green cards, however this has not been confirmed or agreed by the European Union Commission, without such an agreement, Green Cards will be required. These will be issued by your insurers who are gearing up for the worst case scenario, the problem is of course that as yet, none of us know how this is going to end or indeed when.  In the event of a no deal scenario, insurers will be inundated with requests for Green Cards and you will need to allow time for this to be processed, we would suggest you apply in good time, perhaps 30 days in advance would be a good idea. It's not clear if there will be any charge for this additional administration.

    Driving Licence

    In the event of no deal, it is likely you will need to have an International License Permit and these will be available from post offices from the 1st February. There will be two types and for some countries you will unfortunately need to have both.  At this point it looks like the popular destinations of France and Spain are countries where this will be the case. It's not just LDC tours we are talking about of course, any holiday, trip to the 24hr Le Mans etc.

    Travel Insurance

    Whilst we would never have suggested you relied on the EHIC cover as the best form of travel insurance, should a no deal Brexit occur then these will cease to be valid. You should therefore source travel insurance that meets your requirements.


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  7. Santa brought me lots of nice goodies for Christmas as I have been a very good boy!

    In the Lotus selection there were, Lotus cufflinks, Lotus slot car, Lotus Ford Thames Van, yes really! and a magazine from the early 80s featuring Lotus Elans, inside there is a spread of a young looking Malcolm Rickets extolling the virtues of Elans. The magazine was a present from an "uncle" Santa and they had no idea that we know Malcolm very well, what a nice coincidence.

    What Lotus goodies did LDC members get?





  8. Most of you will be familiar with "askmid" but not so many will know about askmid-roadside.

    Google it and save the website in your phone. If you are involved in an accident you can find out if the other party is insured and the details of their insurance company

    It's important to have this in your mobile, a couple of years ago we were involved in a hit and run, but we managed to get his registration number. We were then able to contact his insurers even though we never spoke to their driver.  Things like this happen very quickly and without pen and paper we were able to punch this in and find his details. It's also very useful when someone who does stop but won't give you their insurance details. If you look on a desktop computer there is a £4.00 search fee, on a mobile its free!

    Unfortunately the Christmas and the New Year period is when a lot of these incidents happen as people don't stop if they think they might be over the limit. If you can grab their registration number before they disappear you will have a fighting chance of making a claim against them.  

    But please also remember the golden rule of non fault accidents, registration numbers and witnesses first. Witnesses don't often jump out to help, they are too busy trying to get around the accident to get to work, pick up the kids etc. If you let them go without their contact details you have lost them for good. At fault drivers who admit things at the time have been known to change their story later, without witnesses you are sunk. Even if they ran into the back of you, they could change this to "you got the wrong gear and reversed into me", the damage would look the same and without witnesses you can't prove anything!

    Mobile Phones, use them, take photos of the damage to all cars, the road layout, the other driver, and use the video or voice recorder to capture their " I'm sorry" speech, it will all help you if the claim starts to go sour.

    Have a safe and accident free Christmas.


    Routen Chaplin Insurance


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