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  1. Pembrokeshire - 4 - 7 May 2018

    I've just spoken to The Gower, 3 rooms still available, but booking must be made by phone, ie LDC rooms don't appear on any booking website 01834 813452 Jules
  2. Help?

    Arch motors make the chassis, always have and still in business. You could call them and find out but it won't be cheap. 01480 459661 They are in Huntingdon Google them! Kim
  3. Lotus Sold to Geely

    This might be very good news. Lotus have the know how, the inventive streak to make great cars, what they have always been short on is investment. If they get the funds I'm sure they can do great things but we will have to wait and see, low cost, low volume niche sports cars are very difficult to make money on but very high price tag cars do. Will this mean we see Lotus enter the high-end super car market? Although beyond me, that would be fine as long as they continue an entry level Lotus. I am sure we will see the SUV, it's the biggest market now for all manufacturers, Porsche included, dosen't do it for me, but there are lots who want them so it makes commercial sense. At least Lotus should be "safe" for a while which all us enthusiasts will welcome. Kim
  4. 4. Lindsay - Baby Elan 5. Kim and Jules - S1 Elise
  5. Chicane Issue 109

    109 has landed - unfortunately hubby is in bed with a cold so I get it all to myself instead of the usual fight to read it first. Housework on hold, mug of tea in hand, chuckling at Chairman's Chatter! Jules
  6. To everyone on the "Welsh Weekend" Thanks to David, Sian, Chris & Tash for a great weekend, your effort is really appreciated. It was great to meet new people, but hopeless with names so next year definitely got to have name badges! Kim & Jules
  7. Dave, For us luddites amongst us, will you still be doing the route in printed format? Kim & Jules
  8. 11 Kim, Jules and Lottie, S1 Elise and Big Blue LDC Tea/Coffee Van
  9. Fab - will aim to meet you all at Raglan after we've done the boring bit!
  10. Hello from your new Editor

    Hi David, As a past editor I understand what a big job this is. Each new editor brings something different, I dragged the magazine from the dark ages, literally, black and white to full colour! I wish you well and look forward to the next issue with great expectation, no pressure then. Best wishes Kim