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  1. It will be a difficult sell in the current climate but I'm sure any new owners would be glad of any business to get things rolling again. We can only hope!
  2. Hi Simon, welcome to LDC. Please post a picture of the new car. Don't worry too much about aeras, if you click the events page or the areas page event details will pop up and you can go to whatever you fancy. However............ There's naff all happening at the moment due to C19. We had started some breakfast meets again and the Curborough sprint intro meeting but again these have been canned. We were going to have a stand at Bicester but that has gone, so has the NEC classic car show etc etc. So for now it's pretty dull. Still with a new toy I am sure you will be able t
  3. Hi and welcome to the club.

    It's a sad time in the car world at present, we had a meeting last Sunday (only the second since lock down) at the Hilltop cafe on the Fosse Way and it was well attended. Unfortunately it looks like it might be the last one for a while under the current restrictions.

    Most of the clubs events have been canned due to Covid but of course as soon as we are able things will start to get moving again.

    Is this your first Lotus? a photo of it would be great to see.

    Once again, welcome




    1. The83girl


      Hi, thanks for the Welcome! This is indeed my first lotus, however you could say I’m not entirely new to the Lotus scene... or in fact the club itself. My brother and mum are both members, and my family have been involved as long as I can remember. My brother is the incredibly proud owner of a fantastic Type 83 Elite, which has been in the family for almost 30 years. He also has a Laser Blue Evora, which I’ve had the privilege of driving quite a bit. My brother inherited both cars from My late father, whom you may well have heard of; Mike Stripe, ex chairman of the LDC. Yes, I am his daughter, and I finally have my own (well, mine and my partner Martin’s own) Lotus. Still pinching myself! Such a shame Covid has put everything on a stand still, but I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in to the clubs meets and events as and when the situation allows. We thoroughly enjoyed the Mike Stripe Memorial Event last year in my brothers car... would be fantastic to do something similar in my own! 



    2. Atthelimit



      I thought "The83Girl" might be part of the stripe clan. I knew your dad well and of course Carol and James, I lent him some tools when the Elite decided to play up at an event a couple of years back.

      Car looks fab and I hope we will all get to meet up at some point. 

      Kim, Jules & Lottie

  4. Hi, As my S1 Elise gets older I find more and more upkeep is required I find some parts difficult to get or now very expensive. Here is a list of alternatives I've discovered. If anyone knows of anything else please add to list if you can do it in s different colour so it's easy to update the master list it would help. Many thanks Kim So far we have: Alternator: MG/Rover unit found in many of their cars Bulbs Third Rear Brake Light 11 W 891 Bulbs: Driving Lamps 55W H1 Bulbs: Facia Switches 1.2W W2X4 .6D Long filament type. Scalextric cars will work but are 0.7W
  5. Hi, We will be there, and the guy who bought the Orange Exige chassis No1 is coming, KJL
  6. A small informal Lotus drive out yesterday, great cars, good people, lousy weather! ... but still fun. Thanks everyone. Kim
  7. Hi Derek, Great car the Elise, (I have one) when I got mine it was on original tyres and they were hard and offered no grip. I changed them and the car was transformed! Welcome to LDC Kim
  8. Or maybe, thats Little Nellie flying over that crater from You Only Live Twice, Little Nellie was yellow so it must be!
  9. Or maybe, it's a small island and the green is a big hole.
  10. I think its an "artistic" dot
  11. I've noticed the new logo, can anyone tell me what the yellow dot is for?
  12. Great looking car, nice shade of Red, not too bright. Car could be a contender for the Club stand at the NEC. Welcome kim
  13. Nice car but it looks like the catalickit converter has come off! Welcome Joe
  14. Lotus, Lotus Of Trouble Usually Serious But seriously, they are a good car, the unusual shape makes it a marmite car, you like it or loathe it but it will always grab attention. The chassis is the first place to start if checking one over ( the front turrets rust through) as its expensive and costly to replace, especially if it's an S1 as the chassis is bonded to the body but these cars are few and far between, next up are the Renault engined S2 cars, these have the high buttresses at the rear, engine parts and some gearbox parts are scarce for these so make sure all is sound if
  15. Wow, if you really really squint , it nearly says L00 8T US! Well worth the money don't you think!