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  1. Looking forward to it Eddie, will be taking the covers off the Elise tomorrow, see you there. Jules
  2. Atthelimit

    New member

    Hi and welcome to the club, Plenty going on nationally on the events page and for you perhaps if you contact Ian at who runs the Wessex area group and he can put you on his mailing list. He is based near Poole and they arrange a lot of events in your part of the world and surrounding areas. Go Enjoy! Kim
  3. Atthelimit

    2019 MSVR Elise Trophy

    Ditto that, its a shame the first date conflicts with the LDC AGM, but it will be most likely be wet and cold and a Sunday roast and open fire at the Stagg wins this one for me I think.
  4. Atthelimit

    Lotus Christmas Presents

    Santa brought me lots of nice goodies for Christmas as I have been a very good boy! In the Lotus selection there were, Lotus cufflinks, Lotus slot car, Lotus Ford Thames Van, yes really! and a magazine from the early 80s featuring Lotus Elans, inside there is a spread of a young looking Malcolm Rickets extolling the virtues of Elans. The magazine was a present from an "uncle" Santa and they had no idea that we know Malcolm very well, what a nice coincidence. What Lotus goodies did LDC members get? Kim
  5. Most of you will be familiar with "askmid" but not so many will know about askmid-roadside. Google it and save the website in your phone. If you are involved in an accident you can find out if the other party is insured and the details of their insurance company. It's important to have this in your mobile, a couple of years ago we were involved in a hit and run, but we managed to get his registration number. We were then able to contact his insurers even though we never spoke to their driver. Things like this happen very quickly and without pen and paper we were able to punch this in and find his details. It's also very useful when someone who does stop but won't give you their insurance details. If you look on a desktop computer there is a £4.00 search fee, on a mobile its free! Unfortunately the Christmas and the New Year period is when a lot of these incidents happen as people don't stop if they think they might be over the limit. If you can grab their registration number before they disappear you will have a fighting chance of making a claim against them. But please also remember the golden rule of non fault accidents, registration numbers and witnesses first. Witnesses don't often jump out to help, they are too busy trying to get around the accident to get to work, pick up the kids etc. If you let them go without their contact details you have lost them for good. At fault drivers who admit things at the time have been known to change their story later, without witnesses you are sunk. Even if they ran into the back of you, they could change this to "you got the wrong gear and reversed into me", the damage would look the same and without witnesses you can't prove anything! Mobile Phones, use them, take photos of the damage to all cars, the road layout, the other driver, and use the video or voice recorder to capture their " I'm sorry" speech, it will all help you if the claim starts to go sour. Have a safe and accident free Christmas. Kim Routen Chaplin Insurance
  6. Atthelimit

    Midlands Area Christmas Meal - 8 December 2019

    Looks like I'm going to have a new wife by then! But if not I will bring Jules instead. Kim
  7. I have spoken to Dave, unfortunately I don't think we will be able to do the full weekend but he is saving me a slot on the Zip wire, I will shoot up for the day, do the Zip wire thing, have lunch and wander back. I think lunch afterwards is a good idea to avoid any blowback! kim
  8. Happy Christmas to all, and may Santa bring you lots of Lotus goodies. The office will be closed: 24th December, 25th December, 26th December, 31st December and 1st Jan 2019 The KGM 24 hour claims unit works throughout and should you need to contact them please call 0333 555 5909 Kim Routen Chaplin Insurance
  9. Winter Tyres may not be an issue for your Lotus, but it seems that more and more people are fitting “winter tyres” in time for any bad weather on their “normal” car. Having driven on these myself I can see the benefit; the car is better controlled and can reduce stopping distances considerably. I would suggest that you advise your insurers as these tyres may not have the same speed rating of the standard equipment. We generally find that if the tyres are of the same dimension’s as the standard equipment insurers are normally ok about this, unfortunately one or two do take a different view. It’s worth checking with your insurer before spending the money only to find its not acceptable to your insurer or they want a large extra premium! Speed Awareness Courses are offered to drivers who have been found to be speeding. Most people offered the course jump at the chance, no points on your licence, no fine and no load to your insurance premium. But that is NOT always the case! You might have only been “a little bit naughty” but never the less you were speeding and some insurers consider this to be a material fact. A material fact is, “anything that might influence the acceptance of the policy or influence the premium should be disclosed to your insurer”. The good news is that most take the view that as you weren’t convicted of the offence they will not penalise you. However, there are one or two that do, and it seems that some of the “direct” insurers are choosing to load premiums. However, please don’t “forget” to mention it as failure to do so might invalidate your cover, but, if the company you are with do intend to load the premium you should seek alternative quotes.
  10. Eddie, think we're gonna need a bigger table!! Looking forward to it.
  11. Atthelimit

    Abandoning a supercar

    If they need someone to go out there and round them up, they can give me a call!
  12. Atthelimit

    New Tyres

    l0tu5, I think my last set of Yokos came from Black Circles or might have been Tyres on the Drive. Like Ian said, as long as its a good tyre it doesn't matter who sells it to you. From past experience I found it cheaper to buy the "fitted package" than then trying to find someone else to fit them as it can work out more expensive. Kim
  13. Chris, Thanks for the comments, I think I sent something in a while back and it didn't make the editors cut. Insurance is a bit boring, no one wants it till they have had a bump, and us mortals that work in it are often thought of as sharks or worse, lower than estate agents! So I'm not sure longer articles are required, I'll keep dripping information here if it seems relevant, short and sweet. Next up winter tyres and speed awareness courses? Watch this space! Kim
  14. Key-less entry on cars was once the preserve of Range Rovers, BMWs and Bentleys etc, but you are now just as likely to find this on a Ford Focus, Toyota Prius or a new Mazda MX5. Whilst this nifty innovation is no doubt convenient, it has also presented car thieves with a golden opportunity to steal cars. About 20 years ago, car theft was a major problem and manufactures improved security with immobilisers etc. Thwarted by not being able to hot wire cars, thieves started to break into houses to steal keys or fished for them through the letter box as many of us leave them just inside the door on a convenient table. (Don’t) However, with keyless entry they now use a signal scanner and with a range of between 5 and 20 metres, they can stand outside your house as the scanner can transmit through doors, windows and brickwork to pick up your keyless entry information and clone it. Your car door is opened and with one press of the starter button they are literally “Gone in 60 Seconds” or less! Car theft increased significantly in 2017 and again this year and the up turn is attributed to keyless entry. Because of the vulnerability of keyless entry cars, some insurers do not wish to quote for them and some will increase the premium meaning you may pay more than you would for the equivalent car with a normal key. However, you can defeat thieves with some very low-tech solutions, the simplest way is to place your “key” into a metal tin. This acts as a Faraday cage and the scanner can’t pick up the signal, you could even wrap your keys in tin foil and it would have the same effect. Old fashioned crook locks saw an increase in sales as owners realised their vehicle was at risk and this low tech device would deter thieves. You will find bespoke key protectors for sale through the likes of Amazon and E-bay and also wallets and card holders to stop your credit cards being scanned in the same way. These are a cheap, simple and an easy way to protect both your digital information and car and are well worth considering. Kim RC Insurance
  15. 6. Jules, Kim and Lottie (no food for Lottie)