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  1. When you book 1 plus car one person or 2 plus car check out add code .
  2. To book please use the link: https://www.claydonestate.co.uk/shop/product/cars-in-the-claydons-groups enter “CITCLOT19” on checkout to receive your 50% discount.
  3. Ok just had the same happen notice bottom right corner excepted cookies and it works .
  4. Email sent can one of you try it with Google search engine might be a internet explorer issue
  5. Just making sure you don’t miss out on this one .
  6. fantastic . As the deal I've organised is £5 not £10 just trying to find out how this payment will be done email sent to the organiser . Thankyou all for putting your cars forward for the New for 2019 we are introducing competition categories for vehicles parked within the Premium Garden Display and Show Vehicle areas. All Cars to be in place before 10am and not leave until the event finishes at 5pm. As the list please put how days one or both days and yes if you don't mind being on the Premium area. Eddie King.
  7. Hi Nigel post deleted. great to get a lot of interest in this new event add your name to the list . Eddie
  8. I have spoken with Alexandra Verney who runs the events at Claydon and she would be delighted to offer us a discounted rate for 20-25 cars visiting Cars in the Claydons on 17th and 18th August 2019. Standard ticket entry is £10.00 per person and we can discount this down to £5.00 per person. I mentioned on the telephone that the club has some very unique cars, new and classic, and we would have availability for up to 5 cars to be displayed within the gardens if this is something the club would be interested in. For these days there would be no charge for the cars displaying to enter the event, the only thing we would also is for cars to be in place before 10am and not leave until the event finishes at 5pm. As discussed I have attached a poster of the event. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the show. Tory mentioned this . Thank you for spreading the word about cars in the Claydons and if you need any further information please do let me know.
  9. What time pick up plus we need to pick Colin up as well if that's his Elite on the stand.
  10. https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/0369b2e9#/0369b2e9/1 Have a look spot two LDC Members .
  11. Good customer service. my Evora insurance is up next month .
  12. Its a fantastic event well organized go for the day or make a weekend of it thanks Alex for posting this up.
  13. OK Club stand booked more info this week I've agreed 20 to 25 cars each day. Club deal fantastic new event for LDC .
  14. Like it good selection of events Midlands we’re keep you busy please post your photos of events you visited . @Lotusdriverclub great place to post . 2019 busy year .
  15. Great meet up tonight lots of great events being organised.
  16. Thank you all great turnout rain suns and even snow forecasted with 3 new visitors bring an S2 and a S1 Elise .
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