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  1. Done this event before who interested for this year. https://www.lotussilverstone.co.uk/ Eddie .
  2. Really looking forward to this one been told got a great selection of cars . well done all not long now . see you on the Friday afternoon.
  3. Greetings from Hampshire

    Welcome to LDC great selection of lotus cars .
  4. Back to normal after the AGM Meet Hilltop Farm April nice 380 Sport Exige first timers see you soon . Eddie
  5. Hilltop Farm, Fosse Way, Warwickshire, CV33 9EL Second Sunday of the month from 9:30am The West Midlands Area 1 meeting at the Hilltop Farm Shop and Cafe along the Fosse Way. As well as regular monthly meetings, there are also other local events organised throughout the year by the Midlands group. Silverstone Lotus to test drive latest models and Breakfast Meetings to name a few. Join the Lotus Drivers Club at this friendly, relaxed meeting and enjoy specialist talks, drive outs, visits and more. View this page to keep up to date with news and events for this meeting. For more information contact the West Midlands Area 1 coordinator, Eddie King: e.king@lotusdriversclub.org.uk As requested by members 2016 update on my Breakfast Meet Ups. First one this Sunday 2016.
  6. Nice to see new members at the breakfast meet today at Farmers Fayre today plus AGM .
  7. Ok its almost here the Big Breakfast And AGM Meet Up . See you all Sunday .
  8. Next weekend good job it’s not this one . Jill on the case with members who have book for lunch . See you next Sunday happy snow day all .
  9. Plea to help me get a plastic seat belt cover

    http://www.thelotuscentre.com/ Give James a call .
  10. Fantastic so far anymore booking in lunch time feasting. Eddie
  11. Fantastic way to show your car off contact the team above .
  12. Looking good Breakfast meet AGM and Lunch don't forget if you want to be part of the Board team put your name forward download the form from the top CJ . car park looks fantastic with our cars . 10.
  13. Hidy-ho from Nottingham

    Looks fantastic and welcome .
  14. 1. Sue and Eddie King 2. Colin Wynn 3. Mark & Lisa Livingstone 4. Stuart & Vicky 5. Colin Smith. 6. Chris & Tash 7. Martin & Jill Edwards .
  15. Great start I spoken to the Farmers Fayre yesterday as I went for Lunch very nice ask how many are booking for lunch this is why the list has been set up making sure you get in as its get very busy eating up stairs . Jill ask me to do this so Board members get your names down please .
  16. Hi all breakfast meet at Farmers Fayre. Sunday lunch is £11.95 each for 1pm . Will need numbers so yes Colin’s famous list . Need to give numbers to Farmers Fayre . 1. Sue and Eddie King
  17. Its the Breakfast meet this Sunday going to be interesting got a couple VX220 members coming over . Eddie.