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  1. Yes its needs the linkage bush replacing sorted . https://www.elise-shop.com/gear-linkage-kit-elise-s1s2exige-s1-340r-roverpg1-p-93.html
  2. A7ESK

    Carfest South 2020

    Well done Chris . Were on it.
  3. Hi all its that time again first one in January Hilltop farm 9am till around 11am plus our local tour driver Andy has added this . Anyone attending Ed’s midlands breakfast meet up at Hilltop this Sunday fancy extending their morning a little and joining us in popping down to C&M.....see what’s about? Its a fiver entry, which is partly redeemable against a coffee or other beverage....️ See you all this Sunday. Non members very welcome to pop in say hi . Eddie King.
  4. Thank you all for your support fantastic turn out pleased you all enjoyed the event .
  5. Sorry just seen this answer opps get in for the next one .
  6. First LDC event for 2020 look out for the Lotus Drivers Club Flag .
  7. Happy New Year all 2020 breakfast meet second Sunday of each month.
  8. No was a test event which we will not be doing in 2020 .
  9. Any interest does look a great purchase .
  10. That’s looks stunning Christmas shopping anyone.
  11. Tash and Chris well deserved award winners 2019 / 2020 winners . Jenny brilliant events tours also awarded fantastic news . Great to see you all as I stated above .
  12. What a great event Colin not like that thank you for my award nice bottle of red thank you all LDC .