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  1. Hi all great to see you all yesterday weather doesn’t stop LDC great selection of lotus cars .
  2. all set up open day today 10 am in the New location still at Silverstone.
  3. Stunning car liked it from day one please Lotus bring it back to production.
  4. Hi Nige are you going to change your red picture as well with the White one now .
  5. Thank you for the update hoping to get my ticket today Yellow one ☝️
  6. Yes Colin and Martin are dealing with the club stand .
  7. A7ESK

    S1 Exige ££££!

  8. Bibs has posted out the Tickets this morning .
  9. If you booked your tickets through the 70 th web site 2 tickets and car pass sticker . So there no plus one you will need both tickets and a car pass to get entry which will be posted out this week I’ve been told .
  10. Its this Saturday and Duggystone Radio will be their doing alive show if you can not make it search Duggystonradio.com or down load the app will be doing live interviews . See you this Saturday going to be great fun.
  11. Going to be great show in the amazing new home for Silverstone Lotus I wonder if they got Silverstone Bridge set up Photos Shouts under the Bridge .
  12. 14 cars booked already the cut of date is 1st October. Great event be good to get a bigger pitch last one for 2018 . Eddie