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  1. A7ESK

    My S2 has conked out

    Great person to ask is James from my comments above tell him I said you to call him.
  2. A7ESK

    My S2 has conked out

    Give Allon white sports cars a call great to deal with.
  3. Don’t forget book your seats for Farmers Fayre Christmas lunch 8th plus more Christmas dinners 14th in the main events .
  4. A7ESK

    My S2 has conked out

    Might be the alternator on its way out . Give James a call South West lotus .
  5. Midlands 1 Christmas dinner as last year have a very small breakfast as it’s very filling still tables available.
  6. Great meet up good to see some new cars http://a66.tinypic.com/1oab1h.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/2w3uaf5.jpg
  7. Welcome to lotus drivers club see you at our global events around the UK
  8. 1. Colin   2. Eddie and Sue 3. Dean and Lisa 4. Andy 5. Kim and Jules !! 6. Matt and Jake  7. Mark and Lucinda .
  9. A7ESK

    Glasgow member

    Well come to the club lots going on great history of lotus cars
  10. Breakfast meet this Sunday wow done a lot since that last meet up . weather looking good non members made very welcome . see this Sunday .