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  1. This form? in which case that's correct, they replied by return.
  2. Adrian, will you check back here, or do you want to provide an email address for those not in receipt of your email to request the offer? (assuming they're not excluded...? :o)
  3. Is this at Kemble? (Aviation scrapyard)? Sounds intersting, always fascinated by the dismantling, sometimes stop when driving past en-route to Bath (and Castle Combe Saturday of course!) Only downside, maybe, is the involemnt of 'Live Events'...! Are you organising this Eddie, or is it a Rob Ford event???
  4. Ian

    Driver's side footrest, Elise S2

    Later ones don't - annoying isn't it!
  5. I don't think any criticism or blame whatsoever can be attributed to Mick Jaggard! After The Stag meeting, I called Gemini Events on Friday, from that discussion they seem to have a completly different approach to the event from the Transtar time. I understand today Mick had four spares and is attempting to get more tickets off Gemini - but call him...! And yes, if you get in (pay on the gate price, or book on-line as public, cheaper) you can park in the stand area.
  6. Ian

    Plea to help me get a plastic seat belt cover

    Considering a new part from Sj Sportscars or Elise shop is less than £1.50 that's pretty good marketing by DouglasValley. BTW BluTac also does a good job! (...if you still have the orginal!)
  7. Who's staying overnight? and which night??
  8. Ian

    Found a garage for my Elise

    Mark, if you're trying to attach an image by linking it to a file on your PC it won't work, you have to hoop jump a bit to make a link from a photo sharing site like photobox etc. see here...
  9. And menu choices please. by Sunday 12th November We have 57 members now booked! so if you're wanting to come and join us, then book up soon to avoid disapointment.
  10. Half full now! - Bookings coming in quickly now the payment links are there. - Get your name down to avoid disapointment. When you've paid on-line, if you could then send me the menu choices please.
  11. Yes Chris is going to activate some links for that soon...