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  1. Groupon voucher for £38, at ATS cheapest I can find for a regas. If it's faulty - big bill!
  2. Anyone got any photos? Where were you Robin...?
  3. Three tickets booked! 1 x late am 2 x early pm
  4. A lot of you know Ben from midlands meetings with his brother Andy... An interesting article
  5. Nor me - so what's the score Eddie, you gave the discount code 6hours ago and already it's gone...? Have they simply make a mistake on the website.
  6. Ian

    Insurance contact

    Thanks Chris, BTW although I knew the situation, mine's also due soon - of course I'll be renewing elsewhere anyway(!), but I've heard nothing 'officially' from RC so far.
  7. Ian

    Insurance contact

    Could someone on the committee coment on the current validity of this please...?
  8. Ian


    Could someone on the committee coment on the current validity of this please...?
  9. Guys is this on for next year for the LDC?? (with better weather!)
  10. Anyone on the committee know if this is on the (LDC) cards for next year...?
  11. Excellent Evening, a good choice, well organised, good food and the 'entertainer' was second to none. Well done to all the organisers! and for next year....?
  12. Yep, already though of that, so at least there'll be more than us two! Well done Mark for putting it 'out there' Kay's now panicked
  13. ?? So to be clear please, the dates(days) in the header are wrong...? It's Thursday night )arrival) to Sunday afternoon (leaving) now. Nothing 'officially' happening Sunday or Monday
  14. All being well, we'll be able to join you, for the first time it doesn't clash.