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  1. Christmas Lunch - Sunday 17 December 2017

    Who's staying overnight? and which night??
  2. Found a garage for my Elise

    Mark, if you're trying to attach an image by linking it to a file on your PC it won't work, you have to hoop jump a bit to make a link from a photo sharing site like photobox etc. see here...
  3. Christmas Lunch - Sunday 17 December 2017

    And menu choices please. by Sunday 12th November We have 57 members now booked! so if you're wanting to come and join us, then book up soon to avoid disapointment.
  4. Christmas Lunch - Sunday 17 December 2017

    Half full now! - Bookings coming in quickly now the payment links are there. - Get your name down to avoid disapointment. When you've paid on-line, if you could then send me the menu choices please.
  5. No, some '. 'and ' ' were added in the address.. I've cleaned it up, here you are http://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/article/mr-bean-s-mini-rides-again
  6. Christmas Lunch - Sunday 17 December 2017

    Yes Chris is going to activate some links for that soon...
  7. Damsel in distress

    What you describe is the normal and correct operation of the LED rear light clusters.
  8. Yep - we're driving down Friday Morning, sounds like a plan....
  9. As I thought my insurers definitely won't cover it. They say as it's neither (marshalled) track nor road and the presence of crowds and speed, also on private land, means no road insurance is going to provide cover. Speaking to the events team, this is new this year, their insurers NFU require the car/driver to be covered independently and separately to the event cover. I'm not so bothered about damage to my car but the (potential!) claim for damage to others and more importantly (in these days of excessive frivolous claims) to visitors, should the unforeseen happen .
  10. Who's doing the Supercar runs...? Any comment about the insurance requirement...!
  11. We're staying In Lyndhurst Fri/Sat., anyone else....?
  12. 1. Dean Curtis 2. Kim Eaton 3 John Harris 4 Bob Smith 5 Ian Francis
  13. Suggestion - if it's not breaking any data protection acts, do those who have booked a hotel/BB want to let it be known whereabouts? Maybe we can all stay close by? We've not yet booked :o)
  14. Chicane Issue 109

    Yes - well done David, Like the retro look mixed with up-to-date format.