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  1. Can I check with the management please...? are RC still 'LDC Insurance Partner'?
  2. Ian

    My S2 has conked out

    Here is the Lotus diagnostic report for P0606, on your generation car, but you probably have this... ECU Integrity P0601 P0606 P0601 Checksum P0606 Watchdog Description These codes are used by the ECU to check the integrity of the software and calibration data. P0601 checks that on power up the checksum for calibration data is the same as checksum saved on power down. P0606 checks the watchdog timer after a defined period to see if it has reset. If the watchdog timer has not reset then the code has entered an unplanned loop or condition stopping it resetting the timer. Monitor • P0601 at ECU power up • P0606 continuously while the engine running Notes: The MIL will be illuminated if the fault is present for 2 consecutive trips.
  3. Hotel booked - but... when I try and book the meal LDC wants to charge me a £2 'booking fee' can this be right..? Have we been routed via ticketmaster!
  4. Ian

    New Lotus Branding

    Looking back at Mark's nice collection of badges, you will notice the original badge, up to '86, has no serifs on any letters, same as the 'new' version! but the colours are wrong and it does look very cheap & tacky - and you lose the Heritage, which I reckon is what helps to sell in what is pretty much a niche market. Time for a list, I reckon...! For Against 1 2
  5. What I want to know is, who do you bung to get classed as a 'Show car'...?
  6. Great day, thanks to Mick, Stuart and everyone who organised it. Sorry we had to shoot off.
  7. Hi Mark, mean me..? yes slight family emergency prevented us attending :o( Nice to know we were missed. Next time...!
  8. You can pay-on-the-day, so not to worry. And you can loan (FoC) helmets if required. There will be lots of M100's going round, so you'll be in good company.
  9. Yes - always pass the noise test! Nice to see you guys are going to put the cars on track as last....
  10. Yep! Car all prep'ed... Noisy exhaust back on High flow air intake back on Wheel nuts tightened! New brakes and tyres :o\
  11. Ian

    Absolute Lotus

    Brilliant - everything a Lotus mag should be! Bonus - also includes LDC menbers and their car in the features
  12. What a great day - first time ever weather was perfect for driving (this driving was indoors though ) Thanks to the organising teams Chris/Adrian (race organisers) and Marie/Lynn (catering) who provided a most excellent lunch and refreshments throughout - Well Done! Still managed a nice (long) drive back through the late afternoon sun
  13. It actually states this.... At least 50% of the vehicles attending need to be pre-1990 so it's not just pre 1990, one of each will qualify.