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  1. STILL A FEW PLACES AVAILABLE...! Let us know ASAP if you would like to come and join in the festivities.
  2. There are other places in the area, with multiple purveyors of F&C Wells-nts for one example...? maybe try a a bit a detour this time, if Sunny Hunny don't want us :o\ ? Suggestions....?
  3. Hey Nige, is the car fixed...? & Ade's??
  4. It's (I hope!!) the day after the Lotus70 festival at Hethel. 30th Sept If I got it wrong we'll have a good time on our own... ? (unless you're over there that weekend Colin..?)
  5. Us too, anyone staying nearby Friday...?
  6. Accomodation booked - see you there!
  7. Cheers Chris! - Can everyone who books email me too please.
  8. IMPORTANT... Can everyone who books by paying deposit/full amount also please email me as well! Otherwise I cannot keep track of how many we have attending. Thanks!
  9. We had a great time meeting all the usual crowd and some new faces...! Stuart and Vicky, thanks very much for all your hard work and overcoming the odds to have everything down to Beaulieu in time, very well done. Jennie, thanks for sorting out the digs, other than the sauna-like room ? everything, food, drink, staff, were perfect. Ian & Kay
  10. Yes, I saw that as well, I've been through that TLF post (twice now) and can't find anything about booking there either, where have you seen it Mark...?
  11. Sorry if missed it, but how do you book...?
  12. This form? in which case that's correct, they replied by return.
  13. Adrian, will you check back here, or do you want to provide an email address for those not in receipt of your email to request the offer? (assuming they're not excluded...? :o)
  14. Is this at Kemble? (Aviation scrapyard)? Sounds intersting, always fascinated by the dismantling, sometimes stop when driving past en-route to Bath (and Castle Combe Saturday of course!) Only downside, maybe, is the involemnt of 'Live Events'...! Are you organising this Eddie, or is it a Rob Ford event???