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  1. Hi Eddie,   Me and Marie should be with you, hope to give the car a run also !   Cheers   Simon
  2. With 4 cars out from the start of the weekend are these going to be counted as DNF's. ie. should we automatically put 4 in the DNF prediction ? or is the DNF just for cars that took the start ?
  3. Busy with Chicane 102, room for more so get writing, deadline 30th September.

  4. Anyone want to give me a gazillion pound good price for a 2004 Mitsubushi Spacestar ?.......... Go on,......... it has a little wing on the back !!! :D Makes a fantastic support car for Le Mans trips !
  5. So Sue likes the Evora ????!!!!!????
  6. Back on the road again !

  7. They sound much like the 80's Turbo cars and we loved watching them slip and slide under the drivers foot.   If Ricardo hadn't stopped all my predictions would have been spot on, 8l&$┬údy wheel nuts !!!
  8. Issue 100 should now be dropping on doormats. No plans to stop yet Ian, but will not make the 200th !!
  9. Too much orange on this website at the moment !!!!
  10. I should have put money on it being that one !!!
  11. Have been away from the 'net for a week, picked up this news story when opening Autosport on Thursday, grabbed my attention and just thought what clever buisness men they are. I'm sure an Elise style car will come !! Good luck to them I say !
  12. [quote name='the83man' date='31 January 2011 - 05:37 PM' timestamp='1296495462' post='2461'] I was surprised to see the car designated as T128. I bet Danny Bahar was pleased with that.......... [/quote] Yep, that was unexpected as Autosport indicated earlier in January it would be the TL01, TL02 or TL11 (something like that anyway !!) Takes a few lines from Redbull and last years Merc, "looks" faster than the T127... hope it is !
  13. Interesting twist !! Looks like a thankyou Tony, but no thankyou ! At least you can say it's better than Eastenders as a Soap Opera !!! Maybe rebrand as "DMC" ha, ha !! I do hope that the Chapmans arn't going to regret this, as honerable as supporting Norfolk jobs is, there are allready reports of moves to make some these new cars outside the UK.... This Danny guy is certainly convincing some people !!
  14. Sounds like a desperate Proton to sell volume cars to me !!! Oh will we laugh if the Redbull technology kicks in gives them a finish ahead of Renault at the next race !! I get what Proton are doing, but they are not enthusiasts by any stretch of the imagination, I think we will see a new breed of Lotus owner if it works for Lotus Cars, um........ Footballers who have pranged the Aston or Bentley !