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  1. Hi Eddie,   Me and Marie should be with you, hope to give the car a run also !   Cheers   Simon
  2. Happy New Year from the editorial team We are starting work now on issue 106 so please forward any material to be included. This issue will be 1 month later than normal so rather than its normal publication date of just before the AGM it will publish around April 9th. Kind regards Simon
  3. Hi   Just to let you all know that this week Motors TV are showing at various times a 1h30 review show from this years Bo'ness Hill Climb event.   Our very own Jim Grant has his run around half way.   Check the schedule and set your PVR   Cheers   Simon
  4. Do the Quo come on stage at 7:30 or is there a warm up act ? If they are first on this clashes with the premier race from the group C guys so that's a bit of bad planning
  5. Hi,   As many of you may know, at the AGM I gave notice to the committee that I will be standing down as Chicane editor after issue number 108, which is at the end of 2016. By then I will have been 5 years in the 'job', which was my intention from the start. So the search is now on for the next member to take on the position.   If you are interested in this very rewarding club position then please get in touch and we can chat through any questions you may have.   Kind regards   Simon chicane@lotusdriversclub.org.uk
  6. Hi   Work has now started on Chicane 104 which is due out in July. Anybody with any interesting stories / articles / reports / technical advice, please send them in by May 31st.   Many thanks   Simon
  7.   Hi, regretably I read that same post from the VX driver (and others) before I bought a set of wheels from Tyreleader and much like yourself concluded that he was posting them as a "rouge" because there was so much praise for Tyreleader. So I bought with confidence and was happy to a point until the defect in the wheel was found by the tyre fitter and then Tyreleader didn't want to know. If you look down the trust pilot reviews you will see my full "story". Sorry but as I wrote in the review, dealing with them is a gamble, if something goes wrong they don't want to know and in life I measure a company on how they deal with things when there are issues.   And that is the point, I am not bothered that something went wrong, I am bothered that I am £70 out of pocket (on the deal) and the company doesn't want to know or help out and I am afraid just based on that fact they don't deserve to be trading, regardless of the deal they may be giving you !   However I am a balanced and realistic person and to have purchased the same wheels from a UK supplier I would have paid about that £70 more, so even after now having to spend £40 to correct the wheel fault I am saying to myself I am £30 up to stop myself stressing out over "being had over", lucky for me it is the 5th spare wheel that is faulty, but then that still isn't the point !   I'm glad to hear you haven't had any problems, but by the law of averages if you keep using them you will one day be in that 10%, but for me I will never speak favourably of Tyreleader nor will I recomend them, you pay your money you take your chance !   Cheers   Simon
  8. I get the Elise tyres through Elise Parts and have them fitted by a local garage. For the other cars I normally use Blackcircles, had no issues with them, but would be more confident they are supplying in the UK.   My comment about Tyreleader is not so much to recommend anybody else, but to reinforce the saying that "If something is cheap (or looks cheap) then normally there is reason to be suspicious"
  9. Hi Eddie,   AVOID TYRELEADER AT ALL COST !! Please read the bad reviews about them, I am £70 out of pocket from them and so are everybody that have ever had something go wrong. Also it appears they are cheap because they sell out of date or "seconds". They are not based in the UK. Your life isn't worth putting in the hands of these cowboys !   Cheers   Simon   Reviews are on "Trustpilot", read the bad ones as that sets the picture for all those who have had to contact them, also I wouldn't mind betting a proportion of the "good" ones are fake "
  10. Going to need good sunglasses with all those orange cars about :-)
  11. Currently the entry stands at 22 drivers in 11 teams so that's a good number for the competition.   Hopefully a few more will sign up this week, but the event is a goer !   See you all on Sunday !
  12. "Team Dolly Llama" just entered !!   It will be a good day out, come on all those not yet signed in, get your entries to c.smith@lotusdriversclub.org.uk   Don't forget to ask your family and friends as well, it is open to all !
  13. Is it the Black on with the stripes on Snows website ?   That's good you can carry my tent to Le Mans for me :-) Ha Ha !
  14. Hi David,   Cut off has just gone for issue 103, but 104 will be end of May so gives time for images   Cheers   Simon
  15. Happy new year !!   Work has now started on putting together Chicane 103. Please send any articles to   chicane@lotusdriversclub.org.uk   Thank you   Simon