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    Also by Sue, please note they are not micro blisters.. It was raining
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    Good to catch up with everyone and meet new members too. Thanks for sorting Eddie. Excellent photos from the drone too, cracking work Chris.
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    Brilliant day! Thanks Eddie for organising. Ashamedly it’s been nearly 2 years since I came on the forum and Flaming June with a beautiful flower profile pic was not at all what I expected
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    David & Sian, thank you for the challenge and you were our inspiration. Thank you to all those who took part, you made it all worth while. Our journey home was via the Gateway to buy Marie 5 litres of non toxic ice cream only to find ourselves marooned on the A419 for 4 hours due to an altercation between a Range Rover and a lorry. However I discovered that the lorry behind us had a refrigerator in his cab large enough to stall the thaw of 5 litres of reasonably priced coconut vegan ice cream. All's well that ends well? Adrian
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    If think you'll find it's a Hethel of Lotus
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    Presilli Hill's, Pembrokeshire. David, Great weekend.. thourghly enjoyed that, good company, good food and even sorted the weather for us....thanks for organizing it along with Sian and not forgetting Chris & Tash. Well done! Andy.
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    Ps- I thought I’d sent the above post last night, honestly it’s not the drink getting the better of me
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    Thanks to all who gathered with us at Broadway Towers yesterday and for such a convivial evening gathering. Andy’s choice of restaurant was great, Marks choice of hotel excellent and LCD company always a pleasure. Thanks also to all on the committee whose tireless efforts on our behalf has made this such a great club to be proud to be a member of. What a great way to start another season of Lotus driving adventures.
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    Looking good for Saturday meet up at the Tower......coffee & cake at the cafe....https://broadwaytower.co.uk/morris-brown-cafe-shop/ See you there.
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    Hi folks, This ones for all you early Elan owners.....fed up with whacking the hell out of your spinners with a lead mallet, occasionally missing and clobbering the wheel! Well no more, help is at hand in the form of this great piece of kit.... Called a Wheel Widget it easily latches on to the spinner. Photo shows the tool attached to my torque wrench via a 38mm socket.. Interested?....email Lionel Roberts at wheelwidget@hotmail. Co uk Andy.
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    Nowhere in the village is far from the seafront and ‘Woodlands’ is just up the hill past the St Brides hotel. They do have car parking at the hotel I think but as usual we will be booking the secure end of the harbour. I only sing while waiting too long for my food or when I’ve consumed far too much falling over water. Looking forward to seeing everyone once again this year.
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    http://a68.tinypic.com/2r38gsx.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/2qtk60y.jpg
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    Sounds great, fingers crossed for the weather
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    I'm a bit unsure about what's happening but aim to be there but is it only one of the five cars in the gardens that will be judged or are all cars that show up entitled to join in? It's my first time at this event so bear with me... looking forward to it anyway.
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    Sunday 6 October 2019 – 9:00am – 4:00pm We’re back at Bicester Heritage on Sunday 6 October for the Sunday Scramble with discounted entry and display parking for Club members. Buy Club Member Vehicle Tickets – LDC Discount Code LDC1019C Club ticket sales close no later than midnight on Tuesday 1 October and will not be available on the gate. Click on the ‘Enter Promo Code’ link towards the top of the ‘Tickets’ block on the booking page and input your club discount code LDC1019C. The club ticket option will then become visible in the list of ticket options for you to select. Please note, if the Classic Vehicle ticket is purchased instead of the Club Vehicle ticket, there will not be a space allocated in the club parking display area. With over 40 specialist businesses situated in a jaw-dropping location, this is an open day event unlike any other. See inside the workshops and showrooms at the freshly restored historic buildings of the former RAF Bicester, explore the unique site and take in its evocative autumnal atmosphere. Taking place on a Sunday morning, this event encourages historic motoring enthusiasts to get involved and bring their pre-1990 vehicle to join the eclectic display. From commercials to motorcycles, pre-War, veterans and modern classics, the mix is astonishing and ever changing. Nestled in-between the 1920s RAF buildings and tree-lined avenues, this location has a filmset quality and a buzz that is truly unique. Family friendly and laid back, the Scramble is a wonderful way to while away the hours on a Sunday morning in the company of some spectacular machines at the best-preserved WW2 RAF Bomber Station in the country.
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    I've had confirmation today that there should be 2 ‘off’ movements each show day. One at around 7:00pm and the other after show closes and public are clear.
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    Tickets can now be booked online. Book your tickets here! (Bookings close midnight 31 July 2019)
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    Hi folks. Here’s another one for the diary and recommend.. .https://classicmotorhub.com/shop/coffee-and-classics-classic-motor-hub-april-2019/ First Sunday of the month from April to October. Pre booking essential.....modern classics accepted..(.unless you have a Porsche)
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    Thank you Colin (& helpers?) for all your effort, great day, thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Paul Matty's, interesting flavour to my veggie burger? What rain?
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    See you all next Sunday going to be interesting see who turns up in the new purchasers from Silverstone Lotus 250 cup and Red Exige mmm with the Barbecue Saturday and breakfast Sunday we got this weekend covered.
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    Yes - always pass the noise test! Nice to see you guys are going to put the cars on track as last....
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    You're right, it does. The grammar copper in my head made me say it! How 'bout refining 'a Skittle of Lotus' to 'a Skittles of Lotus'? - even if for Andy a Pride of Lotus works better......
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    Give the person a slap who ever took your pic Eddie
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    Thank you so much David and Sian for organising a 4th successive event in Saundersfoot and it felt as popular as the first year we all visited. It was great to see so many new faces, and returning ones, and to enjoy the weekend (half of it for us) with you all. I for one can't wait for next year...
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    Club request gone in should be getting the code soon . Eddie
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    Sent the link above ( that's Blanc ) to the wife's iPad and it works for her ?!?! Tickets bought , car booked in ! look forward to meeting up with you guys
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    First Lotus Club event with new Lotus , booked in for Fri evening at Gower Hotel . Look forward to meeting everyone . Tom
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    Several of you will know that my Autumn Gold Exige S2 has sold, and been replaced by its natural successor the Elise Cup 250. Unfortunately I can't make it this year to Trax at Donington
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    The Elise is out of hibernation & it's coming together nicely. Bring on the show
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    We have managed to resurrect the Scalextric Grand Prix for 2019 (so please support us!), same place and so far, same format as previous years (detail subject to change), so I have copied Colin’s programme from last year. Village Hall is booked! Sunday 24 February 2019 Join us for the increasingly popular LDC Scalextric Grand Prix at the Warmington Village Hall, Mollington Lane, Church Hill, Warmington, OX17 1BX from 10:00am on Sunday 24 February. Tea, coffee and a light lunch is included. Only £5 per driver entry fee – non LDC guest drivers welcome Teams to have 2 drivers No race experience required Tea, coffee and buffet lunch included Enviable silverware prizes for numerous categories How to Enter Nominate your team of 2 drivers and complete the online booking under a suitably witty and relevant team name. Your £5 per driver entry fee covers your race entry, all refreshments and lunch. The closing date for entries is 14 February 2019. Enter your Team Now! Race Day Program 10:00 Driver’s signing on from 10:00 with Tea & Coffee 10:30 Practice laps 11:00 Team Knockout race competition 13:00 Lunch break 14:00 ‘Run what ya brung’ All-comers knockout competition 15:00 Tea, coffee and ‘Light refreshments’ 15:30 Prize giving 16:00 Meeting closes For more information please contact Chris Dewing: c.dewing@lotusdriversclub.org.uk Note: The entry form covers one team entry only. If you have more than 2 drivers, enter another team. Drivers may drive for more than one team but may only be Team Principal of one. Choice of race cars for each race based on vehicle reliability and lucky dip. Race entry fees are non-refundable (the club is funding Village Hall hire, refreshments and prizes).
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    Ferry deposit now paid so we are definitely going to Ireland. Something to really look forward to
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    https://www.caterhamsilverstone.co.uk/ Lotus Silverstone Limited t/a Caterham Silverstone is an Appointed Representative of Automotive Compliance Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No 497010). Automotive Compliance Ltd’s permissions as a Principal Firm allows Caterham Silverstone Limited to act as a credit broker, not as a lender, for the introduction to a limited number of finance providers on
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    I have seen that car about in Nuneaton Eddie I recognise the reg Lady owner I believe. Cracking colour in the flesh.
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    Good job I didn’t book the hotel rooms . Thank you Stuart and Vicky and Chris and Tash for the past 2 years as organisers . so we’re looking for a Car event weekend away same date as this one good hotel with car parking . Thank you all for making this event successful LDC and our friends The Lotus Forum and Club Lotus who joined us last year . Eddie king 1 ?
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    Are the cars sorted for this? My Esprit GT3 is nearing completion and i would love the chance for the NEC in March to be its comeback show
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    Welcome to LDC techyd as said above plenty going on this coming year. I assure you that you’d be made very welcome should you wish to join us in Pembrokeshire in early May or indeed at any time should you venture over to the wilds of west Wales.
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    Thanks for setting this up, was a great way to spend a morning and meet some fellow owners. The sheer amount of amazing cars and a great backdrop of the workshops made for a fab start to the year Matthew (Black Exige Sport 350 parked at on the front row of our group).
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    Thanks Chris As you can see me Elan was literally dwarfed by the latest suv mini ! A great selection of cars, from a Maclaren Senna to a Morris minor rag top! Good way to spend New Year’s Day.
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    Due to new rules can you message me which days your doing . And car your taking . Ian be fantastic if I can have your car on the super show area as its one of 3 build .
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    Hi folks with only two months to go for this event I’ve finally thought it time to catch up and communicate with all and sundry. I will start by apologising that things might seem a bit haphazard but there are reasons for this beyond my control, honest. Due, quite correctly, to the constrains of regulations regarding Data Protection it is very difficult to keep a handle on who has booked what and where! A number of you have contacted me directly and told me your intentions but I’m not able to put lists on here. So must as you might find this a pain could I ask everyone intending to join us could you please email myself at d.boneham@lotusdriversclub.org.uk and copy in Jennie at j.wilson@lotusdriversclub.org.uk with the following information: Whether your booked in the Penhelig, Dovey Inn or else where and the number of nights you are staying. whether you have booked the zipwire or caverns or are just planning a scenic drive out. whether you wish to join everyone else on Friday and Saturday night for evening meals at the Penhelig. whether you are willing for your email address to be included in a group email distribution for this event. I will shortly post up on here the suggested routes to and from Aberdovey to Blaenau Ffestiniog there being a choice of three all of which offer great Lotus driving roads. Pob Hwyl Dave & Sian
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    A Lotus jacket and polo shirt + a very pleasant phone call with you today Looking forward to donning the said clothing at plenty of LDC events in 2019