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    Like me, for instance. I'm disappointed with this news. Having been to the last two AGMs at Farmers Fayre I found them to be enjoyable and informative events. Coupled with, let’s not forget, the breakfast meet beforehand and (optional) Sunday roast afterwards! And for me personally, it kicked off the LDC year and I looked forward to catching up with folks I'd not seen for several months and - hopefully - driving the Elise. I didn't realise that clashing with Mother's Day was a problem nor that avoiding it was such an issue. I guess 'proof of the pudding' will be in how many attend at The Stag next March - on a weekday evening (which is arguably the biggest problem with the change) - and how useful the exchanges between the Committee and attending members are. I think I'd say that whilst I understand holding an AGM is a formal requirement, the meetings I've attended have been more than mere formalities. The discussions, exchanges of ideas and...volunteering (last year particularly - you know who you are!) were just what the club is all about - having a good, friendly, willing and engaged membership! Mark
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    Less than a fortnight to go.... Cars polished and ready for its show debut.?( it’s not red) ? Stand 360, Hall 2....see you there. Andy.

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