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    Hi, I am new to this discussion but booked to attend the Fish & Chip Run this Saturday. Am in Weymouth already so the event is very convenient! Would prefer to drive away from Weymouth and enter in convoy, so can I ask what time those staying at the Poachers Inn, Piddletrenthide will be setting off for Weymouth so I can join you? By way the three fish and chip restaurants mentioned on the posts - Bennett, Marlboro and Fish n Fritz - are all good.
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    All of the Clubs social media channels have played a large part in the Clubs recent success and increase in membership numbers so I can highly recommend following at least one of the fore mentioned channels, even if you don’t plan to use it personally. The Clubs Facebook Page is undoubtedly the most popular channel (almost 4k follow the page) and is used to publish detailed posts, updates, photos, events and news. This page is updated weekly by the Club and often daily in some cases. Instagram has been used more recently and is growing in popularity especially with those who have a keen interest in seeing Lotus related photos. The photos from the Clubs trip to France were published using Instagram and shared on Facebook. Instagram posts tend to be less informative. The Clubs Twitter account has a large audience and in fact is the largest Lotus club Twitter page in existence in the UK. Again this platform is favoured by some over Facebook and Instagram but personally it sits below these two. Unfortunately DriveTribe hasn’t really taken off since it’s initial launch. I hope this helps. Like I said I recommend following at least one of these Club social media channels and the Club is always after volunteers to help run them.
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    Well that’s settled then you must bring Clare to Pembrokeshire next May lots and lots of seaside😀 welcome to LDC and to Lotus ownership👍
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    Thanks Mark, We have signed up for the Peaks run next but one Sunday. Gutted we missed the Fish and chips run. Clare loves a trip to the sea side!
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    Routen Chaplin provide a range of breakdown covers to suit the needs of Lotus Enthusiasts. Classic Car Breakdown Cover. We have a "classic" car breakdown policy aimed at the older Lotus models. It includes roadside assistance, recovery etc, for both UK and Europe. As a classic car policy, it excludes home-start cover as most owners of older cars know which wire to wiggle when it won't start. We can add extra cars to the policy but there is a tipping point at which it makes more sense to arrange a "personal" cover policy which covers you for all vehicles, young and old. Some breakdown policies, especially some of the "free" breakdown policies that come with bank accounts etc may have a vehicle age restriction, some set at 10 years old some 15 etc. With prices starting from £35.00 it's a great way to get peace of mind when out and about in your classic Lotus. If you want any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kim Eaton Routen Chaplin Insurance Tel 0115 6978 842
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    Was yet another great event and run very well. Some very nice cars as per normal. Great track time action with the usual high standard.
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    Phew - I got one! Now to get my Elan ready... Cheers, Doug
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    Thanks Eddie, we'll see you Sunday ☀️🏎️🌬️
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    Well what an eventful weekend !!!! great weather great drive .. great hotel recommendation !! Oh and the fish and chips were Awsome best I’ve ever had 👍 Thanks to chris and tash for arranging and sorting the weather out for us
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    Weymouth here we come see you all soon
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    Not too late though Danny & Barb! The scores on the doors for evening meals are looking like this then, and I'll communicate the nos. to the Poachers during the course of today: Friday night: 10 people (Mark & Lucinda, Chris & Tash, Colin & Tracey, David & Sian and Danny & Barb) Saturday night: 13 people (Mark & Lucinda, Chris & Tash, Colin & Tracey, David & Sian, 'Lunchie', Andy, Colin and Dean & Lisa) If anyone wishes to add their name - particularly for Friday as we are now at the max number for a single table - let me know as soon as you can please. Cheers all
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    Hi Lotusdude Welcome and thanks for sharing a pic of your new toy, which I can't decide whether it looks like what Batman would use as his track weapon or more what Michael Knight would drive if they ever re-booted that series! Awesome looking V6 you have there and ditto enjoy using it!
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    Hi all, Weathers set fair, accommodations sorted, evening meal sorted, car oil & watered, chippy....http://www.bennettsfishandchips.co.uk/bennetts-shops.html ...sorted!👍🍽 see you all Saturday. Andy.
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    Excellent reply, thankyou. I was interested to see which to use and that benefits LDC the most. Personally, I'll keep with Instagram, prefering the platform to see club activity. I have seen the clubs presence grow on line significantly over the last 12months. Fantastic work!
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    Hoping to go to this one again this year too although it clashes with another event in the Cotswolds. Maybe a breakfast meet at Williams and then up to the Open Gardens being organised in the Midlands for lunch time 🤨
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    Routen Chaplin is the Clubs insurance partner and Kim is great. Check out this post for all the information you need: http://ldclub.uk/RoutenChaplin
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    Here's a nicely done promo video for this event.
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    I have been approached by several members about organising another run out to Hunstanton. if you are interested either show here or email me Chris Mayhew
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    Well we got a S1 Elise joined the Club who got it not me but its .....?????