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  2. Hi Everyone With regards to this meeting Gareth "The Alan Man" from the LDC Cheshire is arranging this meeting and has done for many years so please contact him regarding this meeting Kind Regards Andy LDCLC
  3. So that’s two from west Wales heading up there to fly the flag
  4. Great Tom looking forward to see our amazing display.
  5. Sent the link above ( that's Blanc ) to the wife's iPad and it works for her ?!?! Tickets bought , car booked in ! look forward to meeting up with you guys πŸ€—
  6. Depressing πŸ˜• Still getting Blanc screen with just a title and three slashes on the top lh corner ( index ?) 😳 must be the moisture in Waled affecting the signal strength πŸ€”
  7. Hi Tom, I’ve just tried it and had no problem. Went to the events section and clicked the red box β€˜buy tickets’....all good.
  8. I'm probably being a fool but the link isn't working ? I'd like to book myself n car in before LDC is full or is the ticket line now closed as its full up? Help !!!!! id like to go to this event :/
  9. 🍽 Thanks for sorting this Chris/David Selection made.πŸ‘ Just leaves you to book the 🌞 now.
  10. As its a few years old now might be worth getting worn out seats re trimmed .
  11. Are there any drivers out there suffering back ache after drives in their Lotus. I have an Elan SE Turbo and suffer. I am deciding whether it is the cause or just exacerbating the condition.
  12. Menu choices for the 3 evening meals have been emailed out to those attending. Please let me know if you haven't received them.
  13. From memory I dare to say that 3 of the 4 years have been in glorious sunshine, in fact we've come to expect it now β˜€οΈ As for numbers there's been between 20-30 cars attending each year, some returning and others for the first time. Do I win the award for furthest travelled this year? Our ferry from Germany docks Saturday morning so we'll be with you all Saturday evening, with a stop off at home in between 😎
  14. Sorry I missed this, Had a busy weekend, I'll aim to come over next month providing nothing pops up
  15. Your a Star . Thank you
  16. Tom

    Absolute Lotus

    Hehe, I've defiantly getting a copy now! Thank you for taking the trouble to find and post the letters page, your a star Sir ! Subscribed
  17. Just need it to stay dry!!!!! This is Wales after all l was curious to know if we have an idea of expected numbers of cars this year ? and what's the turn out been in previous years? Where will drivers be coming from ? Interested to know how far n wide for this brilliant event . I ribbon of multi coloured lotus cars traversing the lanes of Wales will be a vision to behold Counting down the days !
  18. Andy, just so that you're aware, a new member in an Orange Exige 410 Sport is attending along with a friend in a Peugeot RCZ R. I've said that they are both welcome on the Club stand with the RCZ R as well as the Exige and both have booked with the Club code. Thanks for taking on the the baton from Eddie this month πŸ‘
  19. You're on @V4FRP mailing list for West Wales so he'll keep you updated πŸ‘
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