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  2. Thanks guys. Ferry crossings and the hotel near Söhlde have been confirmed. If anyone is still interested in joining us next April please get in touch.
  3. Saturday 7 – Sunday 15 September 2019 The Lotus Drivers Club would like to invite you to join us on a tour of Western Ireland, where a backdrop of mountains is sure to provide some of the best and most dramatic aspects of the Irish landscape and where roads wander along a coastline studded with islands, unexpectedly white beaches and intriguing old villages. If you haven’t had the good fortune to experience one of the clubs popular Driving Adventures, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. They provide a driving experience where like-minded enthusiasts can drive their cars through beautiful scenery on some of the best driving roads enjoying great company along the way. Catch up with new friends in the evening to dine, drink and talk about your adventures that day and driving encounters from the past. Members taking part in this tour will depart from Holyhead on Saturday 7 September and will return one week later on Sunday 15 September, staying in good class hotels with facilities to suit. The approximate cost is to be confirmed. Please contact Jennie Wilson to register your interest and to find out more by emailing Our Driving Adventures are not a race, time trial or guided tour. They are a navigational road trip where you will be given a start and finish point for each day, along with a suggested route. You will be expected to find your own way there with your own map, sat nav and/or carrier pigeon.
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  5. 1.Colin 2. Eddie and Sue 🎄🎄😂😂🌟
  6. I enjoyed it too. Thankyou everyone for making me feel so welcome! 😀
  7. Yeah up for that too but I think Lisa might side step that one
  8. Brilliant stuff Mark you have booked the Zipwire 🤔
  9. What a great way to spend an afternoon 👍 do you want names for next year now eddie ? 😂
  10. We're up for this. Booking form submitted
  11. Fantastic to see you all today Breakfast and the Christmas lunch at Farmers Fayre booked up for next year Table for 30 . Colins List main course Fantastic Pudding Beautiful coffee ☕️ Amazing 😉 .
  12. Last week
  13. Hampy

    Tool Kit Elise S2

    Thanks, thats good to know that I can get a replacement.
  14. OrangeExige

    Hi, New Member from Northamptonshire

    Hi Mark. Welcome to the Lotus Drivers Club and congratulations on the purchase of your Elise. It would be great to see you next year in Pembrokeshire, it's a highlight of the year for us and one we simply can't miss.
  15. OrangeExige

    Tool Kit Elise S2

    A few years ago I stupidly left the locking wheel nut on the wheel of my S2 Exige and drove off down the road, never to see it again (I did try to find it) 😫 @Aimee at Silverstone Lotus used the set they had in the workshop to determine which replacement locking nut needed to be ordered. After a few attempts we found the right one and ordered a replacement. Alternatively, they can request an archive search from the Lotus Factory, at the time was £10.00 +vat, which will give you the original key number as long as it hasn't been changed.
  16. Hampy

    Tool Kit Elise S2

    I got my car back from a dealer having had a new clutch fitted. Unfortunately the tool kit went missing in the process. Contacted them about it but of course they new nothing about it! I know I can still buy a new tool kit but don't know how I go about getting a relpacement wheel locking nut. Can anyone tell me if this is possible? Thanks
  17. Friday 4 – Sunday 6 October 2019 October will see the Lotus Drivers Club return to Wales for a second Driving Adventure of the year along the distinctive coastline. Area organisers, David and Sian, will be treating members to some great driving roads exploring the best of West Wales. The weekend will begin in the seaside village of Aberdovey with an evening meal and a chance for old friends to catch up and new friends to be made. Saturday will see members explore the rugged coastline of West Wales before heading inland to Blaenau Ffestiniog for a unique tour of the Llechwedd underground slate caverns. For the brave there’s also an opportunity to experience the fastest zip line in the world, and the longest in Europe, where you can experience speeds in excess of 100mph! A return journey through the Snowdonia National park via Bala and Trawsfynydd is sure to provide stunning scenery around every corner. Members will be departing Aberdovey after breakfast on the Sunday morning which will allow plenty of opportunity to either explore the area further or find a scenic route home. Prices and booking details will be available soon. If you are interested in joining us in October please complete the booking form: click here For more information please email Our Driving Adventures are not a race, time trial or guided tour. They are a navigational road trip where you will be given a start and finish point for each day, along with a suggested route. You will be expected to find your own way there with your own map, sat nav and/or carrier pigeon.
  18. Flaming June

    Entertaining car advert

    Speaking of which: 😂
  19. I think it might be dry. 🌤
  20. Well it’s not going to. Snow this year Breakfast meet up see you all this Sunday. Santa hat ticked Christmas Jumper ticked ho ho ho
  21. Kevjp

    Winter Projects

    So, on the s2...replace nose badge/driving light and clean the inside ally on show. Might also look at the gear linkages because they seem a little stiff to me (have the feeling this is one of "those" jobs so might leave till it gets a little warmer) The Evora is in fine fettle after a victorious MOT visit and just having been serviced. Might fiddle with some bits but my mum always told me off for fiddling...
  22. l0tu5

    New Tyres

    Hi Kim, thanks for this! It looks like asda do fitting in their price quotes but I've had a look on camskill and black circles too to see what different tyres I could fit.
  23. SkyBlue

    Entertaining car advert

    " You have to fold yourself like human Origami for a seat that's about 2.5cm off the ground, while making sure nobody sees you actually getting into it. " I am sure I have said something along these lines in the past about entering the Elise S1 drivers seat with the roof on! ☺️
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