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  1. Yesterday
  2. Ok the new events for 2019 start this weekend at Shelsley the famous 3 you ask for new events All details in the freshly delivered Chicane Magazine.
  3. All done. Booked a ticket for Sunday. Thanks for sorting it Eddie.
  4. The rooms have been reserved for the 3 nights for those who wish to leave on the Monday but the event will primarily run until the Sunday. Hope that makes sense.
  5. Hi Chris It says leaving on the Sunday morning, but also says 3 nights? Please could you confirm? Thanks Colin
  6. Details are now online for booking: http://www.lotusdriversclub.org.uk/?p=10256
  7. I've filled in the booking form, and am looking forward to this event! Cheers, Doug
  8. Last week
  9. Not long now till our inaugural meeting, look forward to seeing you there .
  10. Ticket booked. Be there Sunday (avec nephew) possibly Friday as well. If I can get out of bed...🙁
  11. Hi Paul, Welcome to LDC, see you at an event soon. cheers Dean
  12. Hi Paul, I echo the welcome from above. It's nice to see another member from Northants and I look forward to meeting you and your lovely Exige at some of the events. I'm sure you'll enjoy everything about the club.....their all a great bunch. All the best Mark
  13. Hi, I've bought carbon parts from both Elise parts and Elise shop and both have been great quality. I'm not sure whether they do S3 though. You could look at Reverie too but they are expensive.......actually all carbon fibre is expensive but man maths always rules that out 😉👍🏻 Hope that helps. Cheers Mark
  14. Hi all I recently brought my old lotus back courtesy of lotus silverstone. I’m now considering upgrading my 1.6CR S3 with a carbon interior throughout, I’ve seen allot of sites selling these parts but can anyone make recommendations as to where to buy. The best parts. Thanks in advance
  15. Try using Google search engine see if it works that way . your see bottom right corner except cookies it should work then ,
  16. Just tried to book for this and it’s not taking the £5 off. (cookies accepted) Is it too late for discount?! There is a link in yesterday’s Ldc email.
  17. Ok booked up hotel so be onsite early Friday and Saturday
  18. Hi Kevin, Yes that’s the one and thanks, looking forward to getting to a few events, hoping to get a ticket for classic Silverstone and diary is free too for cars in the Claydons. Paul
  19. Looking forward to this...….. hope the weather improves from the current forecast.
  20. Please email mark he will email the passes out . Still issues message me with your email are send my copy .
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