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  1. Last week
  2. Booked early morning be nice to get out and meet a few people, the weather looks like it could be nice.
  3. Three tickets booked! 1 x late am 2 x early pm
  4. Assuming that this event goes ahead, will the club still be attending?
  5. I believe you can book as many tickets/runs as you like yes but the runs are limited to 50mph I'm afraid as it's 'non competitive'.
  6. Late morning ticket booked. See you there
  7. Sounds great. Couple of quick questions. Are you able to book more than one Dive Through? Can you drive in a spirited fashion or is it a display event?
  8. Late Morning ticket booked!. Itll be good to go out!!
  9. Early morning ticket booked
  10. Sunday 12 July 2020 Prescott Speed Hill Climb, Cheltenham GL52 9RD, UK We are pleased to share that members of the Lotus Drivers Club are invited to the historical hill at Prescott for a Drive Thru Day on Sunday 12 July. Tickets are on sale with 4 time slots available to experience a run up the hill in your Lotus. We look forward to seeing you there and urge everyone attending to follow the latest advice to ‘Remain Alert and Safe’. We must remain mindful of our own safety and be vigilant on the impact of our actions on others. Find out more and book tickets at About the Event In order to comply with social distancing requirements the format has changed, with the whole event being based on a drive thru format and hopefully, a socially distant picnic area on the Ettores banking area. There will be four time slots when you can arrive and drive up the hill. These slots are: 08:30 Event Opens 09:00-11:00 This is the Early Morning slot. Tickets for runs up the hill are marked ‘Early Morning’ 11:00-13:00 This is the Late Morning slot. Tickets for runs up the hill are marked ‘Late Morning’ Lunch break 14:00-15:30 This is the Early Afternoon slot. Tickets for runs up the hill are marked ‘Early Afternoon’ 15:30-17:00 This is the Late Afternoon slot. Tickets for runs up the hill are marked ‘Late Afternoon’. 17:00 Event Closes Food and Drink These will need to be booked at the time that you book your tickets and paid for in advance. You will be issued tickets for your food which will need to be produced between 11am and 4pm at the fish and chip unit within the paddock. Luxury picnic hampers and afternoon tea for two from the Paddock Cafe are also available. Again this will need to be pre-booked and paid when you book your hill runs in advance. Tea and Coffee will also be available from the Paddock Cafe, but for purchase on the day.
  11. Wow, if you really really squint , it nearly says L00 8T US! Well worth the money don't you think!
  12. LO08 TUS number plate on certificate and available for sale Price - £2000 Please note: Your vehicle must be an 08 plate or newer, which was registered as new on or after 1st March 2008 to display this registration View advert -
  13. Earlier
  14. I'll keep you updated. I reckon we should be able to get something booked for August/September
  15. @T15EGR Hi - just wondered if there were any plans to rearrange this event? From what I can see Curborough is planning to reopen from July 1st - would be great to squeeze something in before the end of the summer if possible!
  16. Quicksy

    Clive Quick

    I have one 'wobbly wheel' for a Lotus 19 that I would donate to a Lotus 19 owner who needs one. It's a little corroded but I think would clean up well
  17. Done as well. As a resident of Brighton for 5 years in the late 80's i spectated at a number of speed trials. They were great. A shame to see them go albeit its not PC to enjoy petrol swilling events these days.
  18. Please take a moment to consider adding your name to this petition, which seeks the re-opening of Madeira Drive, Brighton - closed to traffic since April - where the historic Speed Trials take place (along with other car and bike events/meets as well). The Speed Trials have been held since 1905 and are believed to be the oldest running motor race. I'm sure many of you have spectated and/or competed or know of those who have. The event has been at risk before in recent years (after a fatal crash) but was saved by the City Council. Let's hope this time it doesn't fall as collateral damage to the coronavirus emergency. Naturally, feel free to spread the word! Ta
  19. As a consequence of the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show, with Discovery, will now be postponed to 26-28 March 2021. Everyone involved in putting the show together is extremely disappointed that the ultimate restoration experience will not be brought to the community this year. However, the health and well-being of our visitors, exhibitors, partners, contractors and staff is of the upmost importance. With the government’s roadmap suggesting that restrictions on movement will still be in place for some time, it is therefore the right decision for us to cease planning for an event of this size and importance in August. We will now be putting all our efforts into delivering an extra special restoration show in 2021 and a fantastic meeting of the community for our flagship event, the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, in November. Clarion Events is working with other event organisers, venues and government to develop guidelines on how to deliver the best versions of our events while ensuring the health and safety of all involved. We will update you further on the measures we are putting in place in due course. Visitor ticket options: For those of you that have bought tickets to the 2020 edition of Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show, with Discovery, you have a number of options to transfer your tickets. You have the choice of transferring your tickets to one of the following events in our motor show portfolio: • 2021 edition of the Classic Car & Restoration Show, 26-28 March 2021 • Classic Motor Show, 13-15 November 2020 – visit the website for more information • Race Retro, 19-21 February 2021 – visit the website for more information What to do next: If you wish to transfer your tickets to Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show 2021 you don’t need to do anything! Your booking will be carried over automatically to the equivalent ticket on the corresponding date next year. As a thank you for continuing to support the show we will also credit your booking with an extra adult day ticket* so you can introduce a friend or loved one to the joys of the event! If you wish to change the day of your new Restoration Show 2021 ticket/s please contact This can be done at any time up until tickets are dispatched next year. If you wish to transfer your ticket to the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery or Reis Race Retro please email with your request. Please ensure you have contacted the team before 1 September if you wish to take up either of these two options. All new tickets will be sent out in the month prior to the show you are transferring to, either as print at home or hard copy tickets, as you have specified in your current booking.
  20. We promised you an update before the end of May… and it is with a heavy heart that we bring you news that the 2020 Silverstone Classic will not be going ahead. Following the latest Government advice, we have reached the inevitable conclusion that we will need to cancel this year’s event. Given the current circumstances and the outlook on timescales, a postponed event – which was our original back-up plan – in a way that enables us to run the Classic in the manner that you know and love isn’t a feasible option. Our priority at all times is the safety and wellbeing of those attending our events as well as our own team and we know that you’ll understand why this step has been necessary. Our heartfelt thanks must go to all of you for your patience throughout this period of uncertainty. As an independent events company passionate about what we do, we are proud to have developed the Silverstone Classic into an internationally renowned historic motorsport festival enjoyed across generations of car enthusiasts, families, racing drivers, and petrolheads. In times of difficulty, communities tend to come together and we’re incredibly grateful for your continued support. It means a lot. All of you are what makes the event the success that it is and we hope to celebrate our 30th anniversary with you next year instead. 2020 tickets Anyone who has a ticket will have the option to roll their tickets over to the 2021 event or request a full refund. There are a number of measures we need to put in place first, but we will be back in touch with all ticket buyers in June with details of the next steps. In light of the current situation, we have a reduced team who are dealing with a high number of enquiries, so please do bear with us. We’ll be in touch soon. In the meantime, and above all else, stay safe and healthy. With our best wishes, The Silverstone Classic Team Our FAQs have been updated here.
  21. sinbad


    Hope you’re all keeping well. Just wondering whether the club would consider this event again this a season opener! Subject to it going ahead of course. Andy.
  22. Unfortuinately Javelin have now cancelled this trackday. I believe that the Circuit is still open, but the TDO have not got everything they require in place yet. Real Shame. Best look out for and book somewhere else.
  23. Thanks Alan. It's good to see track events are beginning to reopen with the necessary precautions in place. I'm looking forward to helpfully being able to book something for the end of the summer. Maybe Hethel or Anglesey with LoT?
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