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  3. A7ESK

    Evora NA!

    welcome to NA Evora crew great choice .
  4. Livy

    Evora NA!

    Welcomed return to you Pete, lovely looking Evora. I hope Lisa & I will be able to meet you & introduce ourselves at some of the great events planned this year. Enjoy your suitably comfortable driving πŸ‘ Mark
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  6. pete757

    Evora NA!

    Hi guys! I suppose I am actually not a total 'newbie', having earlier joined the LDC in 'pre-website' years! I was introduced about 13 years ago by Martin and Gill after I bought my first Elise S1 160, then my Exige S1! Anyway, I have just sold my Elise... having decided the Lotus years ahead will now be spent with 'comfort and speed' in an Evora N/A! It's a minty MY14 'Sports Racer' in Ardent Red... well that's the fastest colour I gather! Look forward to attending a few events this summer! Cheers, Pete. :>)
  7. Last week
  8. I love place and chips so I hope so look forward to seeing you again Danny x
  9. Great day πŸ˜‚ great LDC display πŸ‘ everybody left again without saying goodbye πŸ€” looking forward to to the next one πŸ‘Œ
  10. We rocked it today fantastic big thank you from me your all stars of the show .
  11. Have any places become available. If not will just take a chance danny
  12. Cleaned and polished mine to awsome
  13. Sit tight Alan, I have some footage you might like (did you not notice it flying behind you all day). I have already started editing tonight so hopefully it will be up by the end of the weekend Again thank you to everyone who helped put on the day, especially all the marshals. I think Tash managed more laps than me this year
  14. What another great day with LDC. Fantastic company, great weather and lots of banter. Does any one have any footage from the day?
  15. Earlier
  16. I get to gate before 9am going to be very busy early bird and that ,
  17. The gates open at 9am, and I imagine it will be a busy morning, so I'd aim for before 9:30.
  18. β€œTwo weeks of doom and gloom Chris? More like 4 months!
  19. Forecast is looking great. What’s the best time to arrive?
  20. Fantastic going to be a stunning display trying to get a GT430 to come ,
  21. Sorted, it's not very clear, but its 1 ticket per person. so that's the Esprit and the Evora booked in, here's hoping for nice weather.
  22. Is it 1 ticket per car, or 1 ticket per person?
  23. OrangeExige

    Pembrokeshire - 4 - 7 May 2018

    Everyone should have received the menu choices from me for Saturday and Sunday nights. If for any reason you haven't received them please let me know. Hopefully next week's weather prediction will continue onto the May bank holiday. After two weeks of doom and gloom it's about time Spring revealed itself
  24. There are a couple of places available on the NYLOC track day (Lotus only) at Folembray in France on Bank Holiday Monday 28 May. Up to now this was a NYLOC exclusive event, but we feel that we should offer it to our friends in LDC to keep up our connections. Unfortunately clashes with your French Tour It is organised by Lotus on Track, and their web shop apparently shows it full, but that is simply to restrict it. This will be a relatively laid back day with novices as well as more seasoned track day enthusiasts. It was listing at only Β£120, but it may have increased a little. See here Clearly you would need to sort your own accommodation, and crossing. Several are taking the Hull-Zeebrugge ferry on Friday 25th May, and the rest the Channel Tunnel on Saturday 26th May. For more details of those itineraries please post here..
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