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  2. Trip to the seaside..πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
  3. Graham are you going to Lotus 70 celebration at Hethel? Quite a few of us will be attending and it would be lovely to meet you. Regards Mark & Lisa
  4. Maybe a drive along the coast to Brancaster, Holkom Beach / Wells next to the Sea. Just let us know a meet up point and we will be there.
  5. Hi all great to see you all yesterday weather doesn’t stop LDC great selection of lotus cars .
  6. There are other places in the area, with multiple purveyors of F&C Wells-nts for one example...? maybe try a a bit a detour this time, if Sunny Hunny don't want us :o\ ? Suggestions....?
  7. Last week

    Lotus Silverstone Open Day - 22 September 2018

    3. Dean Curtis - red Lotus S1 4. ANDY β€œ Sinbad” Timms - White Lotus Elan S3 5. Colin Wynn - green Lotus Elan sprint
  9. Smithy16

    Lotus Silverstone Open Day - 22 September 2018

    Great. See you down there later Eddie.
  10. all set up open day today 10 am in the New location still at Silverstone.
  11. fangio246

    Exige Mk2 Dash removal help?

    Hi allHave replaced the CDL unit earlier today.Take out the two screws in the 'coin cubby' below the starter button/light switches. Then pull out the panel holding starter button and light switches. There is plenty of cable length to then get this panel well out of the way.The CDL unit is roughly in line with the top of the panel just removed straight in front of you 6 inches or so in from the front of the dash.It's held by two screws which you need a very short stubby screwdriver to loosen.Did the whole job in around 45 minutes. Was quoted Β£270 + the part by Lotus.Got my CDL unit from Paul Matty and Silverstone Lotus also have at least one in stock
  12. Yep, the Soapbox Derby has been postponed to the 30th due to weather conditions Folk may want to still meet up but will need to park around the town? We will be there on Sunday anyway and will be watching the soapbox derby πŸ˜€
  13. Sorry Guys, just heard back from the council that an event scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled due to the weather and re-scheduled for next Sunday the 30th. So our run has been cancelled. Due to the time of year we are running out of weekends. Watch this space Chris Mayhew
  14. Thanks I think my car was chosen because it was the original release colour of the Cup in the media.
  15. Love the colour of this car .. another Red pass .. Wow πŸ‘Œ
  16. Nige your Car is stunning example of the model ... a Red pass is well deserved to you πŸ‘
  17. I have a Red pass too. My contribution.
  18. Tickets arrived with a sticker to match the colour of my S1 See you all on the 29th
  19. Stunning car liked it from day one please Lotus bring it back to production.
  20. just for you Eddie ,red pass is for the model time line or so i believe
  21. Hi Nige what do you get with a Red Pass i know ive said it before but your new car is great love the colour !!
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