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Our monthly meetings are open to all, whether you are a Lotus enthusiast, member of the club or just like going out and meeting friends. As well as regular monthly meetings, there are also other local events organised throughout the year by the North Yorkshire group. The area meeting is known to attract over 90 Lotus Cars in the car park during the summer and rarely drops below 20 cars in the winter.


The Buckles Inn

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    Yes went there last year not on a club meet but the staff made us very welcome she had a supercharged Exige good chat and the beer very nice, sorry Simon real ale?
  3. Northern Area Meeting

    Great bunch of characters!
  4. Northern Area Meeting

    [b]Northern Area Meeting - The Buckles Inn, Tadcaster Road, Bilbrough, YO23 3PW [/b] Fourth Tuesday of the month 6:30pm Contact Alan Allison: alanaqs@aol.com [url="http://www.lotusdriversclub.org.uk/LinkClick.aspx?link=57&tabid=90"]View the Calendar for the next meeting date[/url] The Northern Area Meeting is one for Lotus enthusiasts with its roots more offline than online.When we meet we have been known to attract over 90 Loti in the car park during the Summer and rarely drop below 20 cars in the Winter - most owners still turning up in their Lotus and not their 'other cars'. You can come and see what the fuss is about (without any obligation to join) by coming along on the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December) at The Buckles Inn situated on the A64 a few miles South West of York. [url="http://www.lotusdriversclub.org.uk"]www.lotusdriversclub.org.uk[/url] [img]http://www.lotusdriversclub.org.uk/Portals/0/Events/Events21.jpg[/img]