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Our monthly meetings are open to all, whether you are a Lotus enthusiast, member of the club or just like going out and meeting friends. As well as regular monthly meetings, there are also other local events organised throughout the year by the Hertfordshire group.

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  2. We’re very pleased to announce that our next film show event will be on Saturday 4th November 2017 at the Albury Hall, East Hertfordshire, SG1 12JL, between Ware & Bishops Storford 5 miles west of Stansted Airport just off main A120. The theme for the day is John Watson and the Hexagon Formula 1 team of the early 1970s. Our guest speakers will be 5 times Grand Prix winner John Watson, founder and still proprietor and owner of Hexagon Of Highgate car company, Paul Michaels and asking the questions and attempting to keep order – broadcaster of Grand Prix from Radio 5, author, motoring journalist and writer Maurice Hamilton. Paul’s driver of historic sports cars Nick Faure will also be on hand to talk about early days. Hexagon of Highgate north London, now located in Hampstead, are a high performance Sports car dealer and restorer of top end cars specialising these days in Porsche, Ferrari and all the most prestigious brands of sports, luxury and supercars. Started by Paul in the 1960s famous for their floodlight glass fronted first floor showroom in the sky on North hill Highgate full of the most exotic and desirable marques you could imagine at the time. After some late 60s historic racing in sports racing cars and F5000 in a Trojan Paul got the opportunity to go Grand Prix racing with a March 721 and then on to F1 Brabhams with John Watson. John scoring Hexagon’s first world championship points with a 6th place finish in Monaco in 1974 in Brabham BT42/2 also famous for building the Lotus Elan shooting brake and the plus 2 convertible that they pioneered ,a former BMW dealer still a Lotus dealer – as well as historic racing with a Birdcage Maserati , a Lister and D Type with Nick Faure Willie Green and others John & Paul will no doubt tell us about all the behind the scenes activity of the period a whole lot more and any questions you wish to put to them. As well as guiding the Hexagon story and John’s entry in to F1 racing going on to win 5 Grand Prix. – In the afternoon I hope Maurice Hamilton will talk to us about how he got involved in F1 and his career broadcasting and writing about F1 which he continues to do today in his own most entertaining way. When John kindly visited us 5 years ago you may remember he was hugely entertaining and popular with those attending – be prompt this is likely to fill up fast and spaces are limited. All the days usual features morning coffee, a 2 course lunch, the quiz, afternoon tea and cakes and 3 hours of lovely old archive films illustrating today’s theme and more – £30 each fully inclusive food, everything all day. If you would like to be there please email me as soon as you can to book your place. £30 each whole day everything included. See Christine as soon you arrive at reception, pay cash, collect your name badge just inside the door – then get a tea or coffee and biscuits. Be in your seat for 9.50am first film. Only 95 places available so please let me know as soon as you can, space is limited. Do please come in a sports, classic, or interesting car if you can, of any age park it in the display line up on the lawn. We will be raising money on the day with a charity auction of car and racing memorabilia, paintings, books, parts etc. Please do donate items for the sale and bring them along on the day or send them if you cannot attend. I will send around a catalogue with pictures of what will be on offer a week before the event, you can leave commission bids in advance and I hope you will attend and bid very generously for funds for a very good cause – every single penny raised will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick Children – it is dear to the heart of several of our guest speakers so let us really do them proud so we can present a big cheque Please let your friends know we will also very happily accept donations in advance and on the day – it is such a good cause that so needs your help to keep going. We really need your help with this. We look forward to seeing you. For more information email richardhinton50@gmail.com or phone 01279771667
  3. Herts Meet Twice a Month

    1st Wednesday each month Monthly meeting at the The John Bunyan from 8:00pm. The John Bunyan, Coleman Green Ln, St Albans AL4 8ES. See here for food and location etc. Sally, Chris, Anthony and Faith welcome you to the John Bunyan, a real family run country pub set in a picturesque location nestled in woodland on the edge of the new Heartwood forest. The pub was named after John Bunyan, a local preacher who wrote Pilgrims Progress and who preached and occasionally lodged in the cottage, the ruins of which are near the pub. We shall certainly be there until the foreseeable future. 2nd Sunday each month Monthly meeting at the The Moon and Stars from 12:00pm. The Moon and Stars, Mill End, Rushden, Buntingford, SG9 0TA. The Moon and Stars is located in the hamlet of Mill End, within the village of Rushden, which itself is mentioned in the Domesday Book. Situated just off the beautiful and famous Seven Road of the A507 between Baldock and Buntingford the pub is very easy to find. Meals available. For more information contact Dick Dixon: d.dixon@lotusdriversclub.org.uk http://ldclub.uk/hertfordshire-ldc
  4. Hertfordshire Meets

      I assume it's still the 1st Wednesday of the month so the next one will be May 4.
  5. Hertfordshire Meets

  6. Hertfordshire Meets

      Yes the venue has changed to The John Bunyan at Coleman Green, Wheathampstead, Herts AL4 8ES. Meeting from 8:00pm. Dick Dixon still looks after this meeting with the help of Moya and Geoff.
  7. Hertfordshire Meets

    Do these still happen and if so where?
  8. Hertfordshire Meets

      Hi Ian. If you give Dick Dixon an email he should be able to let you know what they are up to. I'll try and get a list of local events from them for this year as well.   Dick Dixon: d.dixon@lotusdriversclub.org.uk (01920 871153)
  9. Hertfordshire Meets

    Must be out there any good place to have a breakfast meet ?..
  10. Hertfordshire Meets

    Errrrr....are their actually any members in the home counties????
  11. Hertfordshire Meets

    Hi,   This section doesnt look like it has been updated in a while, are there any regular local meets?   Thanks   Datum Team
  12. Herts Area Meet - Change of venue

      Hi Chris. Yes it should be but if you'd like more details on this meeting just drop Dick Dixon (area coordinator) an email on d.dixon@lotusdriversclub.org.uk
  13. Herts Area Meet - Change of venue

    Hi. Does this meet still take place?   Thanks   Chris
  14. Herts Area Meet - Change of venue

    Nice to meet folks yesterday. Hope to see you all again
  15. Herts Area Meet - Change of venue

    Cool - baring any work blowups, I'll see you then.
  16. Herts Area Meet - Change of venue

    [quote name='alex_gray255' timestamp='1340473571' post='5327'] Should be able to make this one. Its on my way back from work so pass by it each day. What time do most people turn up? [/quote] 8:30pm I believe
  17. Herts Area Meet - Change of venue

    Should be able to make this one. Its on my way back from work so pass by it each day. What time do most people turn up?
  18. Herts Monthly (1st Wednesday) venue has MOVED to The Feathers, Wadesmill, Near Ware, Herts SG12 0TN [url="http://www.oldenglishinns.co.uk/wadesmill/"]http://www.oldenglishinns.co.uk/wadesmill/[/url]
  19. Best of British celebration

    Good drive out food and drink as well. I'll see if we're doing anything that day. Eddie
  20. May be of interest to local Hertfordshire members. I have informed Dick Dixon and Geoff Morgan who co-ordinate in the area. [i]We're holding a 'Best of British' celebration to run from Friday 22nd April to Monday 2nd May with great British food and drink, and various events held mainly over the two weekends. We're looking for a car club which might be interested in showing some of their British cars on one of the days. We'd be happy to provide some food and drink and have plenty of space here...and hopefully it'll be a lovely sunny day! [/i]If you wish to take part individually or as a group of LDC members please contact Steven Birch @ Two Brewers (01462 292 462) [email="hello@twobrew.co.uk"]hello@twobrew.co.uk[/email] [url="http://www.twobrew.co.uk"]www.twobrew.co.uk[/url] [img]http://www.twobrew.co.uk/best-of-british.jpg[/img]
  21. Herts Area Meet

    News regarding the cancellation of the Panshanger Breakfast Meeting: Following the late news from Panshanger Airfield that they would not allow Club Lotus to hold their proposed breakfast meeting on 26th September, local member Leslie Seal has kindly given an alternative suggestion. Leslie has checked with the proprietor of the Silver Ball Cafe and they are more than willing to receive all Lotus owners on Sunday 26th Septemberfor breakfast. This is a very popular cafe, serving good cooked food from £3 - £6.They serve from 8.30am until 1.45pm on Sundays. The cafe is located on the A10, 2 miles to the south of Royston, Herts. Postcode SG8 8BD. All Club members are very welcome and if feedback is as good as it sounds we'll make it a regular event.
  22. [b]Hertfordshire Meeting[/b] Please take an early warning that the first August meeting (Wednesday 4th) of the month will be at Lotus collector and racer Malcolm Ricketts Charity Open Evening near Wheathampstead from 6.30pm onwards. There'll be a great collection of Lotus, some odd and some interesting and some down-right beautiful. All invited. Coming from Hatfield with the Crooked Chimney on your LEFT take the 2nd exit at the next roundabout (Wheathampstead by-pass) to the next roundabout (at the head of Wheathampstead High Street) TURN RIGHT and his units are on the LEFT about 300 yards. Details are Lamer Lane, Wheathampstead, post code is AL4 8RG Starts at 6.30pm and as always, in aid of Isabel Hospice. I have found I just volunteered to run a BBQ there!!!!! Bangers & Burgers now on the bill!!!! If you know you are going please let me know to give me some idea of numbers if you are need of a banger & Burger. Plus - Harpenden Classics on the Green Wednesday 28th JULY - the biggest most interesting and spontaneous classic (ancient & modern that means) and car/bike/scooter/hot rod meet in Hertfordshire. Also one for the diary Breakfast Meet at Panshanger Airfield September 26th , Lotus Elite /Club Lotus Starts 9:30 - to approx 12:30
  23. It would be great to see Malcolm Ricketts again could be a early start ?? Eddie. [font="Verdana, arial, sans-serif"][size="3"][color="#000000"][size="3"][b] [/b][/size][/color][/size][/font]
  24. [quote name='trigger' date='07 May 2010 - 01:08 PM' timestamp='1273234132' post='428'] Thanks for the update dikko, hopefully the weather will be on your side. [/quote] and above me too I hope!
  25. Lotus Gathering in Herts May 9th 2010.

    Thanks for the update dikko, hopefully the weather will be on your side.
  26. NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! Low Flying in Herts. Lotus in Herts May Breakfast Run to Panshanger Aerodrome, near Welwyn Garden City. Sunday 9.30am May 9th 2010 for ALL Lotus associated cars. A Club Elite and Club Lotus promoted event. Inspired by an event which takes place in Sussex, Lotus Racer and collector Malcolm Ricketts and Club Lotus' Alan Morgan among other Lotus enthusiasts from the Hertfordshire area are organizing the first Lotus breakfast at Panshanger Aerodrome near Welwyn Garden City on Sunday May 9th. Cars are expected arrive around 9.30 and the cafe on the airfield called Out of the Box will be open for breakfasts, the event will be over by lunch time. Lotus of all years are welcome from Old and noisy to New and quiet, open or closed top from the gangliest to the latest 2010 swish machine. Why Panshanger? It's got Lotus History. In the fifties and sixties Lotus used it as a service centre and storage. At one time complete unsold Lotus Formula Fords along with other Lotus chassis and bodies were stockpiled at this WWII dummy airbase designed to attract enemy aircraft away from the nearby Hatfield aerodrome and De Havilland manufacturing base. Lotus co-founder Hazel Chapman learnt to fly here on the real bit of the airfield which is still working being the base for The North London Flying School for small aircraft and helicopters and will be offering sky rides. Entry is free to all Lotus Owners and Panshanger is One mile off the A414 along Panshanger Lane - 500yds from the Welwyn Garden City roundabout towards Hertford. 9.30-10.00: Arrive at Panshanger tea/coffee. 10.00 : Breakfast at Out of the Box Cafe. 11.00: Welcome to Panshanger & Airfield Lotus Tour. 11.30: Informal talk in bar area from guest speaker (tba) on history of Lotus cars at Panshanger. 12.00: Pre-flight briefing for those who book to go flying. 12.30 - 14.00: Flights or lunch for those not flying. The rest of the day open for those who wish to stay or leave early. Anyone wishing to do so should book flights before the event (contact their website). A Piper Archer (4 seater plane) at £29 per person for 30 mins or a Piper Cherokee (2 seater plane) for £74.99. Queries contact R.Dixon on herts.lotusATvirgin.net