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  2. Having only decided to join the Saundersfoot Massive on Wednesday last, Jackie and I are very pleased to have done so following a few great days of cars, driving, sun, driving rain, breakfasts, dinners and banter - just what we needed! Thanks, of course, to Dave and Sian for all the organisation of meals, maps and more, and to the Oranges for their patient herding of cats/cars around the routes. I don't think we actually 'lost' anyone and I don't think anyone 'failed to proceed' at any time? We did have some trouble with 'lime leader' at one point, but he was forgiven as we enjoyed listening to the exhaust howl as he disappeared. And spent 45 minutes in a freezing cold phone box at one point, but that's another story. Lovely to catch up with lots of LDC faces and meet a few new ones too. Only 27 days to Carlisle, better clean the cow sh*t off before then
  3. Thanks Andy and it was great to meet up with you again
  4. Well, what a great weekend that was! A proper road trip and I think you'll all agree a fitting tribute to Mike. What a great bunch of people there are that make up this great club. Well done and thanks to all involved in its stars all round!?⭐️⭐️ 'till we meet again...cheers. Andy.
  5. Are we doing 2018 Eddie? If we are you can be number one booked on?.
  6. Ok book me in for 2018 . Mike always said Lotus cars look great on the drive but even better when being driven . Eddie
  7. Thank you all for making such a great weekend possible and thoroughly enjoyable! Special thanks must of course first go to David and Sian for hosting us for a second year running and for providing such comprehensive route instructions which guided us to some spectacular locations, particularly St Govan's Chapel and Cenarth Falls. I have to apologise for the lack of sunshine this year but I'm not sure we were ever going to beat last years turnout, but that being said it didn't seem to dampen anyones trip. Thanks Tom for the amazing drone photos, you've got me itching to buy one again, and to Sue who's photos never cease to amaze me!
  8. Forgot to add, Google Map routes helped me navigate around so thanks Chris. As a single driver I can't use the map but the Nav helps a lot. Walkie Talkies were a good additional to help people know where to go and what was happening. I won't forget the sight of getting out of my car at the Shell Garage and seeing 13 other Lotuses parked up behind me
  9. A shame not to wake up to a Welsh cooked breakfast this morning. And to people cajoling me into feeling more lively first thing in the morning . And with the prospect of some fantastic driving ahead during the day and shared experiences. But all good things come to an end. And it was a good thing. Really good. So, echoes of thanks and appreciation to all those who made this event happen and in the manner it did
  10. Big thanks to David, Sian, Chris & Tash for a great weekend
  11. A great trip. Thanks to those who put so much effort into organising it and making it happen.
  12. Sian and I would like to thank Chris and Tash for all your help in the organisation. Equally we want to thank everyone who came to join us and made the weekend so special. I agree with Kim & Jules name badges would be a great advantage so to everyone whose name we got totally wrong our apologies but at least at our age we have an excuse. So many people in the village have said to us how fabulous it was that you were all so willing to bring your cars to let them see, discuss and hear them. A repeat performance would be great from our perspective but we leave the club to consider that. Saying that we trust that everyone now knows there will always be a warm welcome in Saundersfoot for our Lotus friends. Tomorrows task is to remove the tonne of top quality cow poo all over my poor little car. Diolch a pob Hwyl Dave & Sian
  13. To everyone on the "Welsh Weekend" Thanks to David, Sian, Chris & Tash for a great weekend, your effort is really appreciated. It was great to meet new people, but hopeless with names so next year definitely got to have name badges! Kim & Jules
  14. Another round of thanks from us - the effort that went in to organising the weekend was clearly very considerable. Just arrived back home after a thankfully delay free journey, now to de-louse the car. Great to catch up with some existing friends and make a few new ones! Now looking forward to Scotland
  15. To add to the thanks from Barb and me. Just back home to Buckinghamshire. Enjoyed the weekend and nice to have met so many of you. Great organisation ? May see some of you at Brooklands next week? Danny & Barb
  16. Another fantastic trip to Pembrokeshire and a massive thanks to everyone involved for a great long weekend. cheers all!
  17. Just got home from what has been another fantastic LDC adventure with wonderful people. Thank you Dave, Sian & all those involved in the organisation. I'm sure Mike would have approved. See you all soon. Mark & Lisa
  18. Great weekend again! Thanks Dave and everyone who organised?
  19. Arrived, great drive down As Paul has asked. Where is everyone meeting. We're checked in Woodlands hotel. Assume dinner is at the Gower, Time? Danny and Barb
  20. We're in Saundersfoot now - where is everyone meeting / what time are we eating etc etc. Sorry for dumb questions but I can't find any info like this (we are in the St Brides and will walk down into the village) Cheers Paul
  21. Well I have started out from birmingham and it's raining ☹️ Sunny pembrokeshire here we come ? See you all soon regards Colin
  22. Looking forward to greeting you all in Saundersfoot this afternoon. Have an enjoyable journey down and stay safe folks. You may find there are quite a few motorbikes knocking around (there is a round Wales motor bike run going on) so be careful, even though they are good fun to play with, as they tend to attract the local boys and girls in blue.
  23. Bags packed, coffee brewing & breakfast all prepped. Seeya all about 12ish at Raglan Castle. Safe journey all
  24. Have a great weekend all must have the loudest exhaust competition:) .